Is Worth Buying Alidropship Premium Turnkey Store and Review

This article will review the AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Service. We’ll be discussing the benefits and unique features of the service. We’ll also look at some actual stores where you can purchase the templates.

We purchased AliDrophip’s premium store on 25th December 2020. This gives us first-hand knowledge of the process of getting an ecommerce store online.

If you are in a hurry, however, please take a look at our article summary:

Article Summary: AliDropship Premium Stores are dropshipping stores AliDropship created that are profitable.

This package includes a copy of the shop, including the design and products. Targeting is optional.

We bought one of the premium shops on 25th December 2020. We have been impressed by how well-optimized the products are from both an SEO and CRO standpoint. As there are many opportunities for growth, we will make adjustments (adding new products and category pages, testing different marketing techniques, etc.

AliDropship displays the profit each store is making, with some stores earning over $40,000 per month.

What is AliDropship Premium Dropshipping?

AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Shop service provides a dropshipping solution that does everything for you. It includes a copy of AliDropships highly profitable stores.

This is different from AliDropship’s Custom Store Service because you are purchasing a copy an existing AliDropship store instead of AliDropship researching and creating a store entirely from scratch.

What is the Work of it?

Three steps are required to get your premium store online.

  • Select one of the eight premium AliDropship stores and you will be emailed the downloadable store file
  • Upload the site to your hosting server. (This can be done by an AliDropship technical team.
  • To make the store profitable (upsell), use the exact same proven-to-work ad copy as AliDropship uses on the original store.

What is included in the Premium Store

The package includes several items, including the following:

  • A copy of AliDropships’ profitable store that is optimized for CRO
  • Mobile-friendly theme & banners optimized for SEO
  • Logo design
  • High-quality products from AliExpress are included.
  • Written product descriptions that are compelling and backed up by customer reviews
  • AliDropship plugin
  • 3 Add-ons – Facebook Business and GA Enhanced Ecommerce & Abandoned cart Plugin
  • Optional – more expensive) Alidropship uses ad designs and copy on their original store. Targeting settings are also included.

We recommend AliDropship’s blog. It has great information and guides about how to market your store both organically and through paid marketing. This blog covers everything SEO to Google Ads, Facebook and Pinterest marketing.

What are the advantages of having one?

AliDropship offers a variety of benefits when you purchase one of its premium dropshipping shops:

  • It’s all done for you. No need to waste time creating the site, or importing products.
  • Access to a copy a website that makes thousands of dollars per month
  • Experts set up the website, products, descriptions and ads
  • AliDropship offers lifetime professional support
  • You can add unlimited products
  • Automated store management

What are the down sides?

  • You’ll only find a limited selection of niches when you choose from AliDropships 8 successful stores
  • You’re paying $300 upfront but getting a lot in return!
  • This site could be further optimized for SEO (by adding more content, linking to internal links, and targeting long-tail keywords. We will be creating a guide for optimizing an Alidropship site for search engine optimization).
  • We don’t see any other drawbacks.

AliDropship Premium Store Review

You can see below that AliDropship received a Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5*.

These customer reviews are referring to the custom-store service but it is clear that they will receive the same level service for other premium services.

These reviews can be found on their website.

AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Shop Case Study

We at The Marketing Vibe only review products or services that we have used and are satisfied with.

Since Alidropship WordPress plugin was released, we have used it for around 3 years. We also create our own stores.

To provide more value to our readers, however, we wanted to try the premium store creation service.

We made the purchase on Christmas Day 25th December 2020.

The premium store was purchased along with the marketing package. We were able to get so many additional features that it was amazing value-for-money.

You can see Tatiana is my account manager. We have her contact information in case we need help or have questions.

We’ve now completed all the steps to get our store online. It took us literally 45 minutes, most of which was waiting for the DNS settings of our registrar to be updated.

What was included with the premium package?

