Quick Glance on Dropshipping of Health and Wellness Products

The concept of drop shipping is not a new story for the drop shippers at all. From almost half a year, the section of organic and natural food is not showing massive results. Or it can be said; the outlooks are not the equivalent at all. 

While you might be assuming, to grow up the sales along with adding new food items as well. The reason for stocking the sale is to bring the customer’s line in a straight format.

Those who are figuring to enter into the drop ship health products, but at the same time, it is essential to research the best selling products under the health category. 

There is nothing to take strain about, as in this blog; all your concerns will fly off. We are sharing the most ravishing list of health products that need to be added on the natural and organic shelf of your online drops shipping store. These are the items that will start selling right from now only. 

Drop shipping of health items 

If we go on a check, there are a plethora of organic and natural products that can be sold online. The ones who are beginners can try for BeeFree Warriors. It is known for its excellent taste and will aid you in gaining attention. This product is suitable for all those who are much into the Paleo diet. 

Want to know the ingredients which are making it famous, then take a glance here – grain and gluten-free, includes nut protein, almonds, honey, seeds, etc. the combination makes it a perfect option for a snack or breakfast. 

Drop shipping of organic cereal 

The list of famous breakfast will not reach an end, and Qi’a Superhood Chia Cereal is the responsible one. Build with healthy ingredients; it is an ideal pick. 

The cereal includes hemp, buckwheat, chia seeds, which make it as delicious meal. Looking over other cereal options that you will see in the supermarket, this cereal has sugar in a mild quantity of 3 grams. 

Other ingredients in the product include omega 3 fatty acids, apple cinnamon taste, and protein with 6 grams.

Drop shipping of Healthy Products

Kale is the favourite or all, and many customers are lingering out with the best options in terms of leafy green vegetables like Kale. If you want to raise your sales, then Kale is an ideal choice all over. It has been proven by the research, and statistics show that the growth of sales has popped high with 156% for the products that have Kale in it. 

Looking to offer your customer real Kale products, then shake hands with Rhythm Superfoods. They have a fantastic collection, which includes Kale chips with a flavouring of Texas BBQ flavor. If your customer has tasted this once, then you will get them back again and again. 

These products are verified under the non-GMO project and have a USDA organic seal. It means it has the whole lot of interesting items. 

Online tea selling

Kombucha is a new-fangled option which will evidently give your drop shipping business a new twirl. 

Reading the news from Forbes, it says; 

Kombucha will reach the sale with 1.8 billion as an approximate number and hereby is the ever-increasing product for the financial beverage market. GT’s Kombucha is the most exceptional product that you can start to drop shipping if you are really looking to add up your sales. 

You can think of drop shipping the cherry flavor as it fully powered with probiotics. To dwell up to your profit, you can directly connect with the wholesalers for fermented tea. Later it can be sold on the online shop by elevating the price. There are tones of people who are fond of distinct flavor and taste of the tea we are discussing. 

Online frozen food selling

A very few of the drop shippers will believe that fact, that drop shipping of frozen food will plus their cash amount. GreenDropShip has been facilitating high-end shipping methods using which online selling of frozen food will take a hike. 

Another brand I Proyo identified for frozen yogurt filled with protein. You will further get amazed that both men and women are really affectionate of the chocolate taste. 

It’s per serving includes probiotics, 20 grams of protein, and prebiotics, giving an extra catch to the customers in health regard. It is also reaching the morning snack or post-workout snack list. 

Alas, frozen food selling through online mode will create a good amount of sales without any doubt. 

Best Health and Wellness Products to Dropship

Hair Growth Serum

Men’s hair loss is a major cause of vulnerability. Hair grafting, for example, is a costly solution to this issue. Other options, such as wearing a toupee, are too temporary or flimsy. Serums that can address this problem while still replenishing lost hair would appeal to men who are starting to lose their hair. We recommend that you market this product to men between the ages of 30 and 50, with an ad that includes before and after photographs of the product in use.

Neck Massager

Neck massagers aid in the relief of sore necks caused by excessive phone use or office work. This item will be ideal for people who work at a desk job for Facebook engagement and demographics targeting. A video demonstrating on how the product operates and its technological features can be used as the ad creative.

Anti-Smoking Magnetic Patch

This anti-smoking patch may be promoted as a safe way to stop smoking using naturopathic approaches rather than nicotine patches. This item may be the basis for an entire eastern medicine company, with information about how pressure points operate and consumer testimonials on the brand and products. People who are interested in smoking and vape goods, as well as those who are interested in holistic medicine, should be targeted.

Face Rollers

Face rollers are extremely common in Asian beauty, but they have yet to make their way into Western beauty. Face rollers made of jade and marble are great pieces to market because they appear pricey and visually appealing. It would be fantastic to promote the holistic benefits of using a face roller, such as increased blood circulation, skin tightening, inflammation reduction, and so on. The best way to sell this product is to create a video ad that demonstrates how it works and market it to people interested in skincare and cosmetics.

