uDroppy vs CJ Dropshipping Comparison and Differences

People have always struggled to accept novelties throughout history. Even in this new age, people still prefer to know what they have than something new and unfamiliar. It is therefore difficult to find the right business partner and change this.

That is what we know and understand. Dropshippers, digital entrepreneurs, and affiliates are eager to learn everything and have many questions about uDroppy. We started to write about the differences between uDroppy, and other competitors.

Our platform is so popular that we already explained why. AliExpress is superior Both for your clients and yourself, and how uDroppy has more features than Oberlo or Dropified .
We will show you how uDroppy differs from CJDropShipping in this article.


CJDropShipping, a Chinese company that provides dropshippers with a variety of services, was founded in 2000.
They are basically:

  • Source products
  • Stocking products in warehouses
  • Fulfillment of orders
  • Shipping of products

Their website states that they ship to over 60 countries and regions. They also have a support team who can be reached in three languages.

Dropshippers might have difficulty understanding how the partnership works since their website and information seem confusing. This can lead to communication issues when it comes customer service, claims resolution, and other matters.
A second problem is their policy regarding invoices. They don’t send them automatically but they will need to be requested . (And I know you want it since you are fundamentally a company with expenses that must documented).

CJDropShipping, as you can see is not the right business partner for you. CJDropShipping is not the right business partner if you are looking to build a true asset for your future.


uDroppy can be your best business partner if you’re looking for a comprehensive and efficient service.
Let’s find out why.

uDroppy, which is a comprehensive platform that you can access from both your computer and mobile device thanks to an intuitive and simple design for the app, is first of all a platform. You can create a uDroppy profile for free and access a dashboard which will display all relevant information, including sales, profits, pending orders and stock.

You can browse the platform to find the products that you are interested in selling. There are more than 1000 products available. These items can be imported into your Shopify store, and then shipped directly to your customer. This takes less than 15 days anywhere! You can find out more.

You can also ask for new products by contacting your manager at e-com. They will get them for you within a few days.

Do you want to learn more about an e-com manager?

You may have already read the previous article. He or she will be your e-commerce expert throughout your partnership with uDroppy. They will help you solve relevant issues, source products for you, and give you all the insight you need to take you business to the next level (and it’s completely free).

This is the real value of our company: the people. Our team is committed to providing you with the best service.

You can be sure that uDroppy will support you whenever you need it. We currently offer customer service in nine languages: English (English, Italian, Spanish), French (Portuguese, Belarusian), Ukrainian, and Farsi).

The platform is efficient and easy to use. It integrates with Shopify and allows you to contact more than 900 factories directly. You can also quickly ship worldwide because we are there to help you!

What is the best thing about uDroppy
Dropshippers are not the only ones who can use uDroppy! uDroppy is available to everyone: dropshippers, affiliates and e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to increase their activity and quality of life.


You can’t afford to lose any business partner, whether you’re a dropshipper or an affiliate marketer.

uDroppy will take care of all the complicated logistics involved in sourcing, fulfillment, and shipping. You will be able to spend more time on your marketing strategies and building long-lasting relationships. This will help you stand out and grow your business.

Keep in mind that you must also keep yourself updated about new developments and strategies in the ecommerce world. Follow the uDroppy blog as well as social media channels.
We’ll be back soon with more information!