  • Premium Store (including optimized products, categories and content, as well as images and images)
  • AliDropship license and plugin (Value $89)
  • El Greco theme (Value $67)
  • AliDropship offers lifelong support
  • Addon for Facebook Business (Value $27)
  • GA Enhanced Ecommerce – Addon (Free).
  • Addon Marketing Package
    • Facebook Marketing Guide (76 Pages) – This guide covers every step from setting up Facebook Business to choosing the right Facebook Targeting demographics for your campaigns.
    • Proven winners products, including ad copy, recommended targeting and copy

AliDropship also provides links to all their blog post tutorials and their premium webinar on Facebook ads scaling, which basically gives you a video tutorial.

Overall, the store is a great success and there are so many opportunities to expand!


All add-ons can be purchased once, unlike Shopify which requires you to pay monthly for app-usage.

The following apps were purchased by me (some of them we bought multiple times since we run many stores):

  • AliShipping – Automatically imports AliExpress’ shipping options product-by-product. This ensures that you are never caught unaware by unexpected shipping costs, especially if your supplier changes frequently.
  • Promo banner – Provides a site-wide banner to promote a sale. Templates for New Years, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others are included.
  • Upsell – Manage upsells so customers can add another product to their cart after they have purchased a product.
  • Urgency – Provides urgency on the product page and checkout pages, along with statistics about how many people have viewed/bought it, and also adds a timer for the checkout page

We recommend AliDropship’s Addons if you are serious about turning your visitors into customers.

Next Steps

We are currently conducting keyword research to identify new category pages we can create for SEO purposes. To do keyword research and competitor analysis we use KeySearch. This allows us to identify the most low-competition keywords that we should target.

We are also considering Pinterest marketing. This is a great platform for female-targeted stores, due to Pinterest’s demographic.

We’re also getting the logo designed and building backlinks to our site using services like SearchClerks, which is generally less expensive than Fiverr.

We use affordable SEO packages to post guest posts. Companies like FATJOE do a great job.

We have now set aside an ad-budget so we can start testing Facebook ads using the AliDropship FB marketing guide.

AliDropship Premium Dropshipping Shop Examples

Below are the premium stores AliDropship offers. You can view each one by clicking on the link. We’ve tried to provide our opinion on each store, as well as recommendations, keeping in mind organic SEO opportunities (since AliDropship is a specialized SEO agency).

  • The Auto Merch – Car accessories store – $98,000 per month
  • Buy It Carl – General Store – Earning $40,000 per Month
  • Otaku Joy – Gaming/Clothing Store – Making $22,000 Per Month
  • Gardenient – Gardening Supplies Store – $16,000 Per Month
  • Unicorn Wave – Womens Fashion & Accessories – $13,000 Per Month
  • Pure Champs – Sports Equipment – $11,400 Per Month
  • Super Blings Household Goods and Accessories – $8,900 Per Month
  • Mr Instrument – Home Improvement Tools- $6,000 Per Month

The Auto Merch – Car accessories store – Making $98,000 per month

Number of imported products: 98

Languages Other Than:

Our Thoughts The store is sleek and clean, which is everything you would expect from a dropshipping shop.

It is actually very fast loading the website, scoring 82/100 in GTMetrix. It is slowing down due to unoptimized images. However, you can easily install Shortpixel plugin to optimize image sizes.

The product pages include a clear call-to-action ‘Add to Cart’ as well as concise messaging that includes ‘Free Global Shipping and 60-Day Returns’. This will allow you to leverage customers who complain about slow product shipping times and reduce refund rates.

The product descriptions are detailed and include a lot of information about each product. This will make it easier to convert.

This is why the store makes nearly $100,000 per month in profits.

Ideal For: Those who are looking for high-earning stores in the automotive accessories market.

Buy It Carl – General store – Making $40,000 per month – Different Languages Available

Number imported products:

Languages Other Than: Yes

Our Thoughts : The store offers a wide range of imported products, which is a plus. It is also available in many languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and French.

This store is ideal for people who are looking for a general store. AliDropship earns over $40,000 per monthly in profit from the original store.

Like the previous store, BuyitCarl has a similar design. It is very well-designed from a CRO perspective, with a professional design, clear disclosure messaging, and CTAs.

Ideal For: Those who are looking for a general store or those who wish to open a new shop in a foreign country. There are many language options.

