Free List of Clothing and Fashion Dropshipping Suppliers

Best Dropship Clothing Companies in the US, UK, China, and India

Are you thinking of the easiest way to start a business without having to go yourself through the trouble of checking stock and inventories? A viable solution can be to dropshipping clothing.

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In this article, I’ll share the top 20 dropship clothing companies in the US, UK, China, and India. Within the dropship apparel industry, you’ll even find the tips and tricks to find apparel drop shippers and Q&As.

You’ll see some of the advantages of dropshipping clothing online in the first chapter.

I will place the list of best suppliers of clothing dropships in the second part in China, the USA, the UK, and India.

Within the last part, you’ll find tips to find vendors of dropship clothing and how to run a profitable online clothing company as well as the Q&As in the dropship clothing industry.

And let’s get started with no more ado…

Why Dropship dress is a Good Choice?

Several online shopping surveys and market research have concluded that investing in women’s wear is one of the best ways of ensuring high sales volumes.

In general, women typically invest significantly higher in their looks than their male counterparts. There are advantages to considering dropship clothing also:

Different Styles

Tendencies of clothing shift with the seasons. Sellers, therefore, have four times the potential to sell renewed. Likewise, the weather patterns often influence factors such as fabric color, and also the introduction of new models from trendsetters like celebrities contributes to booming sales of new fabric lines.

While it might seem boring to have to keep up with the trends and continuously refresh your stock, it’s the only way to make sure you are ahead of your competitors.

On the same note, don’t forget that this relentless trend change drives the fashion industry and helps it retain the top spot it has always held in e-commerce.

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Lower risk & cost

Dropshipping clothing will give you the perfect chance to keep up with the trends at a low price. That’s because many who wear discount clothes miss out on the latest trends, and it’s always too late when they do.

Likewise, adopting the business model will allow you to remove out-of-fashion clothes from your store without incurring any losses and update your inventory the same day a new product is launched.

A quick gallery of fashion trends

Dropship clothing has gained prominence in the recent past as it allows a merchant to stock more clothing from various brands around the globe.

Because almost every shopper has a distinct sense of fashion and style, having a wide range of different products meets the needs of a larger population and customer base most certainly.

Dropshipping Clothing Companies in China

Dropship Clothes

Dropship Clothes is a leading global retailer with an extensive network of distributors around the world. It deals with emerging female fashion and currently supplies more than 9000 leading retailers, both small and large.

Besides that, their philosophy is based on mutual benefit between the firm and the retailers. It is achieved by ensuring that the dropships are safe and completed timely to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why should you use Dropship Clothes:

  • There is an international distributor network
  • A wide variety of clothes and accessories
  • Trendy clothing that is moderately priced and increases the profit margin of the sellers
  • Quick processing for refund or exchange of returned goods


Lightinthebox is a Dropship service that manages all types of products, from clothes for women, men, and children to sports and outdoor equipment. What gives it an edge over its competitors is that it has a variety of products, adding more than 1000 + items per day.

Besides that, there are no intermediaries, which mean there is a guarantee of safety and security, and timely shipping of products to customers.

Why use Lightinthebox:

  • A wide variety of items, including shoes, toys, computer equipment, and accessories
  • Exclusive discounted prices for specific items that increase the profit margin for sellers
  • Responsive services for customers
  • Quick delivery to buyers of purchased goods
  • Several secure online payment methods

Dropshipping Clothing Companies in the US


Nordstrom is a website for Dropship clothing dealing with a variety of products, focusing on women’s designer clothing. They usually have top brands in stock, and offer free shipping on behalf of the sellers to customers.

Besides that, they do have a free return scheme, where items can be returned by email.

Why use Nordstrom:

  • We have a wide variety of goods
  • Prompt stock update and new trends
  • Different payment methods online are acceptable
  • Once new items are in stock, sellers receive automatic email notifications

Clothing Dropshipping

Clothing dropshipping is a dropshipping company based in the USA that deals with a variety of products, including women’s clothing. Registering with the firm is a smooth and straightforward process that sometimes takes less than 2 minutes.

Registration in their program requires a one-time $249 payment and a monthly $39 payment, which is the rental payment. You may opt to sell the items on an online website or in giant marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, depending on your choice.

Why use Clothing Dropshipping:

  • Fast and easy to sign up
  • Their market rates are minimal
  • Responsive services for customers
  • We have a vast inventory


Collectivefab is an online dropshipping service that manages over 6000 + different apparel and accessories items. It has several advantages for a seller, such as the update feature of inventory, which refreshes after every 4 hours. Besides that, the prices set on their goods can be edited and processed competitively based on market forces.

