4 Reasons Why Dropshipping Gurus Sell Courses and Reveal Secrets

As a Dropshipper you must have had this question in mind for at least once that why Dropshipping gurus sell online courses and make YouTube videos on making money online. Isn’t kind of strange? Why would anyone want to reveal their secrets about making money and create his or her competition in the market? Why would anyone teach other people how to get success in Dropshipping if it is so easy to do?

You may have come across articles or YouTube videos which go like “how to earn $10,000 selling products on Amazon.com” or anything like that. Why would people go on and talk about such things when it will result in the saturation of the market? People will start copying and adopting what these gurus teach and it will end up a lot of competitors in the market and will lead to its saturation.

Today, we will talk about the reasons why Dropshipping Gurus sell courses and reveal secrets about generating money. Two thing that you need to keep in mind before getting more into this is that;

  1. Dropshippers don’t need to be concerned about the Saturation as it’s a not a problem for them.
  2. All they need to be concerned about it income diversification. It is a problem for Dropshipping gurus.

These are the two basic factors which determine why Dropshipping gurus share their secrets with other. For knowing further let’s get more into this article.

Why saturation is not a problem?

We will talk about two different business models in this article i.e. Wholesale Ted and Private labelling on Amazon or Dropshipping in the store of your own like a Shopify store. We will only talk about these two business models because not all business models have a tendency to not get saturated. There are various business models which become saturated due to rising number of competitors.

One of the best examples of this is the AliExpress Dropshipping on Amazon. People come up with a very common question that whether it is fine to do AliExpress Dropshipping in Amazon or eBay. We would answer them with a big “NO”. We suggest you to never do this thing because it will result in bad feedbacks by your customers. Getting bad feedback will result in banning of your account. Never Dropship from China for Amazon because that market is completely saturated.

You can not Dropship from Amazon to AliExpress because people are already buying and shipping the products to FBA warehouses. For example, a self-stir mug is selling on Amazon for $7.99 with free Prime shipping. The price has been lowered down sue to the massive competition. The FBA sellers only get $2.70 after paying Amazon’s fee of $5.30. However, the price of the same mug is $6.65 when it is purchased and shipped to USA from AliExpress sellers. If you are selling product on Amazon then you are simply losing money. We highly suggest you not attempt AliExpress Dropshipping on eBay or Amazon.

You can go for Dropshipping in your own Shopify store as it is not saturated instead of AliExpress Dropshipping on eBay or Amazon. You can also go for private labelling on Amazon, it is also not saturated.

There will always be room for a few sellers on YouTube channels which teach how to get started and get success in Dropshipping for two reasons;

1 – The barrier to entry is much higher

This means that any Dropshipper can Dropship an AliExpress product on Amazon but that’s a lot of work as manufacturing your own products and then shipping them takes a lot of time and efforts. Or taking Dropshipping on your own Shopify store, and running tests for products after setting up that store also requires a lot of upfront investment and work.

There are many step-by-step guides or video trainings available on internet out there which teaches how to create a Dropshipping store. However, these guides include a lot of tasks in themselves and some of these tasks are to be performed more than one time. For example, if a video shows you how to do testing for products, that video will only show you how to test one product whereas, you will have to test all your products.

Some people might think of it as very exhausting as they thought it will be very easy to make money in Dropshipping and might give up. You have to be very determined in order to build an actual business. People who actually want to establish themselves in this business should be happy about such barriers as these are going to stop most people in the initial stages.

Being old to this business, Dropshipping gurus are very much aware about this thing. It is not even cynical. For example, authors of books try to write as best as they can in the starting of any book as they are very much aware of the fact that not a lot of people are going to finish the book. Even very best-selling books have a fraction of readers who actually read it till them till the end. What of authors like Stephen King hasn’t published his books just because he thought “Oh, no one will read my books till the end, let’s not publish them.” That will be so bad for actually read his books till the end and loved them.

Same thing applies with Dropshipping gurus who create guides related to this business. They try to create simple and easy to follow content. However, they are very much aware that most people will not follow it from the start to the end but that’s not an issue for them as they also know that some people will actually follow their tutorials and create a business. That is the whole point of the lessons of Dropshipping gurus.

People are very busy in this scenario but they still want to start and build a business and that’s not even a bad thing. Even if the number of people who can actually follow these tutorials rise suddenly there will be no problem.

2 – Amazon and Facebook are growing at high rate

According to the last earning report of Amazon, there is an increase in the companty’s revenue by 42 percent which is equals to ten billion dollars. Also, Facebook had an increase of hundreds of millions of users in the last year. Every month Facebook and Amazon are flooded with users and buyers. When we combine the massive growth of these platforms along with the barrier entry that we talked about earlier, we can simply say that saturation is not a problem at all.

There is something that you need to keep in mind always that Opportunities to sell your products on these platforms increases at relatively higher rate than new sellers or advertisers. To sell basic products like a Spatula is not so good these days but it was very much a successful thing in the earlier times.

The opportunity of sell niche products grows each and every day but that’s not a case with basic products like a Spatula. So, you have to keep in mind that you can’t sell generic products on Amazon or Dropshipping store. You must focus on selling niche items.

There are people out there who are not creative enough and they just copy and sell what other people are doing. This kind of people will never get success in this business. You have to focus on finding niche markets. So, the real problem is not saturation but something else.

3. Diversification is key

Buying products at cheaper rates from the USA and selling them in their home countries is a very common process adopted by Dropshippers to make profits. The problem with this process arises when you buy and sell only one type pf product. That product might be replaced or updated by the original company. With products like video games, the problem of region locking can also be there. Which means a particular product can only be used in one region and not other. If you don’t diversify your business, your business will be destroyed if such thing happens. You can learn how to source products in different ways using wholesalers for Dropshipping. The lesson of diversification is very very important for every Dropshipper out there.

 To make sure that others don’t do such mistakes can be one of the reasons why Dropshipping Gurus start their YouTube channel or blogs. The other reason being that they want to diversify their business portfolio. So, guiding other people how to do this business can be one of the best ways to diversify the business.

Diversifying your business is a crucial thing to do as you don’t know the future of any business or the product that you are dealing with. If you start a YouTube channel, you develop skills in video creation, video editing etc. However, if you are new into Dropshipping you may not have time to diversify your business. So, in that case you must build and grow your business first and then focus on diversification.

4 – Teaching is fun

This might be cliché but very true. Teaching can really be a fun for many people. Getting a lot of comments, like and messages by followers each and everyday can be a motivating factor for many people who teach online. It can be satisfying for many people when they help others. Helping others building a successful online store can a very good feeling. Getting nice responses from followers feels very good.

There is no big conspiracy behind why Dropshipping Gurus sell courses and reveal secrets about generating money. The reasons very simple and real. To know more about this watch the video below: