How to Improve Shopify Store Customer Experience?

Entrepreneurs have never found it easy to launch an online business. It is almost impossible to do so without some initial loopholes. Shopify makes it easy for a beginner to start an online business. However, the seller still needs to do many things.

This is why I decided to share all the tips and tricks on how to improve Shopify’s store. These tips will assist you in improving the customer’s buying experience.

These are the must-haves for improving Shopify’s store. Take a look at

We can’t promise sales growth, but it is a mistake to say so. It all depends on how your business impacts lives. One thing is certain, however, it’s the traffic. These are tried-and-true tips to increase your Shopify store traffic and create quality traffic.

Tips to make your Shopify store more user-friendly

Awareness Stage

Use the logo and favicon

A favicon can be described as a shorter version of a favourite icon. It can be used to identify your store and help you stand out from the crowd of tabs open in your browser.

Favicon increases brand awareness and credibility for your store.

Sliders with CTA buttons

As seen in the best-performing eCommerce stores, and even the eCommerce giants Amazon and eBay , at least 3 sliders are located at the top of each home page with the CTA buttons.

These sliders can be used to grab customers’ attention. This means you can include your “popular product categorie”, “today’s deal”, or “recommended to you”, etc. To increase sales.

Timer and activate Daily Deals

Your audience will feel more urgent if you offer daily deals and a timer. By scheduling a discount for a short time and activating daily deals, you can stimulate impulse buying.

You can increase your sales by selling the most popular or unique products as daily deals. They will be a focal point for your customers and help you to sell more.

Featured collection

This section is taken for granted by many Shopify store owners. This is an important section that smart sellers will not overlook. It provides a catchy headline that attracts new customers or those who are looking for something different.

It is clear that I have said “something new”, which means this section should contain something in your niche that has the potential of attracting customers again and again.

Create a section to collect testimonials

When people shop at a new store for the first time, testimonials make them feel more secure. They feel confident knowing that other people have purchased the same product and are happy.

Your site will be more valuable if you have customer testimonials. They also make your site more appealing and more credible to people who visit it for the first-time.

Ask your customers to give you testimonials. They will be happy to provide them if they have trusted you enough.

Use language and currency converters to leverage your store

Your customers can instantly convert their language and currency with the help of a currency converter.

This allows customers to personalize their experience and can calculate the final rate in their currency and preferred language.

Embed High-resolution, compressed images

When it comes to customer decision making, pictures play an important role.

Images of high quality are important. However, it is a good idea to compress the image. Shopify stores that have heavy images can take too long to load, which is not desirable for shoppers. You can reduce the size of your images using

It is important to have uniformity in the sizes of your product images. To give your store a professional look, all product images should be identical in size.

Create a section for your blog

It is important to rank higher in SERP. This gives Shopify’s non-living store a voice, and helps to build a relationship with your customers.

Blog pieces allow you to share new products and inventory. You can also share your brand story, which can help break down the barriers between you and customers.

Create an About-Us or Contact-Us page

A Contact-Us or About-Us page is a great way to solidify your brand image.

Your about-us page is a showcase of your uniqueness.

This page can tell your brand’s story, show your company’s face, and even give a glimpse into the behind-the scenes. The contact-us page helps build trust among customers and allows them to get in touch with the brand whenever they need information about any product.

To make your store the best, add these pages.

  1. Shipping policy
  2. Conditions of Service
  3. Policy on Returns and Refunds
  4. Privacy policy

Consideration/ Decision making stage

Video clips of products

Product video is essential to make your products come to life.

Add the wishlist option

Timing is everything. Consider a situation in which a product from your store caught the customer’s attention, but it wasn’t the right moment for him to purchase. Will you let this customer go? The answer is no, so the customer can add the product to his wishlist. He will then be reminded of the product.

You can give your visitors something to look forward to by adding a wishlist. You can also notify your visitors from time to time about any products that have been added to it.

Allow guest checkout

The advantage of guest checkouts is that they take less time, and everyone loves the quick checkout process.

It could have a negative impact on your business because you won’t be able to access customer data or email for future products and updates. You can limit guest checkout to a specific amount. You can limit guest check-out to $1000, for example.

Activate live chatting

This feature greatly helps in building a customer/business relationship, which is vital for any store that wants to attract loyal customers.

Customers can reach you at any hour of the day to ask questions about any product or order. Your viewers can also be sent recommendations and informed about upcoming products.

Option for product ratings and reviews

Buyers and sellers alike value product reviews and ratings. Sellers benefit from the trust factor and buyers get the majority of their questions answered by reviews.

Why not give them a chance? Review your products and let them share their opinions.

