Video Gaming and Mobile Gaming Dropshipping Business

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Last Updated on April 01, 2021

Video Gaming Dropshipping Business

Video gaming is one of the main ways people, particularly young people, kill time in everyday life.

This has stimulated the gaming industry’s growth, as the rapid development of VR and AR in recent years.

PUBG as known as Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is now one of the world’s most popular video games, according to Charlie Hall study, it’s easy to find that PUBG has reached 30 million PC sales.

The video gaming market should have potential future growth. It is worth doing a video gaming drop shipping business by partnering with a reliable drop shipping provider like Chinabrands, an excellent forum for finding the easiest way to drop and wholesale games.

Pros to do video games drop shipping business with a regional site

First, I’ll give you some pros and reasons for doing video games that dropshipping business.

The World’s Great Economy

As I illustrated at the beginning of this article, it’s believed there’s now a big video game and gaming industry in the world. From 2011 to 2017, the global demand for video games expanded.

However, as Statista forecasts, the global video games market’s overall size will hit USD 90 billion by 2020. Therefore, due to the massive market and demand, it’s worth doing video games drop shipping business into the future.

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Repeat Buying

Video games drop shipping business offers not only gaming consoles or controllers but also any digital copy or physical disk games. Also, video games are repeatedly purchased products because most people don’t just buy one game on a PC or consoles.

For example, according to Microsoft’s announcement, there are at least 50 new games to be released on Xbox in 2018, meaning video games have their potential development in the dropshipping business and it should be the aspect that people don’t want to skip when doing video gaming drop shipping business.

Low cost

The video gaming industry is well established, and the global video gaming market now has just a few counterfeits. So most video gamers prefer to buy physical disc games from the world online.

The drop shipping model allows people not to store any items because manufacturers or suppliers can sell goods directly to end customers, who means that consumers can save more money on inventory management and delivery costs during the video games shipping business process.

Video Gaming Versus Mobile gaming

The global games market’s market analysis shows that the global games market has tremendous potential for future development, and its size will reach US$ 108 billion with mobile taking 42%.

As the rapid development of VR and AR technology, it may find that in recent years, mobile gaming is evolving so rapidly. Arena of Valor, for example, is one of China’s most popular mobile games now, and Ten cent created it.

Arena of Valor has gained 3 billion RMB, which is about a flow of 48 million U.S. dollars to Ten cent in a month.

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Also, mobile games have now achieved worldwide sales of 35 billion US dollars. It can be clearly understood that video games are not the only ways to be profitable but also the business of mobile gaming drop shipping.

Now in the dropshipping business, I’ll make a brief contrast between video gaming and mobile gaming.

As the table above shows, mobile gaming is quite similar to video gaming drop shipping business due to its vast market and the number of accessories available for sale.

It’s quite different from video gaming. However, mobile gaming doesn’t release physical disc games but only sells digital copies. Therefore, in the dropshipping market, it is hard to sell video games, but you can also sell mobile gaming accessories to make money in the dropshipping business.

There are so many mobile gaming accessories in the market, such as controllers, cables, screen protectors, etc. Controller, for example, is now one of the most common mobile gaming accessories on the market.

Customers can use USB wires or Bluetooth to connect their smartphones and controllers and play most mobile games with controllers without touching them.

Gamers prefer playing mobile games with controllers because they don’t want to touch the screen too much, and it’s easier to win the games using a joystick.

Accessories for Videogames

I will be listing some hot selling video game items and game accessories on Chinabrands as examples for incorporating gaming accessories in this section.

Items for Video gaming.

JXD S192 K is one of the Chinabrands hot-selling game consoles on Android systems. It has quad-core and high speed 64 GB for Android 5.1 with EMMC. It is perfect for people who carry out killing times outdoors when they take time on the way to work or study. It also supports more than ten languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and so on, within the systems.

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Mini mobile arcade. The portable mini arcade will take you back to the 1990s to play 300 built-in games for fun. It has only 4.33 inches high, and 2.36 inches wide for natural outdoor results. The mini portable arcade allows you to enjoy hours of gaming fun anywhere.

Cable and mobile phone holders

Many holders and cables are now available on Chinabrands, and now there is an adjustable phone holder with high sales on Chinabrands.

Many people may feel so tired from holding a phone for a long time, and customers are allowed to let their hands-free by placing their phones on the tables. The holders on Chinabrands are incredibly cheap, so the mobile phone gaming accessories are worth doing in the dropshipping business.

Mobile Consoles for Gaming

As described in the previous part, the gaming controller can be clearly understood to be one of the most popular products for customers when playing mobile games.

IPEGA Dark Fighter is both an Android and IOS wireless gaming controller for mobile phones. It can be connected to Bluetooth, and by using these gaming controllers, customers can use it to play most of the mobile games.


Video games drop shipping business is worth doing because it has vast potential future worldwide growth. There are many video gaming products available for sale, and it should be profitable on the market.

In recent years, mobile gaming has also been developing rapidly, and it is expected to have a better potential for development than video games drop shipping business.

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In summary, due to its potential future development, it is worth doing both video games and mobile games, dropping the shipping business.

Additionally, cooperation with a reliable dropshipping supplier is also necessary, and the dropshipping supplier will help you make profits from your dropshipping business.

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