Importify Dropshipping Review and Alternatives

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Importify allows entrepreneurs to import low-cost products overseas through a dropshipping platform.

This platform allows your business to have a global presence through one drop-shipping platform.

You can make your life easier, and reduce your overhead.

Learn more.

Dropshipping allows you to sell products and not have to keep any inventory. Instead, your supplier will ship the products directly to your customer.

This model allows entrepreneurs to import low-cost products from overseas wholesalers or manufacturers and then resell them at higher prices to make more profit.

Dropshipping has the advantage of being low-cost and allowing you to concentrate on selling your products. Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to start their own business without worrying about investing in inventory.

This article will discuss Importify and explain its functionality.

What is Importify?

Importify allows you to import products from hundreds suppliers such as AliExpress and Amazon, Etsy. Walmart, Banggood. Dhgate. Taobao. It will automatically import any product (images and description, variations, prices, etc.) to your online shop in just a few minutes.

Importify can be integrated with Shopify and Woocommerce as well as Jumpseller.

How does Importify work?

Let’s take a look at how Importify works, and the steps you need to follow in order to get started.

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Start Importing

First, go to the Importify Registration page. Select a platform (Shopify. WooCommerce. Wix.) then subscribe to one the Importify Plans.

Select the products you want to sell

Once you’ve signed up, you can use the Importify search tool to find the details of the top-selling products. Visit the Importify Wholesalers List, search for the product you wish to list in your online store, adjust the price, title, and description, then click the import button. The product will be added into your online store.

Drive traffic

Traffic is an essential part of any online business. But how do you get it? Importify has the answer!

The Importify dropshipping manual will answer all your questions about traffic and running an online business.

* How to find the “Perfect Product”

* How to ensure your store’s long-term success

* How to Drive Traffic

* How to Launch Your Store

* How to Create Your First Facebook Ad Successfully

Automate your Dropshipping Business

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

What exactly does Importify offer?

Dropshippers are often having difficulty managing their business. The Importify app helps them be more efficient. Here are some benefits that you will get by using this app.

You can import products from different suppliers

Import products from over 30 top dropshipping suppliers like Aliexpress and Alibaba as well as Shopee, Shopee. Shopee, Shopee. Shopee. Banggood. Taobao. 1688. Gearbest. Walmart.

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Automate your Orders

Importify will expedite your order. Importify will automatically fill in your customer’s address at the checkout page. This makes it quick and easy for you to complete the order.

You can also connect to or migrate to other suppliers using the override function.

Create a brand

Importify covers everything, from the basics to advanced like a training program to help you start a dropshipping company to make more money. This guide will show you how to start a business without any prior experience, and then finish it off in a profitable way. It’s not an easy task to start a business or make big profits. But Importify makes it easier by guiding you from the basics to the advanced which can help boost your business.

Features of Importify

Importify offers many features to automate your dropshipping business. These include product research and import with just a few clicks. To learn how Importify will make your dropshipping business easier, review all of its features.

Find out about the products in your niche.

Huh! The most common task right? It is true that dropshipping success requires you to search through millions of products. This raises many questions. How can you solve it? Is there a simple solution?


One click to import products

Importify allows you to import products from more than 30 dropshipping and wholesale suppliers such as AliExpress.

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Pricing Structure

You don’t have to exhaust all options for calculating your target profit. Instead, import the products and create pricing rules using Importify. It is now easy to adjust product prices.


The Importify Chrome extension makes it easy to modify the title, images and description of imported products. You can also change the pricing structure, variants, and other details.

Automate Product Orders

It is simple to fulfill orders even with the Chrome extension. This is because you can automatically enter the customer details on your store’s checkout page.

You can easily change the supplier

It may be that the seller you chose earlier sells at a higher rate than other sellers, or that you find a way to make it cheaper by collaborating with other sellers.

You may have many questions. Is it hard to sell to other sellers?

Importify allows you to easily connect suppliers to your store by clicking a single button.

Auto Assign Products

As the Importify tool supports Shopify, WooCommerce and Jumpseller, you can auto-assign collections to your store.

Split the Products

Importify’s split variants allow you to easily separate your products. This is one of our best features.

Get connected to current products

You can connect to the products in your Shopify or WooCommerce store and manage them in Importify.

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Shopify to Shopify allows you to import products

It may seem difficult to import products from one Shopify store to another, but this is not true. With the Importify Firefox extension, it is easy to import products from other Shopify shops with just a few clicks.

