Advantages of Tea and Matcha Dropshipping – USA Suppliers List

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Excellent Wholesale Dropship Tea Suppliers

Dropshipping tea is, in several ways, helpful to the sellers. I’ll share with you a few top dropshipping tea suppliers here.

This is useful for sellers and customers alike. It reduces the effort and resources of the seller involved with the delivery of tea, storage, and secure handling.

Therefore, it becomes easy for suppliers of dropship tea to start and run a business. Customers enjoy the fact that the tea is delivered directly from its source.

Dropshipping tea offers numerous advantages. Some of the benefits are set out below:

1) As tea is a lightweight commodity, many more items could be drop-shipped alongside it, like espresso machines that take up more room. If there are a wide variety of goods, so it is easier to market.

2) Dropshipping tea removes the merchant’s waiting time, as the business begins as soon as the product is published. Sellers at the seller’s site will consider Private Label Tea dropship.

3) Sellers have the opportunity to test new tea brands and tea products without stocking up on dropshipping. Sellers’ investment is reduced as they don’t have to pay to store the tea, and there’s no need for upfront investment, so the total investment is significantly reduced.

4) Private label tea dropship offers a chance for sellers to expand their sales. They can even pick up a variety of tea from various brands and include that in their inventory.

Suppliers of Dropship Tea

Dropshipping tea is one of today’s reliable choices for getting a better income and success rate on any commodity. Numerous tea suppliers give you the best chance of dropshipping tea. The following lists the five excellent suppliers of dropship tea:

It is one of the excellent tea wholesale suppliers, known to supply natural and organic teas.

When you’re searching for wholesale tea suppliers, they’re the one offering natural and organic tea and even dropping it.

Like other food categories, there is also a growing demand for natural and organic tea.

Some consumers associate tea with many health benefits, such as green tea, while black tea acts as an excellent source of antioxidants as a metabolic aid.

Customers are prepared to pay more for natural, high-quality tea. While dropshipping tea eliminates the risk involved in inventory instead, the customer gets the right tea supplied through the dropshipping process.

This is a well-known tea variety company such as black tea that is 100 % pure and influenced by extra-strong tea tradition.

Currently, offers only 48 states plus D.C. shipping within the U.S. country. shipping tariffs are calculated using the following methods:

  1. If an order is placed for a quantity of 1 SKU, the shipping fee is the price reported on our data feed for the product.
  2. When an order is placed for more than one quantity, shipping shall be determined based on the total approximate shipping weight, based on the following table:

This company has more than 42 years of association with the tea industry.

The company’s principal emphasis is on wholesale and drop shipping tea.

It also handled a lot of tea education items for aspiring tea entrepreneurs.

So, if you’ve got a growing business, it’s one of the best places to start.

It has tea collection from all over the globe, and therefore you get an exceptional selection of fine teas. We also make their blends that are combined in lots and called micro blended teas.

It also ensures it offers varietal and herbal fresh tea for flavor. Prices for loose tea and pyramid sachets start at 4.50 per Pouch and 5.00 per Tin.

They have over ten years of gout shipping tea skills and experience.

It could be counted among the best tea dropshipping suppliers. The staff team has a profound understanding of the market so they can suggest the products that suit your business.

The company has its tea plantation bases and preliminary factories under strict control to produce the best quality, flavor, taste, and look.

Also, it has its high sanitation tea refined factory where there is also a packaging facility, Matcha to go OEM facility, and OEM pyramid tea bag workshop.

This also promotes the use of leading organic teas that supports an attitude towards organic life and provides good health for humans. So if you’re looking for a dropship drink, then there’s nothing more suitable than tea.

It has varied options for private labeling which is well known for wholesaling and dropshipping. We produce different tea blends, print labels, and even take responsibility for packaging, warehousing, and then ship it directly to the customers.

You can initially order small quantities and kick-start the business, and slowly run and expand the business with minimal fuss.

The company provides all the relevant support services whilst importing whenever there is any problem. If you’re willing to start the business of dropshipping then you can continue with this supplier.

You can access all the popular brands and find out the products that will buy your prospective customers in the margin you’ve kept a decent amount for earning them.

There are numerous organic tea farms with which the company has direct connections, so they can offer competitive tea prices.


These are just a few top suppliers of dropship tea.

There are numerous tea products which are dropshipped, such as tea infuser mug, tea infuser bottle, tea bag box, tea bag cup holder, etc.

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