Korean Skincare, Make up, and Cosmetic Dropshipping Suppliers

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Drop shipping is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and East Asia is not far behind. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, the Asian era is upon us. The majority of business worldwide will revolve around Asian countries.

The Asian market is large enough to meet the needs of all countries, but there are still great opportunities to be explored. Korea is an emerging market in the current economic climate.

There are many Korean dropship suppliers online today, and people love to buy kpop stuffs. This drives the dropship kpop stuff business or dropship Korean skincare business rapidly.

The dropshipping market in Korea is still developing. Korea is known for its beauty and skin care products. People all over the globe are concerned about their skin due to global warming and the rise in pollution. Korea has the potential to do this.

The world is shifting towards Asia to meet all of its needs. China is almost proving this. China is now the preferred country for manufacturing and dropshipping. China has many suppliers, so competition can be fierce. This is good news for customers. According to a survey, the Ecommerce market in this area could exceed US$25 Billion by 2020.

Top dropship Korean skincare products

Dropshipping Korea is well-known for dropshipping beauty and skin products, as well as fashion products. People around the globe are increasingly concerned about their skin due to global warming and pollution.

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Dropshipping Korean beauty products and skincare products is a great way to make a profit. It is amazing to see how Korea has created beauty products that work. These are just a few of the most popular products:

Erborian bamboo eye matte

People avoid the use of under-eye creams because they are greasy and messy. This formula is designed to get rid of the mess Erborian bamboo Eye Matte makes. The cream absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a matte finish.

It is composed of bamboo sap, which delivers water to the skin with the help bamboo fiber that locks it in place. This cream smoothens the skin and reduces dark circles.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

This scrub is the most effective and easiest exfoliator. It leaves your skin glowing until the early hours of the morning when it is mixed with vitamin C and lactic acid. It will make a noticeable difference if you use it twice per week. It has a pleasant citrusy scent that can be used all day.

Son & Park Beauty Water

This product is multi-functional. It can be used as both a cleanser or a toner. After you’ve washed your skin, it will remove any dirt or impurities from your skin and balance your skin’s pH.

It is important to maintain your skin’s pH level in order to keep it looking healthy. This product can help you do that, as well as remove any impurities. It contains papaya extract and willow bark, which help to brighten the skin. Rose and lavender water keep the skin hydrated. It is a wonderful experience to use it.

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Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

This product is a very popular item in Korean beauty products dropship. This product is in such high demand that it would be difficult to find a buyer.

If you’re lucky, grab one right away. While you sleep, this mask will clarify and moisturize your skin. You can rinse the mask immediately after you wake up to enjoy the instant radiance.

These products are available either over-the-counter or online. Online shopping is the best and quickest way to purchase these products.

Dropshipping/ Korean wholesale skincare products, or dropping off Korean fashion products, would be the best way to get started in this market.

Chinabrands is one of the most well-known companies for selling beauty products.

There are many well-known beauty products that you can choose from. Kpopmall offers dropshipping of kpop products such as movies, music videos, books, and Korean entertainment products.

Dropship Kpop stuff

Kpop is also known as Korean Pop. It stands for pop culture such as idols, dramas, and movies.

Let me give you some simple, updated statistics if you don’t know how Kpop is growing right now.

In 2017, the K-pop industry was worth approximately $4.7 billion in global. YouTube is also making South Korea a pop culture powerhouse.

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K-pop has seen a rapid growth in popularity over the past decade. This is why K-pop culture exportation is spread across the globe to countries like the U.S. and Europe as well as China, China, and Latin America.

What products can we dropship Kpop merchandise for our business?

Dropshipping Kpop merchandise that is related to idol groups will be a good investment for your business.

The most appealing products for idol fans should include albums, posters, keychains, phone cases, and even endorsed products.

If you’re looking for suppliers that dropship kpop merchandise, make sure you verify the authenticity of each product. Otherwise, entertainment companies may charge you.

Dropship suppliers from Korea

1. Chinabrands

2. Kpop idol spree

3. Harbour world

4. Beauty Joint

5. Korea Trade

6. Korea’s best-seller

7. Esgesee

8. Style Korean

9. Alibaba

10. Cosmetic-love

11. My kpop shop

12. Mipon Kpop Store

13. Kpop Mallusa

14. Shaza

15. Koreanholic

As you can see in the above list, the majority of Korean dropship suppliers are primarily dropship Kpop stuffs. This is a comparison to Korean cosmetics. Dropship Kpop stuffs will have vast future development as cosmetics are not suitable for everyone.

Dropshipping Kpop products is easier and more effective than dropship Korean skincare items, and should result in a lot of profits for your company.

Kpop idol spree

Kpop idol spree is a top dropship Kpop stuffs wholesale supplier Malaysia. Kpop idol spree is a good choice if you’re looking for Kpop stuffs wholesale suppliers or dropshippers.

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Kpop idol spree should not only offer official merchandises but also unofficial merchandises. It should be able to meet the huge demand from end-customers around the globe.

Beauty Joint

Beauty Joint is a wholesale and dropshipping supplier of cosmetics. They specialize in beauty products and skin products.

Beauty Joint also drops ships lots of brand products including Milani Cosmetics and L’OREAL. Girl, and so on.

Beauty Joint does not display its wholesale price or dropshipping prices online. Instead, they require that we subscribe to their newsletter to receive the most current cosmetic wholesale and dropship requirements.

The Best Buy Korea

The Best Buy Korea, just like its name suggests, is a top Korean wholesale dropship supplier online. They offer 10+ categories of cheap Korean products, and can also be your Korean buying office.

Because The Best Buy Korea can sell almost all Korean fashion products for us, we don’t need to search online suppliers.

The Best Buy Korea offers a wide range of Korean clothing online.

Artrade International Inc. owns The Best Buy Korea. It was founded in 1987. With its long history of operation and stronger market competition, The Best Buy Korea should be our reliable Korean wholesale clothing, beauty and skincare supplier and dropshipper.

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Dropship makeup korea: Current situation

In the global dropship makeup market, Korean cosmetics are becoming more popular. Amorepacific, LG Life Health and Missha, the major cosmetics companies, have seen sales growth exceeding 30%. For the first time, South Korea’s cosmetics exports outpaced imports last year.

The thorough localization is what has enabled the incredible growth momentum. The popular “LANEIGE”, a moisturizing product that can be applied to the skin before bedtime, is extremely popular in Hong Kong. It is suitable for Hong Kong women who have been air dried to dry their skin. However, Hong Kong’s climate is quite hot and humid. O HUI is a product that is suitable for sensitive skin in Vietnam. It is easy to use.

It also helps to strengthen cooperation with local businesses in order to increase the sales network. Mamonde products are sold in China by 900 departmental stores and 2,500 specialty shops. The Face Shop has opened 800 stores in Japan in collaboration with AEON Group. It is the biggest seller in Japan and plans to open 1,000 more stores next year.

Diversification of overseas markets also plays a part. In 31 countries and regions, mystery products are available, such as Dubai, Romania, Brunei, and Romania. Local legal representatives have been established in Japan and China. LG also has a presence in the UK with its mainstream cosmetics “belif”. It is currently looking for new markets in countries like Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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This Korean boom is supported by Korea’s cosmetics boom. “Beyond” selected Kim Soo Hyun to be the spokesperson for the image. He is a well-known actor who appeared in the TV series “Moon to Hustle the Sun”. Local sales doubled in just half a year thanks to this Korean-styled sales strategy. The market potential for Korean brands is increasing due to the boom in Korea that has been occurring in Asia.

Dropship makeup korea: The benefits and drawbacks

Dropship makeup korea was developed and people began to see the benefits and drawbacks.


A large population, from junior high school students to sixty-year-old women, both men and women, is used. My Korean friends joke a lot. It’s like not wearing makeup. You can take a subway and buy a dish. No makeup is different from any other kind of makeup, so everyone will be staring at you. To integrate into the community, one must be able to focus on their own tools.

South Korea’s cosmetics are also of high quality. Many cosmetics are made from natural ingredients by many brands. Innisfree, for example, is the perfect blend of nature and high tech. The cosmetics are simple, natural, healthy, and elegant. Sulwhasoo is a high-end brand that advocates the use of ancient and modern technologies. They carefully select oriental herbs with skin care benefits and then use unique concoctions to refine the core ingredients of ginseng. Anti-aging skin care products.

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According to the Korea Food and Drug Safety Department HWASUNG COSMETICS Ltd., a Korean cosmetic manufacturer has found heavy metals in eight cosmetic products made by companies like Amore Pacific, which exceed Korean standards. According to reports, lanthanum can be a type of heavy metal. Glycosides that are absorbed by the body via cosmetics can cause liver and heart problems, as well as headaches, dizziness, depression, and other symptoms. Dyspnea, vomiting, and severe headaches may be symptoms of acute poisoning. Severe cases may cause death.

Products that exceeded standards include Eti House AC Clearup concealer and Artiaum full-cover concealer. Korean cosmetics are not reliable and safe, but they also require that consumers polish their eyes.

Three Top Dropship Makeup Brands for Korea


Since its conception, the brand has strived to be a harmonious brand in the natural world. Innisfree poetry is a natural brand environment. It uses natural cosmetics to promote peaceful and healthy lifestyles.

