Dropship Sporting Goods and Products from Sports Direct

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How to do Direct Dropshipping using Sports Goods

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models of the past few years, allowing people not to store inventory. It also helps drop shippers directly purchase products from a manufacturer and send them directly to end customers.

Therefore, many people decide to jump into the shipping business, dropshipping sporting goods because it is easy for distribution and product selection. Adidas Original is believed to be one of the hottest shipping business dropshipping brands selling shoes and clothes. Due to the lower costs, the drop-shipping model is quite beneficial to sell Adidas Original products.

Sporting Sports Goods Company

In 1982 Sports Direct International PLC was founded. It is one of the biggest retailers of sporting goods in the UK. The company has a diverse portfolio of sports, fitness, fashion and lifestyle brands, including wear of Adidas Original Life Style, Nike, Air Jordan, Puma, etc.

They run 700 sports stores in the UK and continental Europe, 427 operating under the Sportsdirect.com brand. They operate 757 sports stores across the UK and around the world and 83 Premium Lifestyle stores across the UK. They produce a portfolio of sports, fashion, and lifestyle brands that are recognized globally. Some of its well-known brands are:

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Everlast is a world leader in military gear and fitness. Among champions, it’s a preferred choice. The brand is as good as those fighters wearing it. To attain the highest technical innovation in the industry, it is rising and expanding its product range.


Lonsdale is well-known sporting equipment, sports nutrition and clothing boxing company. It is a globally known brand, renowned for its power, courage and energy.

The business logo is visible and reflects Lonsdale’s spirit. It features main recreational collections crafted with an eye to comfort, sustainability and style. This brand extends its values to a stylish range of lifestyles that perfectly fits every aspect of its customers’ lives.


Karrimor is a British brand which deals with outdoor leisure and running equipment product categories such as backpacks, outdoor and sports equipment, footwear, clothing and accessories. Karrimor provides the ultimate instrument for performance. The company is trying to combine longevity and technology with more than 60 years of experience. The reputation of the company travels all over the globe.

RC Hobby Explosion

RC Hobby Explosion serves as a wholesaler and dropshipper for major brands of Radio Control Cars. We serve both individuals and online resellers, providing high-quality radio controls at affordable prices. Let us know what RC product you need. We have access thousands of products from dozens top RC manufacturers.

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We are looking forward to serving your radio control needs now and into the future. Drop-Ship Program from RC Hobby Explosion may be what you need in order to succeed on the largest marketplace in the world. We know that entrepreneurs are responsible for more than just their own success. Drop-shipping with RC Hobby Explosion will eliminate inventory worries. Your overhead can be reduced and your profits will increase. R/C Hobby Explosion Dropship Program. We keep your inventory available for you to reduce overhead!


HobbyTron.com is proud to announce the official launch of our new Drop Ship Site

HobbytronDropShip.com. Since 2005, we have been doing this successfully. To make it the easiest, most efficient, and most profitable drop shipping program for RC toys and airsoft guns, magic tricks, and other toys, we have been working closely with a few large drop shippers. Drop shipping has many benefits.

First, you don’t have to keep stock. We take care of that. Our warehouse is packed with product and covers more than 50,000 square feet. Our employees will take care of your orders and ensure that they are handled quickly and with the utmost care. Send us your orders.

That’s it! We will process them for your, pull the product and package it. Then we will send tracking back to you. It sounds so simple, and it is. You can now sell all our products online without having to worry about stocks. There’s no need to buy cases or hope to sell your inventory in order that you can buy more. Simply put our products on your website and watch the sales begin to flow!

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1-800-PREPARE.com and our team of disaster preparedness experts are dedicated to bringing you the best products, information, and support to help you prepare for any eventuality. There are many preparedness products available, including office survival kits, home survival kits, auto survival kit, and individual items like emergency flashlights, food and water, first aid supplies, and more.

Our Drop Ship Program allows you to have all orders delivered directly to your customers by our company. This program is for home-based entrepreneurs, website owners, and business owners who want to sell emergency preparedness products. We ship the orders and you make the sale.

Sports Merchandise Dropshippers and Wholesalers

Dropshipping Sports Memorabilia & Merchandise: What You Need to Know

Dropshipping sports merchandise and memorabilia is a great way to increase your online customer base. Fans who love sports merchandise are avid buyers. Sports fans are the first to buy new memorabilia.

Sports fans are the ultimate niche. It is easy to build a brand by limiting your products only to a certain team, conference, division, or other group. Each season, new products are manufactured and are highly sought-after.

Dropshipping Sports Team Memorabilia has many advantages

You would need to invest in infrastructure, staffing, product inventory, and infrastructure if you wanted to open a brick-and mortar sports memorabilia shop.

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You can start an ecommerce store selling specialty sports merchandise with minimal overhead costs. You can avoid the high costs of holding on to unsold stock by sourcing sporting goods directly from a supplier.

Tips for Dropshipping Wholesale Sports Apparel

Dropshipping is a great way to get started. Inventory Source’s supplier directory allows you to search for and filter the right partner for your company.

