High-Quality Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers Indonesia

Dropshipping in all of Indonesia is now very popular, but many vendors still cannot even know how to dropship it. Moreover, some employee sellers have not had the secrets of shipping.

Here’s your luck. You will know the original pro tips from this article and where to find the best websites for providers of drug shipping.

Do you still work in Indonesia with dropshipping?

The term dropshipping refers to a type of order fulfillment method in which the company does not need to hold an inventory, rather it receives orders and transfers them directly to the customer to a third party who supply the goods.

Dropship Indonesia offers Indonesians convenient access to packaged consumer products delivered at their doorstep. There is so much potential for the market here to become the largest online market in Asia. There is a large pool of businesses selling goods, largely based on the recommendations of social media. The online market in Indonesia with an online growth rate of 50 percent will estimate at $130 billion by 2020, according to current forecasts.

As we have seen before, Dropship in Indonesia is an emerging e-market with a great deal of potential.

Because the chances of maximum profit via shipping are more than simply by handling the items, I have mentioned in this guidance below that your new business can thrive successfully in Indonesia with the top 6 dropshipping companies.

1. Weedo.co.id.

It is a very interesting site in Indonesia, It not only provides wholesale services and business guidance to the exclusive clients. This includes attractive promotional codes and discount rates. The following are provided.

The company guarantees free shipping together with high quality guaranteed products.

The money is returned back· 100 percent cheapest rate guarantees· Easy to exchange items

2. Cakning

if there was a danmage of a product. Cakning can be operated and registered free of charge. More than 4,000 products from different categories are available for sale.

In addition, this website not only offers instructions on how to sell products but also promotes your products to customers. You can get the best prices from the best suppliers on this site.

3. bandros.co.id

Bandros was established in 2014 and has maintained its market position successfully ever since.

In categories such as jackets, muslim wedding, shirts, pants, sandals, shoe, bags, wallets, accessories and other fashion products, Bandros has been offering over 14 000 products and willing to market a catalog. Bandros is an Indonesian e-commerce network registered and authentic site. Make a free visit to see more details.

4. Oberlo

Oberlo is a wholesale and dropshipping firm that is very simple and easy to operate. Because dropshipping in Indonesia is safer than wholesale, Oberlo works to provide that safe opportunity.

The GoCoin, Paypal and PayDollar payment gateways are used. You simply have to add items from Oberlo’s catalog to your store and the rest is carried out on each order by the site itself. The company was created in 2015 and has sold more than 80 million products worldwide until now. So, yes, for your new business, this site is safe.

5. Indonesiasources

Indonesia Sources is based in Indonesia and is part of the network of Globalsources. Their suppliers are in Indonesia as well as in other countries. The Site is like a B2B network supporting trading, product integration and Asian market links.

Indonesiasources operates in over 240 countries. Products can be found in electronics, fashion, hardware, healthcare and equipment categories. Buyers and suppliers of worldwide quality are over 1500,000. This website is a trustworthy and certified website.

6. BliBli

BliBli is a leading Indonesian online shop, which is known for its products and services, which are complete and reliable.

Products from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, NewBalance, Lakme and Wardah are available easily for lifestyle and fashion.

You can not only sell wholesale products at reasonable prices, but also enjoy this website’s dropshipping services. BliBli offers the best quality certified, free delivery, no payments, different methods of payment.

Way to find products to dropship in Indonesia?

A good product for supplying dropshipping in Indonesia should meet the following criteria before it can qualify as a good shipping product: i. 10 trending products with a strong demand in Indonesia Returnful ii. Request iii. Facilities for shipment (in terms of shape and size) some of your other considerations should include your retail price and the recommended profit margin when selecting the best product to dropshipping.

Once again, you should never do some things when selecting a product to dropship:

  1. Do not select a branded product. The very low profit margin of selling designer products is
  2. Choose never knock-off goods. It is most likely that you will end up on the wrong side of the law to sell counterfeit products.
  3. Choose never a highly competitive product, because you will have to compete on the same platform with others that sell the same product.

Having said that, let us look at the 10 most demanding trend products (by categories):

1. Accessories

Accessories like hats, ceilings, scarves, and sunglasses are very popular because people always look good. Also, the demand for various products changes every season, making your company operational all year round. For instance, in the summer and in winter, you will have to have sunglasses and hats.

2. Beauty products

Beauty products are also products that will never run out of demand. Most people, particularly women, very often need beauty products. If you focus on providing the buyers with the correct customer service, you can sell these items to a solid basis.

You will definitely come back to purchase more when your products run out, if your customers are aware that their deliveries are always in good time. In addition, they will definitely give their friends a good word for you.

3. Clothes

The best thing about clothing is that you can either bring a single piece of clothing, whole clothing or an entire change of wardrobe to your clients. Clothes if you offer big discounts for bulk buyers you will most likely do the latter.

In Indonesia you can not only handle clothes from different well-known brands; you can sell products via a dropship supplier, but can also set up your own clothes line with your own brands.

4. Computer Accessories

Computer accessories and associated devices are a good choice for dropshipping products since computer users are always looking for upgrades to keep up with the newest technology.

You don’t even have to try to get customers, especially those who want to buy multiple products. It’s advisable to deal with a wide range of computer accessories so your customers don’t have to buy from different merchants, particularly for products that work together.

5. Books

The number of online shoppers purchasing books would surprise you. There is a very large number of people. This makes books an excellent choice for a dropshipping company.

6. Phones

The cell phone is also an important element in the dropshipping company. You don’t limit yourself to one manufacturer, the advantage of using dropshipping. A variety of telephones from different manufacturers can be offered: this expands your client base, as different people have different needs and preferences.

7. Toys for children

Kids and babies get bored very quickly with their old toys. Modern parents would like to check new releases online, order and wait for the toy. Aim for selling all types of toys: those used only for entertainment and educational purposes.

8. Generic medicines

Purchasers, especially those with an busy schedule, can sell general medicine that is not necessarily a requirement for a prescription. A wide variety of medications allow your buyers to always obtain what they need.

9. Music and Films

The music–which mainly goes hand in hand with movies, is another popular commodity that online shoppers can look like enough. People are always waiting to be among the first to watch a certain recent film, thus looking for offers online.

10. Furniture

If possible, avoid very bulky furniture. Many people will be interested in environmentally-friendly and space-saving furniture. Dropshipping furniture allows your customer to buy affordable goods as they are shipped directly from the warehouse.


Since e-commerce is a major driving force in Indonesia, as it is in most other countries. Indonesia’s dropship offers a lot of unique opportunities which can make the online market grow up unknown. The main advantage of dropshipping is that it offers a chance to compete in the market for both individual salesmen and large companies.