Best Dropshipping Suppliers of Women Clothing, Fashion, and Apparel

Best Trendy Women’s Clothing Dropshippers in the USA to Boost your Sales

Especially apparel and women’s clothing is the world’s highest-selling online product. Overall, people just don’t seem to be having enough clothing and related products. Clothes are a necessity for everyone, and it is easy to see why online entrepreneurs who sell apparel make the highest profit margins, given the seasonal changes throughout the year.

Fashion and clothing for women are extremely popular as young women worldwide strive to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and have the best designer dresses. Many of you will agree with me that if you decide to select women’s clothing as your dropshipping niche, it would be more sensible to opt to dropship women’s clothing in the USA. It’s important to remember that as the world’s largest importer of clothes, one might argue that the US has one of the most significant garments dropshipping markets, especially for women’s fashion. I’ll list some of the best and cheapest clothing dropshipping websites in this article as the most critical part.

How to Dropship Women’s Dress

  1. Descriptions of the images 

Ensure that all pictures of your product are of high quality and resolution to attract women looking for clothes. The picture will show how well the dress/item looks on the potential buyer. Your explanation of everything about the dress should also be concise, clear, and descriptive, although in brief.

  • Aim for a target audience

Women’s clothing is a broad niche, and perhaps you should further break it down to decide who you want to sell o. When your niche is specific, the target will also become similar. This simplifies marketing considerably. Always go to the fashion shopping blog to find inspiration and give you a piece of advice.

  • Good Advertising & Publicity

By having excellent images alone, you’re not going to reach your potential clients. The marketing strategy has to be complete proof. It should include both on-site tactics such as great SEO and off-site advertising through the use of other digital channels such as social media, blogs, email, and others.

  • Find a suitable manufacturer and a dropshipper

Ultimately, it matters most where you get your apparel, and so your marketplace option is significant. If your dropshipper has quality suppliers, it means you will never have stock problems or customers’ incessant complaints.

  • Price good for your products

When you know your audience, you can award your apparel based on its popularity, profit margins, competitor prices, and target audience’s buying power. A reasonable price markup in the US can ensure you are successful in dropshipping women’s clothing.

Best Women’s Dress Dropshippers in the USA

Depending on the region, fashion trends rarely last longer than a few months or a few years. The number of female fashion dropshippers in the USA has increased dramatically in recent years. A wholesale seller with a physical store may have their inventory full of the latest fashionable dinner dresses. Still, if he/she fails to sell them until he/she runs out of stock, he/she ends up with hundreds of useless products that no one wants to use any longer. This is in contrast to when you are an online retailer who can easily update the products on display in your online store depending on changing trends because you have no physical inventory and therefore have nothing to lose when fashion trends change.

Many dropshippers of women’s clothing in the USA tend to target women between the ages of 18-40. This active group of women is the one who can easily be converted into loyal customers who regularly buy apparel items, with the consuming habits of these loyal customers, who used to read fashion blogs for women’s clothing, to see how the fashion trends are going recently. In their online marketplaces, most of these dropshippers appear to have the following products: shoes, accessories, plus size clothing, designer brands, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, skirts, tops, lingerie, swimwear and so much more.


Established in the year 1996. MoyFashionhq is an online women’s clothing wholesale marketplace. Their catalog features dresses with different sleeve types and colors, plus size clothing, cardigans, and tops.

To dropship dresses with MoyFashionhq in the USA, you must first register an account that gives you access to the marketplace where you can import products using two methods. You should use the free “do it yourself.” All is done manually and is the traditional dropshipping method. There’s also the “Harley” robot that’s an automation robot that costs around $6 a month and automates every dropshipping feature.

Collective Fab

Priding themselves as the most significant female fashion dropshippers in southern California, Collective Fab is undoubtedly one of the leading women’s clothing dropshippers all over the United States. The dropshipper clothing has over 600 active retailers on their dropshipping program. In their show, some products include shoes, clothes such as tops, dresses and jeans, beauty products, and designer-specific clothing items. To become a dropshipper on collective fab, one must have an online store on the Shopify platform or at least have a Shopify account to access their app on the Shopify app store. Collective Fab updates their gallery of clothes regularly with the new labels and pieces. They have a team that oversees fashion trends around the globe. You need to pay $29 a month to get the Awesome Collective app from the Shopify app store.