The first step in selecting the right supplier is to know what you are selling. To determine your niche, know your customers. What consumers should you target? These customers should buy from you.

Print-on-demand is a service that allows you to create your own designs without having to purchase any products in advance.

An ecommerce platform that is user-friendly will also be required. To automate your ecommerce, look for ecommerce platforms compatible with Inventory Source.

To make your website stand out, you should research SEO and social media marketing. You can’t compete against giant brands like Nike and Adidas so you need to dial in your marketing efforts, and provide consistent customer service.

Dropship sporting team apparel from Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors in Inventory Source’s Trusted Network. Our integrated system allows you to automatically track stock levels, establish price markup rules, map product categories, and filter products by brand price, SKU, and category.

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Sporting pros and cons Direct Dropshipping

With a firm working with such big brands, they seem to have good and bad points while doing business. It is not always an easy task to be a drop shipper; it also involves lots of ups and downs during the activity. Just a few of the Pros and Cons of Sports Direct Dropshipping are the following:


1. Wide range of premium sportswear – As UK’s largest retailer of sports goods- has a diverse portfolio of sports, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle brands to sell. It deals with internationally recognized brands such as Slazenger, Everlast, Lonsdale, Karrimor, Kangol, No Fear and Firetrap.

2. Operating in several stores and online – 700 sports stores are working in the UK and continental Europe, 427 of which are selling under Sportsdirect.com. They operate 757 sports stores across the UK and around the world and 83 Premium Lifestyle stores across the UK.

3. Efficient online prices – As there are other competing businesses providing online sporting goods, Direct Sports needs to maintain a very competitive price.

4. Contract scheme-Sports Direct is providing a creative commission scheme throughout all stores and their teams. The five reward scheme focuses on key service areas and offers each customer an opportunity to earn up to 5 percent commission on their 5 Star items.

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1. Wrong delivery – According to the customer reviews, most were dissatisfied with the delivery of the products. They paid for delivery the next day, but for a long time, they didn’t hear back from the company and also didn’t receive the drug.

2. Not clear quality check – At the time of delivery, most customers complain about receiving the product that was damaged. And having their product returned or substituted has been very tiring.

3. The difference in online and retail rates – There is a price difference in purchasing the same product online or through the shop, as per customer feedback. It is generally expensive to buy through the stores than buying online. Customers wanting to pick up items from stores would have to pay the amount more. Otherwise, they would have to wait for online delivery along with the delivery charge.

4. Bad customer service – Many customers have given negative feedback about the customer service executive’s inappropriate behavior. Customer support isn’t helpful and friendly as per customer feedback.

5. Tiring return policy – The return policy at ground level as per the customer feedback, while structured on documents, is very tiring and sometimes not feasible. Customers who have defective products have had a lot of trouble getting their product repaired. In the worst-case scenario, consumers have to get their own patched.

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Comparison between Sports Direct and Chinabrands as wholesale suppliers of sports accessories

Although there is not much difference between the two companies ‘ products, there are few items that can be listed for the users to link SportsDirect and Chinabrands. These two companies can also be wholesale suppliers of sporting accessories.

Typically SportsDirect deals exclusively with sports equipment and clothing, while in one section, Chinabrands deals with all kinds of products and sports goods. So at the same time customers have a wide variety of products to choose from.

SportsDirect manages premium brands such as Slazenger, Everlast, Lonsdale, Karrimor, Kangol, No Fear and Firetrap, and so on. Chinabrands nevertheless deals with multi-brands, like premium and local.

SportsDirect categorizes its products based on sports, gender, activity types, brands, accessories, etc. while Chinabrands categorizes products based on games, brands, latest in stock, etc.

SportsDirect is using traditional as well as new ways of doing business. Yet, Chinabrands only serves as an online platform for companies. That tends to restrict the base of customers. They treat licensed sports products of all kinds.

While SportsDirect only deals with high-end branded goods, Chinabrands also emerges as the right name in the sports equipment category. They match the quality and make of their equipment for the sport.

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The standard of stitching, the material, etc. are in line with the established brands. And the most crucial part is price competitiveness. Being known brands like Nike, Lonsdale, Everlast, businesses are already charging a premium price because the known sportspeople wear them. It is here that Chinabrands takes over.

They at a lower price, they offer the same quality. Unknown brands are not healthy. In this world, there are numerous unknown brands doing well on a regional level.

Around the same time, many people around the world cannot afford to purchase branded goods because of their high prices. It is here that Chinabrands come to save them.

Dropshipping is one of the most common business models of the past few years, enabling people not to store inventory. This also helps drop shippers to buy goods directly from a manufacturer and send them directly to end customers.

Therefore, many people want to venture into the shipping sector, dropshipping sporting goods because it is easy for distribution and product selection. Adidas Original is believed to be one of the hottest shipping business dropshipping brands which sell shoes and clothes. Due to the lower costs, the drop-shipping model is very beneficial to sell Adidas Original goods.