Best USA Dropshipping Sourcing Agent and How to find them?

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How to Work With a Dropshipping Agent?

Dropshipping with an agent is not given to all e-merchants because it requires a certain amount of order. Once you deal with an agent, however, your organisation will only expand.

What’s a dropshipping agent?

All is about understanding who they are, working with a dropshipping agent. The agents live in that country and can get in touch with the dropshipping providers as they are based in China.

They speak English and Chinese, and negotiating lower commodity prices is their crucial task.

Have you found that it’s tough to speak to an AliExpress supplier in English, either they respond off the cuff, or they don’t answer at all? A few understand English!

But agents are not only helpful for bargaining, but they also encourage you to do a lot of other things.

Four good reasons to work with a dropshipping agent

Take advantage of rates of preferences.

A dropshipping agent’s primary role is to negotiate the prices of the best goods so that you can profit from preferential prices.

It’s like buying in bulk to receive 5 to 10 per cent per commodity with a few percentages. Ultimately, this means minimizing the prices and receiving up to several hundred euros a month.

One of the drawbacks, and not the least, is that to be able to work for an agent, you have to have a minimum amount of orders every month. At least 15 to $20,000 a month on the charge of several thousand euros of sales.

Best delivery times

With AliExpress, Dropshipping has several benefits, because it is the best network in terms of quality/price ratio or product range.

That said, shipping periods, in the order of 2 to 3 weeks, are way too long, often even longer with bad suppliers.

For this purpose, to prevent problems as much as possible, it is essential to provide a top-notch and very reactive client service!

Through dropshipping officers, you can reduce the time it takes to arrive at the customer’s door with your shipments. Yeah, it’s not going to be 4 or 5 days so that it will take 7 to 20 days at most for the goods.

And why there is a difference? And it significantly lowers the planning time!

In comparison, the follow-up is often strengthened concerning the delivery, and there are fewer mistakes than with ePacket and Aliexpress Normal Shipments, which often have insufficient details.

The choice of repackaging your parcels

This is one of the reasons why dropshippers respect agents so much as they allow you to modify the packaging of your goods.

We can imagine many ways to boost the consumer service thanks to this:

  • Enhancing and substituting packaging
  • Add badge for your brand
  • Add a promotional code with a promotional code
  • A Note of Thanks to the Customer
  • Advice for Use

It’s not possible to do repackaging through AliEexpress without going through the agents. Some vendors make it, except for big Alibaba orders.

All these strategies would help you to boost your brand value, create loyalty to consumers and eventually make more sales!

Quality Management

An agent’s function is also to monitor a factory’s output. Indeed, with Chinese suppliers, the agent represents your company, so you have to be careful in your choice.

If you deal with the right agent, they will ensure that the goods imported follow the specifications of your business and the quality levels you want for your clients.

Your agents can verify the consistency of the goods at that moment until the shipments are ready to be delivered. He will search afterwards whether you want to change the packaging.

He has an important function, and if there is a factory crisis, he is the one to contact to solve it directly!

How are dropshipping agents functioning?

It is no longer possible to position and order manually to operate with an employee, as you give him a CSV file containing the details of your customers every week.

He can then take care of it for you and, in case there is a shortage of your items, you can also inquire to stock up.

This way, if you don’t delegate this tedious job, you save a lot of time placing your orders manually via Oberlo.

Where to find a dropshipping agent on the internet?

It’s not as challenging to locate an agent as it seems. The first thing you can do to find one is to use Google to find websites such as with keywords like “dropshipping agent” or “china sourcing agent”, and that is a guide!

Alibaba associates supply agents with merchants as well. The commissions they take are meager, but testing the efficiency of their experience would be up to you. On this list, you will locate them.

I recently found out that specific salespeople encourage you to get in contact with agents. The other option is to look at Fiverr.

You have autonomous agents there, such as UpWork does, but not all of them are Chinese. You need to look out for scams and be careful!

At a dedicated trade fair, find an agent.

Dedicated trade shows are the answer for you if you’re more interested in getting in touch with agents. They are not everywhere, but they do offer a means for supply providers to get in touch.

For massive importers making several million a year, trade shows are more fitting, otherwise, it’s not the right option, so it’s good to know it happens.

As this Chinese city has the most significant demand in the world, the strongest are in Hong Kong and Yiwu!

Should you be working with an agent?

There is no question that operating hand in hand with a dropshipping agent would be entirely helpful to the company if the turnover supports it.

By differentiating it from anything currently done in dropshipping, it will allow you to scale your store and bring real value to your e-commerce brand.

It will take some research to find the right handler, of course, but once you find one that fits your needs, you won’t regret it.

Dropshipping agents are not required, but at a stage where few of your competitors will be, they will boost your store!


In recent years, Nichedropshipping, a competent dropshipping agent in China, has gained massive confidence among the group of dropshippers. From stock procurement, quality inspection, imaging, personalized packaging, to delivery to the customers worldwide, they have drop shipping service on request.

To allow quick delivery time, Nichedropshipping will fulfill orders from its local warehouses in the US, Germany, and Thailand. Through pre-stocking in their US warehouse, for instance, shipments can be shipped to your US-based customers in 2 to 5 days.

Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Passion, Western Union, Midtrans, Credit Card, etc.

Buyer Protection:

You may open a particular order grievance on their website or app in the event of delayed shipments, faulty goods, incorrect merchandise, or any other problems. Their after-sales management staff will treat it according to the needs and circumstances.

BigAnt Dropshipping

BigAnt dropshipping is a specialist Aliexpress agent, give you merchandise procurement, ordering, warehousing, white-label dropshipping. They mark your goods by inserting card and labeled box, combining several orders into one order, your dropshipping company’s worldwide fulfillment.


By helping you own your supply chain, Wiio would level the playing field, allowing dropshippers to have a REAL company.

Now it’s time to work around the clock to help you build your professional teams on the field because let’s face it:

  • Your new vendors don’t care about you.
  • The price isn’t fantastic.
  • They nickel and dime you for every little service you need.
  • They’re a one-person show (you can’t scale quickly because everything’s going to break).
  • Delivery times kill you.
  • Communication is a problem.

The latest arm of your company is our all in one board. In 2 strategically placed warehouses in China, we have over 200 employees working behind the scenes to ensure your company can expand exponentially so that you can start making some real money on your eCommerce business. The response you’ve been waiting for is our website.


One of the well-reputed dropshipping firms in the industry is LeelineSourcing. The organisation offers procurement services from China. It has considerable expertise in dropshipping, freight forwarding, and other facilities management.

The business has over 2000 trusted customers and provides rates cheaper than any of AliExpress’ leading dropshippers. The enticing aspect of the organization is that it conducts full safety checks that mitigate the market penetration of ineffective goods.

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