Why use Collectivefab:

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  • You can sell social media, websites or forums
  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Option of goods over 6500 to sell
  • The seller collects customer payments before sending them to wholesalers


Myonlinefashionstore is a Dropship company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Their software includes plugin WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, and Shopify, which means you, can sell their clothes directly on your favorite e-commerce sites. Also, they will provide personalized packaging for your customers if requested.

Why use Myonlinefashionstore:

  • Most e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, are integrated
  • Sellers determine the prices of their products
  • Automatic monitoring of inventory at 4-hour intervals
  • Quick order delivery
  • Continuous notifications of monitoring information to the consumer

Buy 2 Bee

Buy 2 Bee is one of the most significant and most quickly growing online B2B marketplaces. Dropship various items, such as luxury designer bags, shoes, and clothes.

Several of the benefits of working with the business include the fact that you will deliver the ordered goods to your warehouse within 24 to 48 hours. When you register with their drop shipping services, you can access their entire inventory too.

Why use Buy 2 Bee:

  • Secure delivery within 24 to 48 hours
  • Live feed of products where new products are listed
  • Salespeople can list their items on the website
  • Store incorporation


Trendsgal is one of the lowest price dropshipping firms on a range of items like clothes and accessories like watches. Its prices are substantially lower than most of its competitors. Also, they deliver their website free shipping and free return of goods policy.

Why use Trendsgal:

  • This gives the retailer a wide profit margin for reasonably priced products.
  • We have a warranty and consider goods returned
  • 24-hour customer service responsive and supportive
  • Safe shipping and product handling


Modalyst currently serves over 40,000 retailers in over 40 + different categories, with millions of products. Their products are shipped to customers for free, and deliveries usually take between five and seven days. Also, the seller has an option to increase the cost of Dropshipping Company’s products slightly.

Why use Modalyst:

  • Sellers can customize product descriptions of different products
  • Prices and shipping rules are set
  • There is a wide range of goods and risk-free
  • Sellers should link to their website their goods

Dropshipping Clothing Companies in the UK


FashionDropshippers is one of the largest women’s apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories wholesalers based in London. They have a large stock of trendy wear that is updated every couple of hours.

The sellers typically draw significant income from the goods as they are priced relatively on the website.

Why use FashionDropshippers:

  • There is no limit to the number of orders minimum and maximum
  • Automatic reports of stock and rates
  • There are daily new arrivals
  • Shipping to any part of the world accepts


The Styleflow is an online dropshipping company of all categories. To both sexes, it also has the new and trendy fashion apparel and accessories. These have multiple payment options and can handle several currencies like AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, and USD.

Besides that, they have responsive customer support, which ensures a seamless transaction between the seller, customer, and dropshipper.

Why use Styleflow:

  • A fast and easy process of registration
  • Wholesale rates that raise the profit margin of the retailer
  • Customer service is polite and attentive
  • A wide range of online payment methods, including Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and many more

Catwalk Wholesale

Catwalk is a dropship company in the UK that deals with clothing and other accessories for women. It offers same-day delivery for goods above €250. The next day other items purchased throughout the United Kingdom are shipped. They also provide a refund and accept goods returned.

Why use Catwalk Wholesale:

  • Fast and safe shipping
  • The same day of shipping before 3 PM GMT for orders placed
  • We have an extensive product range to sell
  • Accepts payments by card


Lovelywholesale is a global online wholesaler dealing with various goods, including electronics, fashion and beauty, and supplies for home improvement. They allow multiple forms of payment, such as PayPal, wire transfer, most credit and debit cards, and Western Union.

Besides that, compared to other dropshipping companies, they have unbeatable prices, and they directly source goods from manufacturers.

Why use Lovelywholesale:

  • Fast processing of products returned
  • Wholesale rates raise retailers’ profit margin
  • Trusted, safe shopping and payment online


Inkthreadable is the UK based online drop shipping service. The advantages of using the company include having the ability to integrate and synchronize their store with your online shop such as Shopify. Individual online retailers that could be included include WooCommerce, EKM, and Etsy. They have in-house printing in their factory located in Blackburn, also.

Why use Inktrhreadable:

  • Systems for accepting e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce
  • Has CSV templates which enable the fast ordering of bulk orders
  • Customer service responsive

Dropshipping Clothing Companies in India


Printrove is an India based online dropshipping company. Since there are no sign-up charges, it is easy for a seller to get to work with the company. The seller also produces a template and sends it to a printing company.

