Best Survival Gear Dropshipping Products and Suppliers

Dropship Survival Supplies

Why Survival Supplies for Dropship?

There are so many survival items you can sell; it would cost you thousands of dollars to invest upfront in your inventory.

In a typical eCommerce business, this is how it works. You’d need to find wholesale suppliers and purchase products in bulk.

To those who want to start an online company, launching a traditional eCommerce store is often the most significant stumbling block.

You are spending money on goods that may or may not sell. It sticks your cash together. Not to mention the expense of storing these goods, purchasing shipping supplies and the time it takes for things to be delivered.

No need to purchase some inventory before the customer orders it from your shop. Let’s thanks to the dropshipping model.

Unlike buying, storing and delivering goods in bulk, you are finding dropshipping vendors that hold the things you want to sell.

The same products can then be sold in your shop. When a customer orders an item from your shop, you purchase the item from your manufacturer for dropshipping.

You enter your customer’s shipping details during the checkout process. The dropshipping manufacturer will then ship the item for you directly to your company.

After paying for the item, what’s leftover and what you paid the customer is your profit.

The flowchart above illustrates how the dropshipping model performs. You’ll need shopping cart software for automating the process, of course.

I’ll explain below how to open your shop using the same program I’m using in my store.

Next, we’re going to dive into how to store the items for your survival supplies.

Sourcing your supplies for survival

There are different ways to find suppliers for dropshipping to your shop. You could search by manual. It’s a time-consuming process, though.

One option is to use a supplier directory for wholesale/dropshipping. You’ll want to keep in mind that automating your store isn’t as easy as that when you find suppliers this way.

A further alternative is to use to source your items. This is a standard dropshipper sourcing method because starting is trouble-free.

They have neither criteria nor fees. AliExpress consists of merchants mainly based in China and other locations for the United States to include.

We bring millions of market-priced products. Although many merchants are located in China, ePacket shipping accelerates the shipping time from China to the United States.

Other excellent benefits of AliExpress sourcing products include:

  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Start selling out immediately
  • No, restrict how many things you can sell
  • They do not constrain the profit margins
  • Millions of goods
  • Pricing on bulk
  • No monthly payments and drop shipping charges
  • Tracking Consumer IDs
  • Guarantee of buyer protection

Surivial Products which you can sell from AliExpress

There are all sorts of survival gear you might bring in your shop. Here are some for you to get started.

Emergency Tourniquet Strap

This is an excellent item of first aid form to bring into your shop. This tourniquet of emergency blocks blood flow in both the upper limbs and lower extremities.

Starting the Fire

This is a waterproof fire starter that is windproof. For a survivalist or campers, a definite must-have.

Mini Water Purifier

In a situation of survival, having the means to filter water is so necessary. This mini water purifier purifies natural freshwater up to 2000 liters without using any chemicals. A high converting element.

Some things you can take with you include:

  • Emergency glass breakers
  • Getting first aid kits
  • Emergency blankets
  • Flashlights
  • Hand-crank radios
  • Tents
  • Wire saws
  • Compasses
  • Tools (screwdrivers, shovels, etc.)

Best Wholesale/Dropship Survival Gear Suppliers in the World

Wholesale Survival dealer and dropshipper

Wholesale Survival Club is, for several reasons, the second-best Prepper supplier on my ranking.

They’re specialized in the wholesale survival gear drop ship goods. It means that the best-selling products are produced in high quality and wide.

Cheap and discounted products always available for sale

Want to become their dealer? With just $249 you can sell any of their listed products for a whole year under a sponsored website

LRI program Dropship / Wholesale

It is located in the United States and deals with survival gear and a personalized survival kit, emergency supplies and food for life.

There are numerous factors which make it our third best supplier;

  1. All products are delivered at a low price to allow resellers to make up to 30 percent or more money.
  2. Their drop ship delivery system is so effective it ships all products within 72 hours.
  3. To start wholesale their goods, you do not need any stock. They are expected to have a minimum order size of zero.
  4. All orders over $49.99 are delivered to your destinations for free.
  5. LRI offers custom blind drop shipping tailored to the specific needs of the customers.