Otaku Joy – Gaming/Clothing store – Making $22,000 per month

Numbers of imported products : 109

Different Languages: Yes

Our Thoughts This store specializes in gaming accessories and has a lot of imported products. It is also available in many languages, including German, Spanish and French.

Otaku Joy, like all the other stores, is well-designed and optimized for CRO. It’s ready to sell… which is why AliDropship makes over $22,000 per months in profit.

Ideal For: Those who are looking to open a store in a foreign country or for those who want to sell gaming accessories.

Gardenient – Gardening Supplies store – Making $16,000 per month

Number imported products:

Languages Other Than:

Our Thoughts

Gardenient is a store that sells gardening accessories and also has an extensive selection of imported products.

It is similar to the other stores. It has a clean design and optimized for conversions. This will help increase sales.

The original store makes over $16,000 per Month in profit.

Ideal For: Those Looking for Garden Accessories Stores

Unicorn Wave – Womens Fashion & Accessories – Making $13,000 per month

Numbers of imported products : 123

Different Languages: Yes

Our Thoughts

Unicorn Wave is a store selling women’s fashion accessories. It is suitable for anyone looking to create a website in English, Spanish, French or Dutch.

We noticed that these premium stores all use the same theme. This must have been a highly converting layout, considering the monthly profits that AliDropship makes.

Unicorn Wave’s CRO optimization is evident by its monthly profits of $13,000.

You can see that there are clear CTAs with concise messaging. They show percentage discount, delivery time ETA, and sizing information.

For: Women looking for fashion and accessories stores.

Pure Champs – Sports Equipment – Making $11,400 per month

Pure Champs is a top-site in the niche of sports equipment.

This site is different from the other sites we have looked at. It only sells 27 products but the original site earns over $11,400 per month… Which begs the question: How much would you make if you had more than 100 products?

This site is optimized in the same way as other sites for CRO.

For: Those who are looking for a store that specializes in outdoor and sports equipment. Although it offers fewer products, its monthly profits show that the original store is still a success!

Super Blings – Household Goods & Accessories – Making $8,900 per month

Pure Champs is another premium site, which focuses on the accessories and household goods niche.

It offers a wide range of products, including electronics, gaming, and home goods.

The site has 131 products, and the original store earns over $8,900 per monthly in profit.

The store has well-designed product pages and is highly optimized for sales.

Ideal For: Those who are looking for a store that focuses on the accessories and household goods niche. You can find a variety of products here and it has the potential to expand into other niches.

Mr Instrument – Home Improvement Tools – Making $6,000 per month

Mr Instruments is a premium dropshipping shop that specializes in the tools and home improvement niche.

You can find a variety of products, including hand tools, household cleaning tools, kitchen tools, and many more.

The store has only 31 products, which is a lot lower than the other alidropship premium dropshipping shops.

But the original store made over $6,000 per month in profit. Imagine having 100 products!

The store has well-designed product pages and is optimized for conversions.

Ideal For: Those who are looking for a store that focuses on the accessories and household goods niche. You can find a variety of products here and it has the potential to expand into other niches.

How to Get Traffic to your Premium AliDropship Store

AliDropship’s active, helpful community is one of its best assets. This includes support from the AliDropship staff via blog posts and email support as well as from store owners who participate in their forum.

Alidropship provides a variety of guides that will help you start your dropshipping business. These guides will walk you through every step of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

All of these guides are available for download at AliDropship Learning Guides

AliDropship also has a blog section that will help you increase traffic to your dropshipping shop, or any other business, as mentioned previously.

There are more than 190 posts with tips and tricks AliDropship uses to run their premium stores. This is an incredibly valuable insight!


We would like to conclude by recommending two things when it comes down to opening an AliDropship premium shop:

  • You should choose a store that is in an area you are interested in. Since you will be growing the business, it doesn’t really matter what one you end up choosing, but make sure you stay motivated.
  • Keep in mind that your store’s growth is a continuous process. This includes adding new products to the store (although this won’t be necessary immediately with a premium shop, which comes preloaded with many tried-and-true products) as well as marketing. To make your store a success, you can use the AliDropship blog as well as guides.