5 Best Dropshipping Marketplaces to Sell Products Online

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Where to Sell Dropshipping Products?

Hey everybody! I wanted to go into a little more depth about two of my favorite ways of making money online that I’ve been going through in this post. Dropshipping and flipping are two of the most lucrative money-making techniques on the list, and I will give you more details today on how to get started.

Choosing the best platform is one of the most critical aspects of online transactions when you’re dropshipping or flipping. With all the various prices, features and choices that you need to be aware of these days to sell online, it can be a little daunting when you first start. This list will go over 5 of the most popular items reselling websites on, and what you need to know about each.


Ebay is probably the first place you’d think online to sell, and it’s not without the positive aspects. In the online marketplace game, Ebay is a long-standing player and has a very comprehensive suite of features for use. There are a few issues with selling on Ebay to keep such a vast inventory, though. First, when Paypal fees are added in, the prices on Ebay are nearly 13 per cent, which is quite a bit. That means you’re spending more than $1 out of every $10 you’re earning which can quickly add up.

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Ebay stores are yet another issue. Ebay stores are fantastic, don’t get me wrong but Ebay pays them for premium rates. In addition to their already high prices, to have a website that you can customize, you must pay Ebay a monthly charge. This can make scratching out the little profit you’ll get from flipping and dropshipping, which makes selling at a fair price on Ebay a little more challenging. This is concerning, seeing as getting a shop on Ebay is the only feasible way you can handle a large inventory like used to do dropshippers. That being said, despite the high prices, some still want to use Ebay, and they can scratch a profit out and continue selling.

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Amazon’s most prominent attraction for flippers will need to be Amazon’s Fulfilled or FBA for short. FBA is a programmer launched by Amazon that allows sellers to ship their items to an Amazon fulfillment center, and Amazon takes care of delivering their item to the end seller from there. For sure, this is a great device, and people who use it always religiously swear by it, but I think it’s essential to take a closer look at FBA and know it may not be as good a deal as Amazon says.

Next, there needs to be a standing inventory of FBA items. If you are a dropshipper who has factories delivering directly to customers, this disqualifies you from FBA. It also means that you will be sending your inventory to a warehouse if you want to list something if you’re a flipper.

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Second, the FBA has exceptionally high fees. They charge fees for the show, parking fees, weight handling fees and storage fees. At the point of sale, the first three are paid, and monthly storage fees are paid. You have to transfer a lot of merchandise to take away something with all those fees, which are broken down here at the end of the day.

Last but not least, FBA takes the most power from your side. Shipping straight to the warehouse for flippers means you won’t be able to check the items or risk paying the shipping rate twice, once to you and then again to the warehouse. This also means that you will not be able to monitor your item’s condition at all times, which is crucial when purchasing items for sale. Furthermore, you must be assured that the staff working at the Amazon warehouse would handle your goods with the love and care you would have, which a high order is given that the employees at Amazon are “low-paid, overworked, and dissatisfied.”

Amazon FBA is a perfect way to simplify your flipping business by delivering the item straight to the warehouse, but it’s just too costly and not flexible to use for most sellers.

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Shopify is a bit different from the rest of these since it is not just a marketplace on this list like the majority of the sites. Shopify is software that lets you build your website for a monthly fee to sell on. If you’re a real power seller, you can find this appealing, and starting a shop is an excellent choice for flippers and dropshippers alike.

The downside to Shopify is that it takes a small amount of technological know-how to get started, and you need to make an effort to keep it running. If you can put this effort into, it’s fantastic to create a Shopify store to resell items on, but if you’re looking for more of a pre-packaged solution to your online sales needs, I’d recommend you try another platform first.


BriskSale is one of my favourite topics to write about, for a good reason, on this blog. First of all, BriskSale is a free marketplace, meaning you don’t take any hit on your earnings to choose to sell on BriskSale. That means you can sell your products at a lower price right away, and make more money on BriskSale than you can on Ebay or Amazon. I think that’s pretty big, as an online seller.

BriskSale provides, for free, virtually all of its competitors’ functions. BriskSale stores are 100 per cent open and are perfect for ensuring all of the items can be sold in one location and can be easily advertised. BriskSale’s top-notch customer service often comes at no discount, although sites like Amazon and Mercari pass on those costs through their payments to sellers.

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One of the most important things to remember when selling drop shipped or flipped goods is a margin. Buying a commodity and profiting from it depends on being able to make a certain amount of money as a return on the initial investment. Sellers on BriskSale can hit these returns more effectively without commissions, and thus reach a higher level of profit without price increases.


BlueJay is another BriskSale-like online-marketplace offering customers a place to sell their goods online. But contrary to BriskSale, Blujay seems to have cut some corners to be able to provide this service.

The look of BlueJay is something straight out of the internet of the 1990s that makes it appear very unprofessional as compared to a modern website. Also, BlueJay only allows four images per item, and its item descriptions cannot be enhanced with embedded video offers such as Ebay or BriskSale.

While another no-fee option is a better alternative to costly services like Ebay and Amazon, there is no reason for outdated web design not to have fees. BlueJay is one choice among many, but there’s no reason to choose it over BriskSale if you need a free marketplace for the price. There is a certain amount of trust required between the buyer and the seller for every product online, and selling a product on a very dodgy platform like Bluejay makes it harder to create that faith.

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Between these five websites, at least one of them should be a flipper or dropshipper that fits your needs. Whether it’s Ebay’s popularity, Amazon’s FBA scheme, the versatility of Shopify, BriskSale’s zero fees, or whatever you may think about making BlueJay worth your time, there’s something for everyone here.

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