Migration from Oberlo to Dsers Faster Solution

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DSers is the preferred Oberlo alternative . We have teamed up to offer a data migration solution that allows Shopify eCommerce merchants to experience a better dropshipping experience. This can be done in just minutes. After months of hard work, Oberlo now allows you to transfer all your data to DSers in one click. Oberlo has officially confirmed it and it’s risk-free! Merchants will have access to the migration tool starting May 12, 2022.

Oberlo app sunset

Oberlo, a Shopify dropshipping tool that allows you to find popular products for your store, is Oberlo. You can also import AliExpress products with it. Oberlo is currently being used by over 6,500 merchants. Shopify focuses on merchants’ best interests. Oberlo was thus hepped.

The Oberlo app was retired on June 15, 2022 and passed over to DSers. After this date, Oberlo will no longer be available to you. The Oberlo app will also be removed from Shopify. Oberlo offers a migration tool that will convert all your data to the DSers app.

In just a few steps, you can transfer your Oberlo history data to the DSers App, including orders, settings and goods. You can also continue dropshipping with a few clicks.

Oberlo partnered up with DSers app

Oberlo’s dropshipping app, DSers, works with AliExpress as well. It includes everything you need to start and manage a dropshipping company.

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Oberlo chose DSers to be his partner as they provide all the tools necessary for your business growth. DSers is close to AliExpress and facilitates bulk order fulfillment. They also have over 150k merchants. Oberlo worked closely with the DSers team in order to ensure a seamless transition from Oberlo into DSers.

The DSers app has the same key features as Oberlo.

  • AliExpress products can be imported into your Shopify store
  • AliExpress orders can be placed individually or in bulk
  • Automate your settings

You can also use the DSers app for additional business purposes. For more information, please visit our DSers Review.

You can subscribe to the DSers app for free or paid. The DSers app offers monthly and annual subscriptions. If you choose to migrate to DSers, you will be moved to the free DSers subscription. If you are on the Oberlo Boss Plan, you will be transferred to the free DSers subscription and offered the chance to upgrade to a premium DSers.

How do I migrate from Oberlo into the DSers App?

Only the Oberlo account administrator can initiate the migration process. Staff accounts cannot do this. The amount of Oberlo data, such as orders and products, will determine the time it takes to migrate. For small businesses, data migration can take minutes. However, it can take hours for large corporations.

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Oberlo users have the ability to quickly, reliably and securely move their data to DSers using the migration tool. It takes just a few clicks.

Logging into Oberlo is required before you can proceed to the detailed steps. You can access the migration trigger via the banner located on the Oberlo homepage. Click on MIGRATE to DSERS.

You will be asked to enable data access by DSers in a pop-up. Next, click CONTINUE DSERS.

Your Oberlo data can be transferred to a DSers account by installing the DSers app in your Shopify store. You have two options.

Option 1: Your Shopify store is not installed by DSers.

If you haven’t installed DSers in Shopify with the Oberlo app yet, you will be redirected to Shopify to download and install DSers.

These steps will help you install DSers:

Step 1 – Install the DSers App in Shopify.
Step 2 – Create a DSers Account.

A Shopify account linked to an existing DSers account is also possible. You will need to set data preferences in this scenario to avoid data conflicts between Oberlo & DSers.

NOTE – If you have logged in to an incorrect account at this stage, you may be able to switch to another DSers accounts by following the steps below: Remove DSers

You can then follow the steps in Option 2 below.

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Option 2: DSers are installed in your Oberlo-connected Shopify shop.

We will verify that Shopify has both Oberlo as DSers installed in this instance. Follow the steps below to migrate data from Oberlo into DSers.

Data conflict can occur during migration because Shopify stores have both Oberlo as DSers installed. Shopify products may be present on Oberlo as well as DSers. It is assigned to AliExpress supplier C on Oberlo, while it is assigned to AliExpress provider B on DSers. You must tell DS users which one you want to keep in this instance by putting the information below. You can read the blog for more information on how to resolve data disputes by setting data preferences.

Migration Process

The Migration of Orders

DSers will migrate orders from Oberlo accounts that were placed in the past two months. For a complete sync of all your order history, contact DSers support.

Oberlo doesn’t sort orders directly into distinct groups. DSes sorts orders in different tabs based upon AliExpress and Shopify order statuses, as illustrated below.

The Migration of Products

DSers will migrate their Oberlo Import list and product during this operation. This could be slow if you have a lot of data.

Import Liste

During this stage, the Oberlo Import List product data will be converted perfectly to DSers Isport List.

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For the following reasons, Oberlo may display a different number of products on your Import List than Oberlo.

1) DSers can move out-of-stock items but not AliExpress items that aren’t found.

2) You may see Oberlo and DSers products if you transfer your data into an existing DSers account. This depends on your data reference settings. Your products will be added tags such as From DSers and From Oberlo to the Import List so that you can filter the products between the two applications.


Data migration will be done for Oberlo Products menu. The Shopify products will be moved to DSers along with variant mappings and alternate suppliers.

Keep in mind that DSers will default to Standard mapping for your variant mapping. You can change to another mapping method depending on your requirements.

You may find that certain products are not mapped after transferring. This could be due to AliExpress products not being found or taken down. This type of goods can be eliminated by selecting the Unmapped Products option.

The Migration of Plan

During the plan migration, DSers will create a plan that matches your existing Oberlo subscription.

Oberlo Pro is no longer available. However, existing Pro users will be migrated to the DSers Pro plan.

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After the migration is completed, DSers will default back to their Custom Basic or Basic plan. After migrating, you must activate the DSers Advanced/Pro Plan manually to continue data and advanced features in the Oberlo Boss/Pro plans. You will also be able to enjoy additional DSers Advanced/Pro capabilities.

For a detailed explanation of the differences between Oberlo plans and DSers plans, please see comparative plans.

After the Plan migration is complete, you will be logged in to the DSers dashboard.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Are you ready?

The migration tool allows you to upgrade your dropshipping service to DSers and sell better on Shopify with AliExpress. It takes just a few mouse clicks. You will be able to save time and increase your earnings by using comprehensive and complete e-commerce solutions.