12 Top Wholesale Beauty Suppliers and Distributors

Over the years, the beauty industry has seen a dramatic transformation. Beauty products are used by both men and women to improve their appearance. Many people are eager to try new beauty products. Every day, the beauty industry experiences significant changes in their products.

To sell beauty products at a discounted price, many hair and beauty distributors and wholesalers have been created. It is important to create quality beauty products that you can trust. If you own a beauty store and want to purchase products at wholesale prices, consider brands that distribute and sell them.

Why choose Beauty Wholesale?

1. Buy in bulk to get better returns

If you are a store owner, it is a good idea to source products from professional distributors of beauty supplies. This will ensure that you receive beauty products at a discounted price. Once the products are sold to consumers, they will bring in more revenue.

2. Stock is most important for all consumer preferences

Wholesalers of beauty products stock all the popular brands. You can find everything you need from beauty blogs. The wholesalers of beauty supplies distributors have better insight into the needs of consumers.

You might end up buying old products from wholesalers of hair and beauty products. You need to be keen in the beauty industry because products tend to age quickly with the introduction of new products.

Beauty Wholesalers and Distributors

2. Alibaba

It is one of the largest distributors of beauty products. You can order your beauty products online from China through this e-commerce platform. Alibaba is well-known for its ability to deliver the latest beauty products and supplies on the market.

Alibaba is the platform where most beauty product suppliers sell their products. Alibaba is the best place to sell your products. It is a true distributor of beauty supplies.

3. Beauty Pro Distributors

They are wholesale beauty distributors and sell beauty products at wholesale price. They sell their products mainly to qualified barbers, salons and spas. They offer very reasonable prices and have low prices. They specialize in makeup, nail care, hair care, and barbering. They offer a guarantee on the quality of their products.

4. Wholesale Ethnic Beauty Supply

Another hair and beauty wholesaler. Their products are sold at a very low price. They deal in all kinds of beauty products. They specialize in ethnic beauty products as well as bath products. They have amazing skin products that will make your skin glow with no side effects.

5. SalonCentric

It is the largest beauty distributor base in America. Wholesale beauty products are available for both consumers and store owners. They only sell products to licensed and certified beauty professionals.

6. Jinny Beauty Supply

It is one the most trusted distributors of beauty products. When it attends to customers, it focuses on cultural aspects. They sell quality products at wholesale rates. They supply general beauty and health products to both store owners and consumers. You can find all your beauty products at this store, which stocks over 60,000 products.

7. Bi-Lo Distributors

This wholesale supplier of beauty and health products supplies beauty products to retailers at wholesale prices. They offer multi-cultural products as well as free shipping. They are only available to authorized retailers. They will not sell to retailers who aren’t licensed.

8. Kiros Beauty

Kiros is a distributor of beauty products. They distribute natural and organic products at wholesale prices. They keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the beauty market and will provide the best products and supplies. They ship worldwide and sell organic, natural, and healthy beauty products.

9. MAC

It is New York’s best wholesale beauty supply. You can get free shipping and returns. MAC is your best choice for high-quality products. They have products to suit all ages and cultures.

10. DIOR

It is a European-based beauty distributor and manufacturer. It sells luxury products to its customers. They offer high-quality beauty products that are worth considering sourcing.

How to Choose Beauty Wholesalers and Distributors

1. The quality of the products

It is important to ensure quality. You should only choose genuine suppliers. Quality is what will drive the traffic to your store. You, the consumer, must use products that are safe for your health. No matter the price, quality is what people want in the beauty industry.

2. The reputation of distributors

Transparency is key to a company’s credibility. Scammers and unreliable companies will only promote fake goods. You should only deal with trusted companies that can guarantee safe products and fair prices. To gain a competitive edge in the market, legitimate companies care about the quality of their products.

3. Supplier Capabilities

Manufacturers and suppliers of beauty products should be able meet the needs of their suppliers. They can ship goods to your location and provide quality and quantity goods. This is an important factor to consider when choosing a supplier. Your ideal supplier should meet your expectations.

4. Capability to incorporate the latest trends into the beauty industry

Beauty is one of the most volatile sectors. One product may sell well today and another one tomorrow. Your supplier should be able to offer the most popular beauty products on the market. Beauty products are highly in demand. As a shop owner, you want products that move quickly in the market.

Chinabrands is a trusted platform that guarantees the quality of your products. It is a trusted platform that has attracted most of China’s biggest beauty suppliers. Chinabrands is a dropshipping service that guarantees quality products are delivered directly to you or your customers. Chinabrands is a dropshipping company that will deliver quality products to your customers. They are expensive.

Here are some FAQs about wholesale beauty and health

1. Is there a Korean beauty wholesaler?

Asia Master Trade and Qdepot are the most trusted. They are distributors of beauty products and deliver high-quality products to Korean residents. They are 100% natural and organic products that do not pose any health risks. They offer massive discounts to customers and have very low rates.

These beauty products are the most well-known by consumers. They are a perfect fit for the Korean culture and will please your customers. You won’t regret buying from them.

2. How can I get Indian beauty products at wholesale prices if I open an online store?

India’s beauty products are used extensively by Indians. Your online store will thrive if you have the right products. IndiaMart is India’s largest and most well-known supplier of beauty products. You can be sure of quality products and customer satisfaction by sourcing them. IndiaMart offers branded beauty products.

3. I plan to open a beauty/cosmetics shop that carries high-end makeup. How do l get in touch with wholesalers/distributors which ones are the best?

Modern women can’t live without makeup. If you source high-end makeup from reliable suppliers, you will get high returns. Beauty is one of the most in-demand market segments. Because of the current demand, investing in high-end makeup will guarantee a high return on your equity. These wholesalers will supply authentic high-end cosmetics to you:

* Maybelline

* Estee Lauder

* Channel


These wholesale distributors are the best and will provide the highest quality makeup for your store. You can expect higher returns and consistent customer flow if you provide quality content.

Bottom line

Beauty products are widely used around the world. People love products that are affordable and will enhance their appearance. Wholesale distributors of beauty supply have an advantage in the marketplace by supplying high-end products and products that are in line with current fashion trends.

It is difficult to survive in the beauty industry, but it has great returns. Suppliers of hair and beauty products must provide quality products to their customers. Every second, the beauty industry changes and suppliers need to be aware of any potential developments. More than 85% use or propose to use beauty products.