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Best Dropshippers / Wholesalers Fragrance in China, UK / US / Malaysia

Perfumes are made by combining attractive flavors with essential oils. This unique blend helps to express self-confidence, personal elegance, choice, individuality, love.

When doing business in this niche, it is essential to draw up a list of top perfume dropshippers and wholesalers to provide original and authentic items to your end customers.

Within this post, you can find a list of perfume dropshippers and wholesalers from different countries, along with the increasing levels of the perfume industry on the global market and the FAQ’s to help you out.

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Why to Choose Fragrance (for men and women) Dropshipping?

Perfumes and fragrance have held a special place in the market of beauty and care. Perfumes have strengthened people’s beauty habits and have become an essential part of daily life. Consumers and buyers place more importance on perfumes than other luxury items such as bags and shoes, as these are quite affordable.

Trends are changing in the global market. An increasing young population, increasing awareness of beauty products, changing habits, and living styles have given the perfume industry a boost in growth. Day by day, the people of various extravagant brands, their goods, and their customer line is growing.

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The high use of chemicals and fake cosmetics has terrible side effects, but such artificial products are becoming dense on the market. Many companies have introduced eco-friendly and bio-degradable perfumes and fragrances, with increasing awareness. The introduction of such innovative products demonstrates how the perfume industry flourishes on the global market.

Also, the market analysis showed that the perfume industry’s global value is expected to reach US$ 48.0 trillion by 2024 at an anticipated CAGR rate of 3.6%. Another survey showed that in 2018, the global market for the perfume industry gained a value of US$ 38.8 trillion.

The value and benefit of dropshipping perfumes and doing business in this niche are depicted in this market analysis. It is a highly recommendable and profitable company, with rising consumer demand and changing lifestyle trends. But the profit lies only in the quality that you sell, and how loyal you are to your customers and the environment.

Best Dropshippers perfume in China / UK / US / Malaysia

Beauty Fort

Beauty Fort offers its purchasers an unrivaled purchasing experience. At Beauty Fort, you can register for free and have access to over 7000 branded products, all falling into the category of perfumes and beauty.

Beauty Fort also offers wholesale ordering opportunities, direct dispatch services, and retail items.

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If you’re looking for a B2B platform, then first visit eSources. A UK-based company, eSources, is the largest checked platform for wholesale suppliers, wholesale deals, dropshippers, and leaders in the trade.

With 1.1 million suppliers and buyers on this website, perfume brands and fragrance dropshippers can be found easily in the UK. You can also get free contact with suppliers via eSources, premium membership, and exclusive additional benefits on this site.

Wholesale deals

Wholesale deals, as depicted by the name, is a well-known UK-based site that offers exclusive wholesale and dropship products worldwide.

Compared to purchases on Amazon or other websites, you can buy items with a margin of 45 percent-90 percent. For your retail store, you get over 280,000 checked product sources, a whole host of products to choose from.

Currently, 282671 suppliers are wholesale and dropshipping members of To get access to the directory, you need to register an account for £14.99.


Perfume Trader is a Dropshipper and supplier authorized and verified wholesale perfume in the USA. This company has been in business since 2003 and is well known for offering branded scents.

Perfume Trader offers exciting discount offers with no minimum purchasing criteria on all products. They are certified and make sure the perfumes and fragrances are all pure and original.

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BTS Wholesaler

BTSWholsaler is a wholesale dropshipping service with very competitive distribution rates covering the EU. Their catalog is available in 5 languages.

You will have 17,000 references on their stock and 600 brands available. You’ll get exciting discounts by placing simple bulk orders. They replenish your stocks via the BTSWholesaler platform, and if you own a company outside the European Union, they will also help you to complete your customer orders out there.


FragranceX offers 100 percent authentic products and 100 percent customer satisfaction. You will get licensed perfumes on this website, which are pure and checked.

If you sign up on the FrangranceX website, they will access all of their over 8,500 fragrance inventories. They offer free dropshipping and no conditions for minimum order. You only have to pay $5.95 for beginning a relationship with this company.


Nandansons is a brand name spearhead in wholesale and dropshipping, renowned since 1979 for its fragrances. Nandansons has included its customers and buyers from over 60 countries and is a symbol of their success.

Nandansons offers flourishing services across 8000 SKUs and 200 brands in the retail, wholesale and dropshipping sectors.

Max Aroma

Max Aroma has been in business since 2010, gaining a particular international reputation thanks to its excellent customer services and products.

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They sell perfumes of the highest quality, at significant price levels. Max Aroma has trained as well as a professional consultant to manage personalized services and provide its clients with buying guidance. Max Aroma specializes in features such as:

  • Customer satisfaction at 100%
  • 100% Pure Perfumes
  • Raising stock
  • Concurring prices
  • Trusted company
  • 10% off if order over $150
  • Return and exchange policy within 30 days


Achaar is a Malaysian based perfume company offering highly competitive wholesale rates and no minimum purchase quantity.

Achaar is a certified company that offers branded and original perfumes of only 100 percent. From their website, you can shop easily, since no fakes can be found here. The site is encrypted with 256-bit SSL Encryption and therefore provides safe access to the inventory.


Zawara is a wholesale, dropshipping, Cosmetics Company based in Malaysia. This website offers all kinds of cosmetic products, perfumes, essential oil, and other merchandise.

Free registration is required to get complete access to Zawara’s entire inventory. Under the category perfume, you will find from male, female, and unisex fragrances. Make a free visit to the link mentioned above for further information.


Shopee is a leading e-commerce website for Malaysia and other states in Southeast Asia. Items come under the categories of electronics, home decor, appliances, cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, toys, health and beauty care, kids’ corner, and much more, with a vast inventory.

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At Shopee, you can dropship at very reasonable rates, as well as wholesale products, for further details make a free visit.

Home Fragrance Dropshipping

You can sell ACDC candles, bath & body products, and home fragrances without any inventory!

Dropshipping is a program that makes it simple for businesses to offer the line without any risk. These are the benefits:

  • Convenient – The customer orders from you and we then pack & blindship direct to your customer (within continental USA).
  • Branded experience: We can include your packing slip, and we will ship using your shipping account
  • Quick Turnaround We typically ship within 24 hours after placing an order
  • No Inventory – We hold the inventory and ship as needed, so there’s no overhead for you business
  • Simple Setup: Once your account and website are approved, we will provide a data package that includes product details, pricing, and images along with MSRP and MAP pricing.