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We’ve officially entered summer; meaning peak season has finally arrived for outdoor activities! Outdoor products are always great sellers this time of year, but we choose to focus specifically on CAMPING GEAR. The thing is, demand, in general, has spiked significantly about outdoor goods. It promises to provide a unique niche for camping gear and related products to join this season.

Looking at the patterns, we can see that interest in camping gear starts to increase each year around May, going on an upward trajectory until it hits its zenith in early June. Then it coasts for about two months before starting a prolonged descent via fall, landing back in early December at its usual resting point.

This is a trend that repeats year after year, with each time the peak hits roughly the same level. Nevertheless, demand suddenly increased by a whopping 33 percent in the summer of 2018. We haven’t seen any interest in camping goods that have been strong since 2007, and that’s not the highest demand ever, suggesting we may still be in the middle of the escalation phase. If you think you could dropshipping outdoor gear this summer, remember that market is likely to be even higher in 2019 compared to last year. Although we retain the rates of last year, camping items and related supplies are prepared to move very well this season.

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With that in mind, here are thirteen highly rated product categories that should sell very well with proper promotion, and deserve a place in any outdoor shop, hobby shop, or camping niche store.


We start with torches because they are an excellent product for fillers. Everyone wants flashlights, no matter if they’re ardent campers or not. These are also relatively cheap compared to other camping products, making them useful when trying to convince customers to add a few extra items to their cart as suggested add-on products.

Know campers interested in flashlights are looking for long battery life and long durability. If you can have waterproof options that can stand up to the kind of punishment that can lead you to do even better by trekking through the wilderness. Outdoor enthusiasts may buy cheap flashlights for use around their homes. Still, they will expect to pay a premium for high-quality, heavy-duty items for their camping expeditions, and more importantly.


You might be forgiven that you don’t know what paracord is, but surely outdoors, people see the drug. Paracord, short for parachute cord, was created as a lightweight, strong rope for securing parachutes for troops falling into Europe during the Second World War. Since then, paracord has been adapted to numerous uses, no more profoundly than by outdoor enthusiasts searching for a flexible cord for tying up tents and clothing, making traps and snares, doubling as a heavy fishing line and many other appliances.

Because of its vast usefulness, no properly equipped camping equipment cache is complete without paracord lengths. Make sure the commodity is delivered in a variety of weights and measures. The higher the range, the more you sell per customer because customers tend to prefer whole lengths rather than cutting to match, and thicker and thinner product models each have their preferred applications.

Climbing Carabiners

Carabiners, like paracord, are another perfect example of a product made for one purpose, co-opted by camping enthusiasts. Many who drip outdoor gear regularly know how common they are. These durable, easy-to-carry clips were initially created for repelling and mountain climbing and are extremely useful around a campsite. They can be used to clamp paracord lengths together, clip external gear to a backpack, hang food bags from bears’ reach, and more. As a result, campers tend to carry many carabiners on trips with them and continue to have to buy them often because they are easily misplaced.

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Carabiners are yet another excellent product add-on. Each camper needs them, but they may not be thinking about buying them when purchasing other equipment. Offering them in a section of your site called “people who bought this also buy this” is an excellent way to generate extra revenue with each sale.

Walking Sticks

An unusual commodity is the walking sticks. They are practical, on the one hand, serving to help hikers maintain equilibrium over tricky terrain. Yet they’re also incredibly personal items, bought to suit and user’s style and preferences.

Customers want their walking sticks to show something on their personality, and as such, this very versatile product will accommodate a wide variety of materials, designs and styles.

Be sure to keep that in mind in your shop. Offering wood and metal sticks in various styles and lengths can help you sell more of those useful items.

Camping Backpacks

Campers hold most supplies. That’s perfect for dropshippers like us, but it is hard for the campers who need a place to store all that gear while stomping through the woods on their way to their campsite. For camping enthusiasts, this makes camping backpacks must-have products.

The hiking backpacks differ in several respects from school backpacks and other regular packs. For one, they are generally much more significant, with space to carry clothes and all sorts of bulky camping items. They’re also designed to be sturdier, with lots of pockets and places to clip carabiners and tie ropes off.

Campers expect to pay a great deal on an excellent camping backpack, which ensures that dropshippers will make a tidy profit on every order, adequately marketed and purchased.

Waterproof Raincoats and Jackets

When you knowingly spend a lot of time outside without proper shelter, you’ll be battling the elements, and it’s just a matter of time before the rain hits you. A standard waterproof jacket or full raincoat makes it much more convenient for a camping trip that has gone south. The last thing campers want is to be sweaty and shivering to warm them up without a fire. It is critical to keep the rain down at the bay.

Be sure to give coats for men, women and children of different lengths in several styles. And note that jackets designed for camping are often very different in design from regular jackets. They feature extra pockets to hold water bottles and supplies so that they don’t need to be accompanied by the camper’s full backpack for every trip. Make sure to store the right kind of waterproof vest for your target audience.


Hammocks are the camping world’s luxurious bedding. In a room where air mattresses and sleeping bags on dirt are standard comfort requirements, beds literally and figuratively elevate the camping experience. And they come in a multitude of styles and sophistication levels, so they are a commodity that can act as an anchor for those seeking a glamming experience (glamour camping, i.e., not “roughing it” remotely).

