How uDroppy is Better than Oberlo and Dropified?

It can be difficult and confusing to start a business, become your boss and enter the e-commerce industry.

It is something I completely get.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

It is likely that you spend hours every day researching information about ecommerce and dropshipping. You also seek out the best partners to help you succeed. You probably discovered uDroppy and Oberlo through your researches.

Today I’d like to discuss Oberlo, which is a popular app, created for Shopify and used by many dropshippers — as well as Dropified, another dropshipping app, that can be used with Shopify and Woocommerce.

How does Oberlo work?

Oberlo, a dropshipping platform for Shopify that allows dropshippers import products directly from AliExpress, is what we have already mentioned. It basically integrates Aliexpress and Shopify.

It takes just minutes to import thousands upon thousands of products into your Shopify store, so you can immediately start selling them.

Oberlo also offers an automated fulfillment service. This involves automatically loading every Aliexpress checkout page and pasting customers’ details. This makes order fulfillment faster and easier than manually copying and pasting every order from Shopify to Aliexpress.

This process is slow because you must manually process each order. It is also a non-native Aliexpress integration, so you will lose some orders that you need to manually find and fill.

Oberlo also has serious drawbacks because of its nature.

  • It works only with Shopify stores. You cannot use any other e-commerce platforms, standalone websites or other websites.
  • Working with Oberlo is like working with AliExpress, which can lead to all of the problems. Oberlo doesn’t handle logistics or sourcing products. This leads to poor quality products, slow shipping times, no tracking numbers, a bad customer experience, a lot of refund requests, and blocked payment gateways.

Dropified and its features

Dropified, a dropshipping app that automates the fulfillment of orders, makes it easier for dropshippers to place orders for customers.

Dropified is exactly like Oberlo. It allows you to quickly find products and add them to your store.

However, there are differences.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
  • Dropified allows you to select and list products from AliExpress as well as eBay. Oberlo works only with AliExpress.
  • Dropified does not require a Shopify store. Dropified integrates with WooCommerce, CommerceHQ, and Shopify.

It seems to be more exciting than Oberlo, since you have more options when it comes down to product providers and e-commerce platforms.

You may have issues with the quality, shipping times and tracking numbers of third-party products.

Dropified doesn’t offer a free platform at the moment, and it is very expensive for dropshippers of medium and high level.

uDroppy is the best dropshippers’ partner

In summary, Oberlo and Dropified both dropshipping apps that automate the selection of products on Aliexpress (or eBay in the case Dropified) to import to your store, and fulfill orders.

They can help you run your business but they are not as integral to the uDroppy partnership. You will have issues with both the product quality and logistics processes if you work with them. uDroppy was created to provide you with full support.

uDroppy supports all e-commerce businesses by taking care of the sourcing, fulfillment and shipping. All products found on the platform come directly from the factory and are not supplied by AliExpress merchants. More than 900 factories are our partners, so you have thousands of options.

You can import products from Shopify by simply integrating your Shopify store and uDroppy. You will immediately receive an order every time. We will also automatically send it to you. With just one click you can fulfill all your orders, any time, anywhere, thanks to the mobile accessibility to our platform.

After we have received your orders, we will ship the products worldwide in no more than 12 days (weekends inclusive). We can deliver the products in 4-6 days for certain countries of high esteem.

Our support will take the worry out of your life. We will provide all the tracking numbers and invoices so you can focus on the most important thing: marketing.

We have more to offer if this is not enough!

uDroppy assigns you an ecommerce manager. This expert will help you grow your business and make you one of the top digital entrepreneurs in the world.

Our e-commerce specialists are available to help you source new products, check the status of your orders, and resolve any problems you might have.

What is the best thing about your job? It’s all free! Our services are free of charge!


You now have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your dropshipping partner.

A trusted, trustworthy, and competent partner means that you can give yourself the support you need to grow your business. We designed an online platform that can handle all aspects of dropshipping and ecommerce.

Follow all the latest news regarding e-commerce to stay up-to-date. Follow the UDroppy publication below and me. You can always count on me to provide valuable information.