ModeShe can be described as the modern-day woman’s premier online store. The products found on the platform feature big cities like Tokyo, Paris, and New York with the most fashionable clothes on the planet. ModeShe uses a promo code scheme to sign dropshippers based on the number of the clients’ orders. The list of promo codes is as follows:

ModeShe was known to target ladies in the 1920s, late teens, and early 1930s due to their natural tendency to fashion and a strong sense of style. On different occasions, they have many styles of skirts, and they also sell tops, t-shirts, swimwear, lingerie, sportswear, club suits, and boutique clothes. ModeShe is to any young woman a fashion paradise.

Ujena Swimwear

Ujena wholesale has more than 30 years of experience in the clothing and online clothing business. Founded in 1984, they worked as clothing dropshippers with various online retailers for more than a decade.

Ujena are industry trailblazers, mainly women’s swimwear, when it comes to swimwear. I took great pride in having one of the most extensive sets of bikinis, cover-ups, bathing suits, mixing and matching, tankinis, lingerie, and more. One has to register and pay to dropship with Ujena. The payment plan comes in three forms, including $69 for the dropship service, $199 for access to feeds and image files for product data, and another $199 for product images.

Allure Lingerie

When it comes to selling lingerie online, you wouldn’t be branded a fool to believe that Allure are the world leaders. They’ve been in the industry for 25 years and have even a sale to celebrate their 25th birthday. Their lingerie range, although they do have a men’s section, is mainly for women. Part of the women is divided into two, namely ladies and divas. The diva’s section features tiny lingerie sets usually intended for models. Allure has managed to incorporate various creative designs into their lingerie, and that probably explains why their female fan base continues to come back to me. If you include all the allure lingerie products in your store, you have to pay a fee of $5 or $1 to dropship products from Allure. You also have the shipping costs and an additional cancelation fee if your customer cancels an order.


As the name suggests, girl trends are all about the most fashionable and new women’s fashion products worldwide. Young women in the U.S. are obsessed with fashion, which is why online retailers in the U.S. are using Trendsgal love to drop down women’s clothing. The online marketplace features products for apparel like hoodies, blouses, dresses, shoes, footwear, tops, jeans, pants, etc. We do have a group of plus size, ensuring that women find clothing that suits them and makes them happy. Once you register on trends gal as a dropshipper, all you need to do is an import and start selling products into your online store. There is a VIP drop ship program for orders over $1000 and $5000, where you’ll get a dropship discount.


When it comes to women’s fashion, Buy2Bee prioritizes high-end brands and designers above all else. The category of women’s clothing has the most items in all its types, and it is easy to see why. Most of the related accessories and items are for women. Their catalog includes shoes, bags, suits, coats, vests, undergarments, cardigans, shirts, shorts, tops, swimwear, and more. The company has been in operation for over 20 years and is based in Los Angeles. They also have a category of brands and an exclusive category of designer brand products, which can only be found on Buy2Bee. Once you join the dropship programs, one of the following options may be used:

  • API company to import products
  • CSV files for feed import of the product data.
  • Get the Shopify app from the App Store.

Doba Dropshipping

Doba lies in Orem, Utah. Doba dropshipping acts as a liaison between suppliers and online retailers. The company was founded in 2002 and has become one of North America and Europe’s leading suppliers of dropshipping. The Doba marketplace now has even more suppliers, and products have partnered with Chinese Focus Technology Limited in 2015. Women’s apparel in the United States is in high demand, so if you need a reliable dropshipper, Doba will be the platform for you. You’ll be connected to thousands of clothing dropshippers dealing in thousands of apparel items for women. Doba is very popular but very expensive as well and works best to grow online stores.


CC Wholesale Clothes is’s sister company. The business was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. They deal with anything related to the wholesale selling of women’s apparel. In addition to fashion, they also provide the best jewelry prices, women’s shoes, plus size clothing, and children’s wear. The firm is renowned for having the best fashion closeout, discount, and wholesale. They have qualified sales mainly where clothing pieces are sold for $5 or less. Their sister companies have the same dropship program; 599 fashion and myonlinefashionhouse. You become a dropshipper with CCwholesale clothing by joining one of their three programs that include: standard $19 / month subscription, the $29 / month Shopify plan that gives you access to their Shopify app, and finally the $49 / month WooCommerce & BigCommerce plan that gives you access to their plugin that allows you to import products.


Selling women’s apparel can never go wrong. There is always a gap awaiting fill in the market. Many people take up dropshipping in North America, so you shouldn’t be left behind! Because of the rise in clothing dropshippers in the country and its surroundings, it has become much more comfortable to dropship women’s clothing in the USA. Finally, I would encourage all new e-commerce entrepreneurs to use Chinabrands as the dropshipper for their garments. They have the best features, but on your dropshipping journey, they also walk with you.