In order to demonstrate the concept of environmental protection, Innisfree uses special recyclable environmentally-friendly materials as packaging, and prints the instructions for use in the box to save paper, especially as a flower. We can feel the Innisfree Yue poetry in the packaging of pots, containers and herb notebooks with herbs seeds and flowers.


LANELGE is a brand that is middle-to high in Korean skin products. It is also the most well-known Korean skin products brand in Asia. Laneige was born in 1994 and is known for its French meaning “snow of the nature”. Laneige has made this their current brand culture. Snow is made from water, and then melted into pure water. It is a beautiful and mysterious process, just like every other part of female life. Make a beautiful, young woman’s face. Laneige is the source of all life. To maintain healthy beauty, water scientific research is essential to create the best moisturizing and moisture-rich program.

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WHOO is a Korean brand that is listed on the Korean markets. It is derived from the unique formula used by the court. It allows most Korean women to be wild and infatuated.

The pursuit of high-quality, high-style beauty is the brand value and concept behind “WHOO”. If time can be traced back to the distant side of the time tunnel then the imperial beauty, Arch Chen Dan, was dedicated to their most valuable treasures. It created a nonfat powder that can also be brilliance to The Queen’s elegant, elegant face. The effect of Arch Chen Dan was validated over hundreds of years, thousands of years, and is now the core component of WHOO.

Recommend you a good makeup dropshipper

Chinabrands is a top-rated makeup dropshipper, with tens of thousands new products. Chinabrands allows you to search for cosmetics such as face, body, make up remover, eye, lip, manicure, sunblock, sunscreen, slimming crème, essential oils, and many other tools. These include makeup brushes, cosmetic bags and makeup mirrors, mascara, eyebrow tweezers and false eyelashes.

Chinabrands has a global logistics network that covers over 200 countries and promises delivery within 24 hours of goods being placed. Chinabrands works directly with top global express companies such as DHL, EMS, Speedpost and Speedpost to ease your shipping. To prevent damage in transit, trained professionals must inspect each parcel before it is packed and shipped.

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KOREALY Shopify Dropshipping APP Review

High-quality KOREA Products

Dropshipping high-quality South Korean brands and products with fast shipping Korealy is the best app to dropship South Korean products.

Korealy Fulfillment Service

Our warehouse holds inventory from our suppliers. All products are picked, packed, shipped, and provided customer service.

Wholesale Prices

So that you stand out in the dropshipping marketplace, we will offer it wholesale to you

About KOREALY Dropship Korea Items

Korealy allows you to easily find products from Korea (South) and add them into your online store. Korealy is the best app for dropshipping HIGH-QUALITY KOREA (South) BRANDS AND PRODUCTS.

With Korealy, you can access a huge variety of Korea(South) brands and products with just a few clicks – from beauty, toy, fashion, entertainment(K-pop), food to the next trending products. You can be sure that all products are authentic.

Korealy Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment By Korealy (FBK) allows our suppliers to send their products directly to our Warehouse (Korealy Fulfillment Center, Seoul). We are now holding their inventory. All products are picked, packed, shipped, and provided customer service.

Korealy will pack multiple products together for customers who order multiple products from Korealy. Shipping costs can be reduced. Korealy will make your business more profitable than other dropship platforms and allow you to satisfy customers. You will also be able create a marketing event for related products.

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Worldwide Shipping Service

Korealy ships directly to customers around the globe, provided there is postal service. Shipping rates are relatively low.

No worries about delivery

Don’t worry about shipping. After you have made a sale, your products are shipped from our warehouse directly to your customer’s door. Shipping insurance is included in shipping costs. Korealy offers protection against damage or loss to your shipment due to external causes. Shipment Insurance gives you peace of mind and guarantees that your purchase will be protected in case of loss or damage during transit.

You can say goodbye to months-long waits.

All orders are tracked securely and safely. There are several shipping options available. Standard(7-14days), Economy(5-7 days), Express(3-5 days)

Media for packing

All packaging courses will be photographed. Korealy will provide them to you in order to assure safe delivery of your products.


Korealy makes it easy to order samples of any product in just a few clicks.

Are you still having trouble finding what you are looking for?

We can help you find a new product, or a different version of the product that you are looking for. We can help you find the product that you are looking for. Send us an email with URLs and product information (Brand, Model, and Size).

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Korealy also offers other features

  1. Support via email and live chat
  2. Automatic inventory updates
  3. Automatically synchronized Order Information
  4. Customization of Product Listing
  5. You can set your own profit margins
  6. Calculate shipping charges by country and weight (kg).