The hammocks are a great way to diversify your selection of products. Standalone units, classic tree mounters, hammock chairs, convertible models and more are available. Today, the market is large enough that you could keep it well stocked if you wanted to create a store called “Hammock Town.”


Tents are like miniature houses both because, well, they are essentially canvas-made miniature houses, but also because people who use them prefer to trade over time. People new to camping often buy small, cheap tents which offer the necessary protection from the elements but not much more. Talk of ‘starter house.’

They soon outgrow their simple tent model if they stick with the pastime, particularly after seeing what other people show up to campgrounds with. So they are buying a more excellent tent, with more space and additional amenities. The floodgates are then opened, and each year brings with it the temptation to buy the next best tent they can afford.

If you want to camp gear dropship, make sure you’re ready to feed the canvas housing world’s McMansions on these tent addictions. You should also store basic models to create new addicts in between, and every size and shape.

Sleeping Bags

Those and backpacks are the camping world’s two absolute necessities. Under the stars, you can leave a tent and camp out. Cooking can be performed over an open fire. You can lie on old logs. But to carry things, you need a blanket, and you need a sleeping bag for a fraction of warmth and comfort. If you’re looking to camping equipment drop ship, sleeping bags are a luxury you can’t afford to miss.

Mind the variety of people use sleeping bags when writing promo ads. There are severe and casual campers, scouts for girls and boys and children going off to the summer camp. The sleeping bags are attractive to all ages and genders. Consider testing various reports, targeting different segments of the overall market to see which will convert? Great marketing will make all the difference, with all the products on this list.

Cooking Products

All right. So there are only three absolute necessities for camping. Yeah, you can indeed cook over an open fire, but if you don’t intend on catching wild animals, roast them on a grill and eat them like a proper carnivore, you need something to cook in.

These points to a promotional angle to be taken into account when selling the camping supplies. When camping, many casual campers reject modern facilities, choosing to “rough it” as much as possible. These people are unlikely to buy excellent camping cookware and other “luxury” items, primarily if they’re being marketed that way.

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Do not advertise how much easier it makes your camping experience to reach this market segment. They are not easy to get interested in. So make it clear, instead, that everyone else uses the drug. If you can convince them that the demand is high, they will assume that there is a good reason without you telling them what it is. It’s a potent motivator to keep up with the Joneses.

Camping Mats

Camping mats, also known as sleeping pads, go under sleeping bags and offer extra warmth while camping on the cold ground and thermal insulation. They aren’t a must, but when faced with the prospect of sleeping on rough terrain or sleeping outside in late falls or early winter, they are excellent.

Consider offering matched pairs of sleeping bags and camping mats, or giving your clients a small discount when they buy both together. In doing so, consumers may be tempted to buy a camping mat when they don’t intend to, which can give their bottom line a nice boost.

Folding Chairs

Earlier, we have mentioned sitting on old logs. We’re sorry to say this because that is a terrible idea. For a reason, humankind invented proper seats. Even when campers roar it, they shouldn’t have to plant their derrieres on half-rotten, lumpy logs, not when it’s open to inexpensive, easy to carry folding chairs.

If you are looking to dropship outdoor gear, consider adding to your offerings a set of folding chairs. Many people prefer walking in the wet grass to sitting. Besides campers, they also appeal to many other groups. They’re suitable for concert-goers, tailgaters, picnics, and anyone else wanting to relax outside in areas that aren’t made to sit.

Camping Stoves

Once, you could cook over an open campfire, but when camping stoves are available, why would you? Unless the “cooking” does not stretch to foods that can be caught at the end of a stick, fires are perfect. But if you are trying to prepare food of any type, it’s incredibly challenging to cook over a campfire.

Make sure that you remember the fact when you pitch your camping stoves on them. Even the hardened, stalwart camping aficionado will appreciate the benefits of a camping stove. Few people enjoy scrambled blackened eggs, strong pancake pucks, or burnt fish jerky. Don’t ease the offer. Offer the bounces—better food … which you can eat. Positioned camping stoves that way, they market themselves.

Hiking Dropshipping

The equipment and gear for hiking are the items used by those who are going on an outdoor adventure called hiking. People hike for recreation, health and to break up the monotony of everyday life. After running, cycling and jogging in the U.S., hiking is the most popular activity. This industry is now entering a mature stage. It has experienced steady growth over the past few decades.

The rise in outdoor activities is a major factor behind the growth of the market for hiking gear and equipment. The growth of the hiking gear and equipment market is also due to a more active and hectic lifestyle and an increase in people opting for outdoor activities like adventure sports and outings as a way to relax or break from the monotony of daily life.

The market is also growing due to an increase in adventure travel and the rise in number of agencies that organize hiking tours. The market is constrained by the high risk and uncertain nature of hiking. Global growth is likely to be facilitated by the increasing influence of social media and videologging.

Segmentation of the hiking gear and equipment market can be done based on product type, consumer profile, distribution channel, region, and geography. . This product type segment can be further divided into gear & equipment and apparel. The market for hiking gear and equipment is divided by customer profile into three groups: men, women, and children. The market can be divided into physical and online stores by distribution channel. The market is analysed across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.