Posture Corrector Brace

This is a common drop ship item, but there is still space to compete in this market if you have a general store. This item can be advertised using Facebook audience targeting, which would attract people who are likely to work in offices. Ad creative should have images of people who aren’t wearing the gadget instead of those who are.

Anti-Snoring Device

This is a product that solves a dilemma that everybody has! Snoring is an issue for which people are willing to pay a high price for a solution. These devices are plain, portable, and lightweight, and they solve a specific problem. The ad copy should provide technical details about the product, such as how the system alters breathing airflow to minimize snoring. This product will be better sold to people in their forties and fifties.

Sweat Belt

People are self-conscious about their stomach areas. Sweat belts, rather than complicated machines, will help make a difference in this section. A video ad with before and after photographs demonstrating how much the sweat belt makes someone sweat while wearing it will be an interesting way to advertise this product. Influencer marketing, such as partnering with fitness influencers on Instagram, may also promote this product.

Health and Wellness Dropship Suppliers:

Maui Vera 

KIHEI, Hawaii United States

Maui Vera is an organic sunburn relief product that is of spa standard. Our exclusive Aloe, Peppermint, and Noni formula allow us to restore damaged skin to a stable, balanced condition. Every day, our mission is to cure people using organic products.

Magic Ice Cube 

Ontario, California United States

Magic Ice Cube is a multinational corporate PPE trading site. We will ensure efficient and hassle-free pickup or distribution with billions of units of masks, gloves, wipes, thermometers, and other PPE.

The Perfume Spot 

Edison, New Jersey United States

ThePerfumeSpot.com is a family-owned and operated company. Since 1986, the family has been supplying pharmacies and other retail outlets with wholesale perfume. In 1999, the company went online and began offering authentic fragrances at wholesale rates to customers. We are DROPSHIPPERS!

Hai Da Trading Inc.

New York City, Brooklyn United States

For over 20 years, Hai Da Trading Inc. has been supplying manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. We offer a diverse selection of goods to satisfy the demands of our customers. We have over 2000 different items in stock. Apparel, Footwear, Kitchenware, Health and Beauty, Tools, Toys, and other general merchandise Fast delivery!!


Deer Park, New York United States

FragranceNet.com has been trusted since 1997 and offers over 18,000 authentic brand-name fragrances, skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, and candles at wholesale prices up to 70% off retail. There are no costs for drop shipping.

Dallas Wholesalers 

Denton, Texas United States

Dallas Wholesalers, a leading online wholesaler, and importer of luggage, handbags, pet carriers, diaper bags, cosmetic bags, and women’s accessories, was founded in 2005. Orders of $499 or more include free UPS ground shipping throughout the continental United States. M-F (Monday-Friday) Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. C.S.T.

Neat Feat Products

Auckland, Canterbury New Zealand 

For an active, balanced lifestyle, Neat Feat Products offers High-Performance Foot and Body Care Toiletries. The Neat Feat range of sports toiletries was created by practicing family physicians in Auckland, New Zealand, and has become a well-known and well-recognized brand in Australasia over the last decade.

National Dropshippers 

Manchester, New Hampshire United States

National Dropshippers is your go-to source for dropshipping, with nearly 150,000 items. Luggage, apparel, and other items are available at half the price. Custom Ecommerce Web Stores with pre-loaded products are now open.

Megagoods.com |\sLos Angeles, California United States\sOnline Dropshipper and Wholesaler of Brand Name Electronics. Electronics, Home Appliances, Audio, and Video, Tablets, and Toys are among the wholesale and dropship items. Resell our goods on the internet. We also offer a storefront solution.

Boro Hemp Co

Murfreesboro, Tennessee United States

We are a small company that is locally owned and run. Our idea is simple: we want to provide the highest quality natural healing available anywhere by combining CBD with essential oils and natural herbs, which have been used to treat various ailments since ancient times. CBD Pet Tinctures are available.

Four Seasons General Merchandise 

Los Angeles, California United States\s Largest Wholesaler Of General Merchandise, Dollar Store and Discount Items, Party Supplies, Bath Products, Kitchenware, Health & Beauty, Hardware, Novelties, Gifts, Stationery, Baby Items, Toys & more. There are over 10,000 objects in 50 different categories! Every day, we update our inventory! Disney and more than 50 other brands are available.

Tripura Organics

Cleveland, Ohio United States

TruPure Organics serums and creams are designed for women aged 50 and up. They are all cruelty-free, natural, chemical-free formulas that target age-related skincare issues. To receive wholesale rates, you must first register.

Roots Essential

Plymouth, Minnesota United States

We are dedicated to providing sanitary goods made from renewable ingredients at reasonable prices. Our goal is to bring natural healing to our bodies through sanitary goods handcrafted in small batches. Roots Essential is a locally owned and run business in Wayzata, Minnesota.