The benefits of importify

  • Suitable for dropshippers
  • Import products easily
  • Are you able to research niche products?
  • Move to another supplier quickly
  • Split versions
  • Options for customization
  • Automated orders
  • Connect easily to existing products
  • Excellent customer service by the support team
  • Shopify allows you to import products
  • All available at reasonable pricing

Customer reviews are important

Dropshippers love it and Importify reviews show how satisfied their customers are with their support and services.

Importify Pricing Plan

Importify offers a 14-day trial for all pricing plans.

The Basic plan is $14.95/month. Premium version is $27.95/month. Gold version is $37.95/month.

Importify Shopify Dropshipping APP Review

Importify allows you to search for products from various wholesalers and add them to your Shopify store. Then, you can sell them online.

Importify will help you save time, so you can focus on your sales and management. Importify is a tool that allows dropshippers to automate their day by importing products from multiple wholesalers directly to their Shopify shops. It also fulfills orders in a matter of seconds.

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These tasks can be done manually without Importify. You will spend hours building and managing your store.

What are the main characteristics of Importify?

  • Dropshipping products that you can sell

The Shopify Research Products system allows you to see other Shopify stores, and locate the most popular products in apparel, clothing fashion, accessories beauty, jewelry and toys for kids, babies, pets and home.

  • Shopify allows you to import products from China (or U.S. suppliers) into your Shopify store.
  • Semi-automatic order fulfillment
  • Override function
  • Price marking system
  • Custom product description

What are the System Requirements

You must use Google Chrome Browser to run Importify. (To make Importify Google Chrome extension work, click here

What is the free trial?

You can immediately use Importify after you start your free trial. When the trial ends, your billing cycle will begin.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Yes. In the event that Importify doesn’t work for you, remove the application from your Shopify account.

Final Word on Importify Review

Importify, which can import top-selling products to automate dropshipping, is one of the most powerful tools available. Importify integrates easily with many eCommerce sites like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Importify allows you to quickly and easily add products from wholesale suppliers such as AliExpress, Alibaba, AliExpress and many others. Importify’s additional benefits include pricing rules, migrations to other suppliers and selling the products. You can also spy on other eCommerce.

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This review demonstrates that Importify is a great tool to help you start a dropshipping business.

It is affordable so give it a shot.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can Importify fulfill the order?

After receiving an order from eCommerce, the next step is to fulfill it. Importify allows you to either do this manually or with semi-automatic fulfillment.Is Importify offering any free plans to drop shippers?

Importify doesn’t offer a free plan, but they do offer a free trial for all paid plans. You can try the free trial for one day.What platforms offer Importify support for products import?

Importify allows you to import products from dropshipping platforms such as AliExpress, Amazon and Alibaba.

Importify Alternatives


uDroppy provides a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. It’s easy to find fulfillment centers and shipping companies around the world so that you can launch, optimize, scale, and grow your ecommerce store. uDroppy lets you source the products you want to sell, import them to your shop, manage orders, optimize cost, and scale up to an internationally recognized brand with Private Label. All of this is possible from one console. Connect up to 10 Shopify stores to uDroppy’s platform. It’s simple!


AliExpress’ official dropshipping solution is DSers. This is the new standard in dropshipping. In a matter of minutes, you can place hundreds of orders. Look for reliable suppliers. Customers will love BOGO and bundle deals. You need to expand your E-Commerce business. Dropshipping can be a time-saving business model that lets you focus on your sales, not your time. Dropshipping is the best supply service for 7-figure companies. Official ecommerce solution from AliExpress

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Freight Club

Freight Club software is multi-carrier shipping software. Freight Club specializes in LTL shipping as well as big and bulky shipping. It is ideal for large-product businesses. Our app gives you the lowest rates at 7+ levels. It allows shipment tracking, shipment tracking, automatic BoL generation (bill of lading), damage and overage fee prevention, and shipment tracker. Our API can integrate with your back systems to provide real time shopping cart prices and order fulfillment. The same technology used by eCommerce leaders.


Global Dropshipping Sell products at the lowest prices and fastest shipping Zendrop, an e-commerce marketplace, connects trusted suppliers with dropshipping merchants and online merchants. There are no language barriers with suppliers like AliExpress, slow shipping times or misbranded packaging. Zendrop provides exceptional customer service from the US. They offer the fastest shipping times in the industry, custom branding on all packages and a 24/7 English-speaking support team.

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