How to Earn More by Dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon?

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As the leading e-commerce platforms, Aliexpress and Amazon attract huge numbers of people.

In more connections between the two platforms, people are exploring new methods for developing businesses, from Aliexpress to Amazon.

Whether you are just starting with e-commerce or looking for a veteran to change your business model, we have created the ultimate guide to dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon.

Read it, and you will be one step closer to Amazon’s dropshipping. But people often face some of the following problems during the process:

Aliexpress Dropshipping to Amazon: Why do you want to try?

Let’s tell you that you decided to start an e-commerce shop. What are you going to do next?

Most entrepreneurs try out a product idea, search for suppliers, pay for products, and get them into your world or stock online. Then you will try hard to drop your products once you receive them, regardless of outline or online.

The problem is that you don’t really know what’s going to drop well or if you can drop it. There are many risks in the company. Here’s a case in point:

  • Jessica buys a total of 100 units from a certain product line, paying them $ 1,000
  • She drops only 10 products and wins $ 200.
  • Jessica quickly realizes that she could not sell out her products and decides to close her online shop.
  • She lost about 800 dollars.

Alternatively, if she had tried to dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon she would have made $ 100 of profit although she did not select the right products at first.

  • Jessica uses Aliexpress to Amazon dropshiping so; she doesn’t purchase the products in advance;
  • She can ship only 10 products and raises $ 200 in sales;
  • Once Jessica has received customs requests, she ordered the goods from the Aliexpress provider and shipping them directly to her customers.

The reason two completely similar situations can lead to completely different results is the dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon. So here’s the beauty of the Aliexpress-Amazon dropshipping. Before you shop you don’t have to buy a product, so you don’t spend your valuable budget on stocks. But you don’t even have to say that this system works for you at little risk.

How to dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce dropshipping business models in Europe. From you can import product details and images directly to your Amazon shop by selecting from millions of items at your fingertips.

You will also be free to set your prices. The best part is that you purchase a product from a supplier at AliExpress after you drop and will then ship it directly from your warehouse to your customer. AliExpress Dropshipping for new e-commerce startups is simple, easy and low risk.

While we have already covered many of the advantages of AliExpress to Amazon dropshipping, this process can always be a bit difficult to understand.

So, let me set an example by taking this question. The supplier is Aliexpress and Amazon is the dropshipper. One lady wants to buy a lipstick in Amazon so Amazon will forward the request to Aliexpress after the order is received and Aliexpress will send the lipstick directly to the lady. This is the entire process from Aliexpress to Amazon.

Amazon never actually sees the actual product during the shipment process from aliexpress to amazon. Now let’s talk about some other information about that. In short, I will list the process in five points:

  • Amazon is responsible as the front platform for receiving customer orders from Amazon Dropshipping to Aliexpress;
  • Aliexpress will immediately receive the request. From now on the preparation is the responsibility of Aliexpress;
  • During preparation, this is the trouble spot mentioned in the first paragraph. Inventory of products, delivery time, delay or responsibility of which party etc.,
  • Ignoring all problems, we shall do the case smoothly. Aliexpress now delivers the products to the customer.
  • Finally, the product is delivered to the customer. And confirm order that’s it.

Before we go on, let’s explore how AliExpress dropshipping to Amazon works step by step

  • The customer places an order in your Amazon store and pays $ 200 for the retail price.
  • Then your store will keep your supplier $ 50 profit.
  • AliExpress will ship this product to your customer directly.

FAQs on Aliexpress Dropshipping to Amazon are collected

This Dropshipping from Aliexpress to Amazon has helped you understand the fundamentals of AliExpress dropshipping in Amazon. After all, shipping between Aliexpress and Amazon is not a traditional way of e-commerce and the process

I work at dropshippinghelps, a dropshipping platform which helps e-commerce entrepreneurs with dropshipping ideas, is a further step. Hundreds of questions are asked every day by new e-commerce entrepreneurs. Here are the three questions we have received most often and the answers.

Will my customers know that AliExpress products are delivered?

In contrast to other AliExpress provider platforms, the structure is very unique and most conducive to dropshipping. Many suppliers are confident and familiar with and role in this business model.

If Aliexpress is less expensive, why don’t customers buy directly from it?

You’re a superior of marketer who first reaches potential customers. In addition, you could build a more trustworthy brand from which people feel safer to buy. You can also provide some additional services or content that will create a relationship with your customer.

If customers cannot accept AliExpress shipping time, what should I do?

This is only an assumption from you, and I propose that you test it. You will find many customers waiting well as long as you do the shipping times so that they understand what to expect. While you should not concentrate on competition in price, as mentioned above, it’s simple that you could offer customers with pretty good service those AliExpress dropshipping products even with a markup. People are prepared to wait if it really is worthwhile.

Or you could try another way, offer free delivery on all your products, in order to mitigate various customer distances over long shipping times. Often this way will tell you that it can take a little longer to receive your product. You can notice the cost of shipment in your product markups.

How can I successfully dropship from Aliexpress to Amazon?

After talking about the theoretical part, let’s move into our everyday life. The most profitable shipping products from Aliexpress to Amazon are determined as follow.

The data are from

Search the website of Chinabrands, see the page above, and click Yellow Frame Hot Sale.

From the above picture we can see the top three products that have been downloaded are Game Mouse, Game Headset and electronic rejecter. Of course, most people choose daily dropshipping products.

I must recommend this website to mention Chinabrands. Recall the four problems that we usually face with Aliexpress shipping to Amazon? This website is a good solution for you.

Question 1: A1 does not cooperate with the supplier in Aliexpress:

Answer 1: This is an option in Chinabrands, as we have a professional backstage team to communicate with Aliexpress and all Aliexpress suppliers are strictly investigated and finally a business partner.

Q2: Shipping Delay:

A2: The professional team is fully responsible for ordering customers. From the moment customers place the order, our employees will follow the order. And from the website you can see that each product contains stock data, listed time, download times, the shortage of supplies and products restored have an indication of potential buyers.

Q3: Real products are not the same as the photo in online:

A3: The products shipped from Aliexpress to Amazon are checked by the company. Marketing personnel are the first step to verify products if they are qualified. And then we move to the next stage to change the product content and take pictures of real products.

Q4: Sometimes delay may be in the inventory:

A4: As mentioned in the second answer, you can see from the website that every product has inventory data, listed times, download time, supply shortage and products restocking have a sign that the potential buyers can make sense of it. It is clear to customers that they choose a replaced product if the stock is lacking.

The above information is some basic information that I have summarized on how to get to Amazon from Aliexpress. We strongly recommend you try AliExpress dropshipping to Amazon as part of your business model. The platform helps you add hundreds of products to your store and just a few clicks to ship your orders. You can also easily track your order delivery information.

Hopefully, your confused part will cleared now to find out how to go from Aliexpress to Amazon.

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