Wild Bill

There are more than 18,000 unique items to choose from. In this group of manufacturers, fresh and top-trend goods expected to carry massive profits are significant factors.

Can Pay is a perfect prepper for wholesale suppliers for different reasons;

  • 2-3 day delivery- All deliveries, whether by drop ship or direct delivery, shall be completed within a short period.
  • Orders over $1000 get free ground delivery to consumer destinations only if they are located within the United States.
  • They have a dealership scheme, in which all goods are cheaper, to allow their resellers to make more money.

There are regular deals under the Specials tab to keep you asking for more.

Wholesale Survival

Wholesale Survival Kits (WSK) is an approved and secure pepper supply from the US government and resellers to wholesale companies.

Its credentials and the ability to rapidly produce orders in either small or bulk orders make it appear in the best supplier list of survival gear worldwide. With ten years ‘ experience, Wholesale Survival can satisfy all your needs.

False orders and penalties are recovered under the framework of returning the product under 30 days. There is an optional inexpensive 100 $insurance plan to save your orders.

The majority of wholesale dropship survival gear products listed here are five-star rated, showing how authentic they are. A website with more than 36 million potential customers displays confidence and reliability.

Dhgate has both cheap and expensive goods of all types. Such products are sourced from strictly checked suppliers to ensure that you get goods of quality.

Mention any form of survival gear, and you will find more than your client needs and the expected delivery time.

Certain essential features include zero MOQ, up to 85 percent off flash sales, fast service delivery and free shipping.

The core of any company is profit-making. The capacity of Zapals to manage your orders, whether small or large and the quality of factory-priced products make it one of the best suppliers of wholesale survival gear.

Many different survival gear types are appropriate for all occasions. One of their missions is to ensure that all customer orders are delivered from their store or the factories direct to your shop as quickly as possible.

Imagine a manufacturer who allows returning delivered products if not 100 percent satisfied? Zapals Company has 30 days to do. is a wholesale supplier of not only individual survival kits, but also government certified military survival gear items. They also provide various types of clothing for women and children alike.

What makes Rothco the Best Supplier in the World?

  • All orders from customers are sent within 24hrs
  • The specialty in survival gear goods provides a high competitive edge because it has the best quality products at lower prices.
  • Wide range of exclusive and top-selling products for a quick return on investment
  • Shallow minimum order requirements, both domestic and international.

Survival Food Dropshipping

In case of emergency, it doesn’t hurt to have a stash of shelf-stable, non-perishable food1 on hand to keep you fueled and focused. You can make your own canned soups, dried fruits and grains, but some preppers prefer to buy bulk items or bundles.

Here are the top food survival companies for storage and survival kits in case of disaster.

Legacy Food Storage

Formerly, Legacy Food Storage specializes in emergency supplies for disaster scenarios: food storage, survival gear, water filtration, and fuel. These vacuum-sealed, freeze-dried food products come in heavy-duty buckets for easy storage. They can last up to 25+ years.

You can choose from bulk meals packages, gluten-free, or single buckets. You can also shop for food types (proteins and fruits, dairy, vegetables, grains, specialty items), dishes (breakfast, main courses, side dishes) and serving sizes. You can buy bulk packs with up to 4,320 servings, which is enough to feed four people every day for four years.

*Due to higher demand, please allow 5-10 business days for shipping

Survival Frog

Survival Frog also stocks food supplies from many brands like Legacy Food Storage and Mountain House. You can mix and match canned meats from Survival Cave and Mountain House’s breakfast buckets. This is great for your family because it gives you a wide range of options to choose from in an emergency. You don’t need to go to multiple stores to find them.

Grab some first aid supplies, radios, energy sources and survival tools while you’re at the store. Survival Frog is your one-stop shop that makes preparation easy. We are disappointed that there isn’t a variety of options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets.