How to Start and Register a Dropshipping Business In India?

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Business trend is changing as people connect more in the digital world. People have opened their offline shop in the past, but now people prefer online shops. In this digital world, you can even start your online shop. Dropshipping will help you earn the right amount if you do it right. In this article, you’ll know how to start dropshipping from home to India, but above all, you’ll need to know about drop shipping business.

So let’s start learning how to start shipping in India:

What is Dropshipping?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

The purest form of e-commerce is dropshipping, which allows you to set up retail and take money from your customers. Your supplier will be responsible for the rest. There are no requirements for inventory, stock or packaging management, but there is considerable caution.

If your seller is very slow, the product quality is lower than expected, or the order is difficult, it is up to you (and in your reviews).

How do I start dropshipping from home in India?

The eight steps below are the key to start dropshipping from your home in India. Drop shipping is easy, but you should be passionate about succeeding in this business.

Step 1: Branding

Choose the name of a shop that is catchy. There are a number of online tools that create many brand names. Use the Shopify brand name generator.

Step 2: Domain Name

Check the accessibility of your domain name. If you have your brand name available, you can register it. The domain name will affect your dropshipping company Drop.

Step 3: Niche store or General store

Decide whether to start a niche product store or a general store. You can only sell niche products in a niche store. For example, you can sell sports-related products such as selecting a niche. However, if you want to start a general shop, you can sell any product. If you’re new and have no Drop Shipping experience, go to a full product store. The product that is most in demand can easily be tested. You can use this method to efficiently manage sales and products.

Step 4: Find a niche.

You should focus on the niche and be interested in your product. It would be difficult for you to market it if you had no interest in your product. Choose a niche that you’re passionate about.

Step 5: Choose your platform

There are many platforms available in this e-commerce company. You can set up or sell your online shop or popular EC platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. Shoping is the best way to build your online shop. You’re going to handle all you have to do is pay a monthly fee. Shopify India provides excellent customer support. Shopify has a 90 percent drop in shipping companies.

Step 6: Search for a supplier.

For a noob, who will start a dropshipping company? It is important to choose the right supplier. Your enterprise can be ruined by doing business with the wrong supplier; therefore you never have to rush that action. Due diligence should be exercised.

Alibaba has become a leading online application list to identify and communicate with potential suppliers and manufacturers. Make sure you ask many questions to know exactly what your production capacity comes with your company growing exponentially.

Step 7: Promotion

In this digital world, digital marketing is the way to promote your business. Do not ignore the importance of using digital marketing for your customer base. This can be achieved by using Facebook & Instagram target advertisements, search engine optimization to optimize search engine keywords and much more growth hacking tactics you can use for search engines like Google.

Step 8: Customer Reviews

Take customer feedback seriously. A bad review can have a big impact on your business. Then look after your customers. The above steps are the steps towards starting dropshipping in India.

How Dropshipping Works?

In short, dropshipping works this way: with a dropshift machine, you open an online shop to supply products directly to the consumer. What makes this a great chance is that there is no need for a warehouse. All types of products can be sold without purchasing a single item in advance. You only pay when the customer pays.

The drop shipping carrier also processes returns. Just make sure you ask about acceptable returns. Now that you understand how it works, let’s look at the advantages.

How much I should invest to start?

The capital needed to start an e-commerce business is greatly reduced right at the door. And this is probably the main advantage of businesses in the retail sector. It’s not unusual for people to start their online shop at home. In the past, for thousands of dollars, you required a store to buy products and storage fees. However, there are several other reasons for the drop shipping game.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Access to a larger product selection

Since you do not need to buy products in advance, you can offer a wider range of items to customers. All you have to do is partner with dropshippers supplying your products. Sometimes warehouses, shop fronts, fires, bad weather and vandalism are damaged. And if this happens, the loss of revenue can be considerable. Since you don’t have a stock to protect, this type of risk is reduced. Then, if your business doesn’t break out, you won’t have thousands of items to get rid of.

Which is the Best DropShipping Tools for Business?