Why use Printrove:

  • You set the price
  • Optimized for cell phone use
  • Facilities to set up
  • Full order number


Wooplr has a unique marketing strategy that distinguishes them from other dropshipping companies. The seller sells its products on social media at his / her desired price, and the seller receives it when purchased. With this drop shipping company, only a mobile phone can be used to earn a living.

Why use Wooplr:

  • Free Registration
  • Easy marketing of social media products
  • Aid staff 24/7
  • A wide range of products


The business deals with shoes, footwear, and appliances. Their products have incredible discounts that allow sellers to get big profit margins when they sell these products.

Why use Seasonsway:

  • The seller shall set the price
  • The support of the customer is responsive
  • Fast withdrawal and return of goods

T-Shirt Loot

T-shirt loot is an integrated printing firm dedicated to t-shirt and digital printing. It prints for the designer brands as well as any other design that a client may have. They drop within 24-48 hours and have many intriguing patterns besides that.

Why use T-Shirt Loot:

  • Quick delivery of goods
  • No minimum quantity of order
  • Best prices for digital printing

How to Find Dropshipping Clothing Companies / Wholesalers?

Sellers may use many ways to find reliable dropship suppliers. The most popular methods for this are:

Subscribing to a directory

If looking for a dropshipping business, a list can be an excellent way to get started. Nevertheless, most online listings are usually poorly built, and therefore not useful, is worth noting.

Several well-known directories for dropships include the World Wide Brands. They have thousands of prescreened and licensed drop shipping companies on their list.

Contacting manufacturers

Some producers are usually distributors. Nevertheless, these distributors can be difficult to find. It may be wise to contact the manufacturers to advise you on their distributors who provide dropshipping services.


While most people would consider Google to be number one in the hunt for dropshipping wholesalers, it can be challenging to use it in the real sense, mainly because most drop shipping companies are usually weak in marketing. Going through the listings on Google Indices can require patience.

Some handy search strings that you can use are:

  • Best dropship clothing suppliers
  • Top dropship clothing vendors
  • Dropshipping Websites for clothing in China
  • Dropshipping websites for apparel in the US
  • Dropshipping websites for clothes in the UK

How to Run a Successful Dropshipping with Cloths

Asking yourself how to start a profitable line of dropship clothing? In the following section, I’ll give you a few tips to improve your sales and make your online cloth store accessible when adopted. These are:

Identifying Quality Dropshipping Suppliers

One of the main problems facing sellers is finding reputable drop ship suppliers who are timely and reliable for distribution in order. Therefore, it calls for patience and intensive research to identify suppliers that will guarantee the customers’ satisfaction.

You can do this by browsing online reviews and reading through comments to discover what other customers are saying about them.

Another practical approach is to agree on the appropriate clothes and accessories you want to sell, and then contact the seller to check that they provide dropshipping services.

Product pricing

Competitive pricing goes a long way to ensuring you attract and retain customers while making your business profitable at the same time.

Some considerations worth considering when determining the price for your products include all the expenses associated with selling the product and the distribution prices imposed on the dropshipping company’s product.

Other factors that should be considered include prices set by other stores that sell similar products. You may establish a strategic rate, using their average costs.

Website Design

The website’s overall layout will cater to consumers and give them a fun, first-time experience and satisfaction as they click through various items when browsing them. Websites that sell clothing and other accessories must be creatively built with a clear view of all the details.

Besides that, the images that you use on the website should be of high quality and accurate description attached to each image. If you are unable to access these images, you can request permission to use those owned by the manufacturer. It would help if you forgot to include the following in the description:

Fabric Type:

Because consumers are unable to feel the fabric of the cloth, it is essential to provide the type of material used to avoid misunderstanding.

They are equipping the customers with information such as how they feel the fabric can help them make the right decisions.

  • Cloth Measurement

Including accurate measurement increases customer satisfaction and reduces the number of orders which can be returned as they are inappropriate. This is because consumers often feel lost after enthusiastically awaiting the arrival of clothing to find they are ill-fitting.

  • Tissue mark, color, and type of item should be briefly described in the title.

Many shoppers search through items with an open mind, while others are typically more particular about color and other information that they want.

These can serve as keywords by using this necessary information in the description, which will make it easier to decide whether you have a product these want without having to dig through the whole apparel list.

Effective Marketing Strategies

Strategic marketing goes a long way to reaching existing customers and attracting potential clients. Use of social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram is one of the cheapest marketing strategies.

They can be used to market and regularly engage the customers for easy sharing of information.

Besides that, you can try email marketing too. If you have an ongoing deal, it includes sending emails to your customers. It’s helpful that when the process is automated, it will hit a large client base more so.

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