Dropshipping Makeup Products in Malaysia & Supplier List

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Malaysia Dropship Market

Malaysia’s extensive basic conditions are far superior to those of other Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia has a population totalling 30 million. There are 22 million Internet users. Its per capita GDP was US$9502 in 2016, and it has maintained a high growth rate. It has 22 million social network users. Their main social apps are Whatsapp, Instagram, and WeChat. There are also 20 million users of mobile social networks. It is the largest market in Southeast Asia, other than Singapore.

Malaysia has approximately 15 million ecommerce users, with a 50% penetration rate. This number is expected to rise to 67% by 2020. The total e-commerce market revenues will be 1 billion U.S. Dollars in 2017. A single user spends an average of 74 dollars online. In 2021, the average per capita online shopping spending will rise to 129 U.S. Dollars and the total ecommerce market revenue will reach 2.6 billion U.S. Dollars.

The electricity supplier consumption category. The major consumer product in Malaysia’s e-commerce marketplace is currently electronic media products. In 2017, the total revenue is expected to exceed US$425 millions. The home market was next, with nearly 300 million US Dollars. Fashion products saw a rapid increase.

Malaysia was 32nd in 2016’s World Bank logistics rankings. 75% of Malaysia’s population lives in urban areas. The rapid growth of the ecommerce market in Malaysia and the introduction of many Chinese technologies this year has seen the Malaysian logistics sector also experience rapid development.

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Only 11% prefer to pay by credit card, while 45% prefer to use pre-paid cards and 35% prefer mobile payments.

Malaysia has primarily imported from the United States, China and Singapore. The total imports from China amount to 35.6 billion U.S. Dollars.

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Malaysian cosmetic dropships classified

Malaysian regulations define cosmetics as any application to skin, hair, nails or other body surfaces to maintain cleanliness, beauty, modify or change the appearance of the human body. Fine chemical products and industrial chemicals are used to maintain good odor conditions. There are many classification methods.

According to the effect classification

Clean type: Used to clean the skin.
Basic treatment: Basic facial hair care before applying makeup. All types of cosmetics, including honey, cream, lotion, masks, hair creams, gels, and other hair conditioners.
Beauty: For beautification products of the hair and face. This category of cosmetics includes lipstick, eyeshadow, rouge, lip gloss, hair dyeing and hair treatment.
Type of efficacy: Between the cosmetics and drugs daily chemicals. These cosmetics include cooling agents, deodorants and hair-care products, hair removal agents, hair dyes and insect repellents.

Classified according to purpose

Skin cosmetics refers to skin cosmetics. These cosmetics include creams, baths and other such items.
Hair cosmetics are hair cosmetics. These cosmetics include shampoo, mousse, spray hairspray and others.
Beauty products: These include facial cosmetic products and nail beauty products.
Cosmetics with special-purpose effects: These cosmetics have special properties.

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By dosage form classification

Liquids: facial cleanser, body lotion, shampoo, lotion, perfume, skin cleanser, make-up remover, essence, lotion, etc.
Emulsions: Honey, milk, cream, hair cream, essence milk
Creams: creams and foundations, shampoos and concealers, creams, creams and makeup creams.
Powder categories: powder, powder, loose powder, cleansing powder, powder.
Block: Powder, lipstick, mascara, and hair wax
Oil: Emollient oil, cleansing oil, pomade oil, essence oil.

Top 3 dropshipping makeup websites in Malaysia


Dropshipping makeup in Malaysia is possible by looking at chinabrands. You can find a wide range of popular products, new products, best sellers, and wholesale savings every day. You will find Beauty & Health products such as: Hair Extensions & Wigs, Nail Supplies, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Tools & Accessories, and other affordable products.

Chinabrands provides professional descriptions and HD images of products to help novices. Chinabrands can help you establish a successful store on other platforms. Logistics is the most difficult problem in different countries. Chinabrands has a global logistics network that covers over 200 countries and ensures that all shipments are shipped within 24 hours.

Malaysian seller Lewis does electronic 3C product export trade. The electronic products from China have been extremely popular but there is fierce competition. Chinabrands have made it so that the product selected does not offer any price or quality advantages. Chinabrands offers very competitive prices. The quality is excellent, as well. His turnover has doubled. He believes that chinabrands is reliable and trustworthy dropshipper.

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The rapid growth of consumer upgrades, e-commerce channels and third-party shopping guides has led to some vertical players in the market for third-party shopping guides. These include Charm Tao for women and Favful for makeup recommendations.

Log in to Favful’s website. The search bar is prominent. You can search by keywords including skin type, age, cosmetics effect and brand. Below each product is a comprehensive score, which has been scored by users who have used it. It also provides tips and suggestions for the buyer for their reference and selection.

Favful will show you the price after you click on the product. Click on the purchase if you are satisfied with the price. Then the chain will be taken to the appropriate e-commerce site to complete the following operation.

This site is not perfect.

The first is a personalized recommendation. For example, the user can choose his/her skin type, age, and so forth. The website will recommend suitable cosmetics for the user as soon as the user registers.

The download channel for the app must be expanded. Favful is currently only available via Google Play. It is possible to search and download the channel on both Android and IOS. This will have a positive effect on the number of users.

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The process of linking to other sites is still cumbersome and slow. It is therefore necessary to improve the “one-click ordering”.

Urban decay

Urban Decay is a platform for cosmetic dropship Malaysia that was established in the middle of the 1990s. There are many cosmetics available: features, lips, skin, eyes, face, palette, and so forth. Every day products can be found all over the globe.

Orders can be processed Monday through Friday. DHL Express is the most common method of shipping. Shipping costs and delivery time vary depending on where you are located. It takes approximately 3-7 business days to deliver to West Malaysia, and about 4-9 days to deliver to East Malaysia. . The delivery fee for West Malaysia is RM12.00, while East Malaysia is RM20.00. All orders above RM 200 qualify for free shipping

Urban Decay offers a Beauty Junkies Program. You can receive special offers, gifts, and exclusive benefits when you sign up for this program. Urban Decay.com.my will reward you for every transaction. (1 point = 1 RM1)


Hans-Peter Ressel, Nicole Tan, Head at Facebook Malaysia, Nor Azizan bin Tarja (Chief Commercial Officer, Pos Malaysia Berhad) and Hafsah Hafsah Hashim (Chief Executive Officer, SME Corp) predict the future Malaysian ecommerce market.

Trend 1: The globalization of the economy will encourage the growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMSs). The digital transformation has been a major success story for Malaysian SMEs.

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Trend 2: There are good prospects for community-based ecommerce development. Social commerce is a slow-moving revolution. The younger generation is driving community ecommerce, which will have a significant impact on consumer shopping decisions in areas such as cosmetic dropship malaysia and fashion products.

Trend 3: Increase repeat customers with new product categories and loyalty programmes E-commerce in community requires constant interaction with customers. Cosmetic products are likely to see major changes in the near future. Loyalty programs are offered to senior shoppers online by all levels of the industry, from major companies to small businesses.

Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence is changing the customer experience. Artificial intelligence can provide a personalized, interactive shopping experience. In Malaysia, innovations in logistics and distribution centers have significantly reduced the time it takes to deliver goods. AI will offer consumers a more convenient and efficient customer service experience.