Shopify India:

The Shopify India e – commerce platform is designed to start your online store. The dropshipping company Drop uses shopifys mostly. Shopify Dropshipping India is the best site for Indians who want to enter an Indian e – commerce business or find a way to start an Indian e – commerce business.


Aliexpress is Dropshipping’s most famous marketplace for business entrepreneurs. It is a company based in China. Aliexpress’ best part delivered the product directly from its warehouse to its customers. Always select products that display an E-package. Google PlayShop’s best app is Aliexpress Dropshipping India. If you are interested in further information, please visit Alibaba Dropshipping, its parent website.

What are the Best Dropshipping companies?

These are some of the best dropshipping companies that are supposed to consider products before dropshipping starts in India. These major names are also considered wholesale shippers in India.


DOBA is a well – known owner of dropshipping. It provides an overview of manufacturers and wholesalers. Doba is an excellent platform for you to simply add products in combination with different shippers. You can use Doba to list and sell the product on your website. DOBA schemes start at $ 29 a month.

Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise wholesale products are shipped directly to customers. There are 15,000 brand products available. You can export and describe pictures of products to your website.


Aliexpress is the best place to market e-commerce entrepreneurs who use Dropshipping’s business model. Once they have ordered from their warehouse and sent it directly to their customers on your website, Aliexpress India will be the best thing to do. You should go to Alliexpress Dropshipping India if you want to start dropping business in India.

Some Legal work is needed to start Drop shipping business in India

GST number:

Even if you start the business with the GST number Drop Shipping is the most important starting point. Without GST number, you can’t start dropshipping. Request a GST number before you start an online store.

Business account in Paypal

Secondly, you need a Paypal Business Account. It takes only 5 minutes to create a new PayPal business account.

Current account:

You also need to keep track of a new current account to start a business.

Import/export code [IEC]:

The import/export code is required for persons exporting goods and services from India. For more information, please visit their official website of Direct General.

These are the steps to start the Indian departure dropshipping company. These are the compulsory things to remember in India for drunkenness.

Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping business

Yes, it’s not an easy start for the dropshipping company. Drop shipping depends on patience.95%. The dropshipping shops will drop without even selling in 6 months, leaving their dropshipping business. But being passionate about it doesn’t lose hope and you can easily earn money from Dropshipping once you manage your business successfully.

Below are some advantages of starting a drop shipping company in India:

(1) Less Capital Investment: you need less capital; to prepare you for your company you don’t have to hold much cash.

(2) Easy to Start: No cost, easy when you’re ready to get start.

(3) Any location: Independence Location & Wider Product Selection.

(4) Facilities: No transportation, you purchase wholesale stores and sell stores. 

(5) Products: A large number of selection suppliers and new products.

Major Disadvantages of dropshipping business

(1) Low Margin: Low goods allowance.

(2) Quality: Lost product quality management, shipment issue, supplier inventory & price.

(3) Competition: Competition with several various online distributors.

Major Disadvantages of dropshipping business

(1) Low Margin: Low goods allowance.

(2) Quality: Lost product quality management, shipment issue, supplier inventory & price.

(3) Competition: Competition with several various online distributors.

In India, is dropshipping is really profitable business?

Yes, going dropshipping in India is very profitable if you do it right. It doesn’t matter where, but it depends on your knowledge, the niche you’ve chosen, and you’re spending. In India, you can find stores such as electronic dropshippers, Indian clothing dropshippers, and wholly-owned dropshippers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

For further positive results, you can use paid tools and free tools for dropshipping store drop. I would advise you to use the shopmaster. This tool is useful for dropshipping. With this tool, you can manage your store effectively. Importing products, monitoring orders and much more are essential features of Shopmaster. This tool is always free of charge, but if it is useful to you, you can upgrade it later.

Now you’ve got a complete guide on how to start dropshipping in India. Would you like the best luck in the future? I hope you have an idea how to start dropshipping from home in India. If you have problems starting a dropshipping company, please comment below.

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