Add social media links

Social media has a lot of power. Having Shopify social media accounts can greatly help build brand recognition and exposure.

You can also increase your reach to your target audience, which together will influence SEO.

Shopify store: Add compare to price

The price you would pay for your product if it were to be sold again is what we refer to as the “compare at price” option.

If you are selling the item for $20 and it is usually $35, the “Compare at Price” would be $35. You must always use the “Compare at Price” to show that it is higher than the actual selling price.

This will allow the customer to buy the product or service he wants.

Get Free Shipping

Customers are attracted to free shipping just as flowers attract bees.

Your loyal customers love free shipping. This encourages customers (and new sellers) to purchase the product at no shipping cost.

Loyalty programs for customers

Customer loyalty programs are very effective in retaining customers.

Retaining customers in this highly competitive market is crucial. Customers are changing quickly.

Loyalty programs help to break down the barriers between your company and customers. This is vital if you are focusing on revenue because loyal customers tend to spend more than other customers. Featured collection

To capture emails, use Marketing apps

Do you have an email list? Are you aware of the benefits of an email list? You are unknowingly stealing your benefits.

An email list allows you to initiate or grow your email marketing. If you want to build loyal customers, an email list will be the best way to do so. To keep your customers happy, you can share newsletters, offers, and many other information.

Many apps are available in the Shopify App Store. This allows you to enable games such as “Spin the wheel”, through which you can place offers on different pieces of the wheel. After submitting an email, customers can spin it to receive one offer. This will allow you to grab their email addresses.

Quick delivery

Online stores are more successful if they can deliver quickly. Because customers want to get their new items as soon as possible. They won’t be able to wait for your products again.

You can gain a competitive edge by delivering your products quickly. Same-day delivery can save you money.

Gift certificates

Gifts are a favorite of everyone, even you. It’s a great idea to give it and know that it will be a benefit for you.

Gift cards can be a great way to retain customers over the long-term, and they also act as a magnet to attract new customers.

Newsletters and emails

Email marketing offers the highest ROI.

Bonus Tips to Improve Shopify Store

Online shopping is a popular option in this day and age of convenience. Shopify hosts over 820,000 online stores. You, as a merchant need to make sure your customers have a positive shopping experience.

Online shopping can make or break a purchase. A majority of online shoppers will abandon a retailer if they experience a bad shopping experience. You need to make sure your customers can easily browse and shop at your Shopify store.

How can you create a pleasant online shopping experience for your customers? There are 10 ways to create better shopping experiences.

Remove browser injected ads

All of us have tried to visit a website only for annoying popups and ads to take over the screen. Negative shopping experiences can make it difficult for customers to return to your eCommerce website. In the US alone, eCommerce adware has cost more than $25B in sales. The massive loss of sales caused by adware is too great to ignore. Competitors also create these pop-ups to lure shoppers away from your store.

To ensure that Shopify shoppers don’t leave your store because of adware, you can set up adware blocking on your Shopify store. These blocks will make sure your shop isn’t cluttered with popup ads, competitor ads, and adult content. When your customers can browse your products uninterrupted, they will feel more at ease.

This is how Shopify’s store looks with or without any adware protection. Keep your store distraction-free!

Enhance your search capabilities

93% all online experiences start with a search engine. You’ll also see that a large percentage of your customers land on your site via search engines if you check your analytics. You want your shoppers to be able find your products easily, both in your store and on search engines. You can capture more customers by optimizing your store for visibility.

Apps such as InstantSearch+ help you understand how customers search for products and reach your product pages. It also helps you personalize your search to make it mobile-responsive and quick. Enlisting on Google Shopping is also recommended so that customers searching for similar products on the search engine will see product listings.

Enable voice search

Voice search is a new trend in eCommerce. It will become an integral part of online shoppers’ shopping habits. 40% percent of millennials used voice search to find products online. Voice search can only show you highly targeted results. To make voice search visible, you need to optimize your store pages.

Start by enabling a Shopify app to make your store voice search-friendly. This is why apps like VoiceSearch by Woice were created. Your Shopify store now allows shoppers to search by voice. This functionality will make shopping easier for shoppers.

You will need to reorganize the content of your store to make it accessible via voice search. Your content should be written in a way that people can understand. A great place to begin is your FAQ page. These are two guides that will help you get started in voice search optimization.

Visual search

Online shoppers prefer visual information to text thanks to platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. 50% online shoppers believe visual information is more important that text when shopping online. Online stores will improve their visual search capabilities and shoppers will find it easier to search for specific products. For example, shoppers looking to purchase a dress that they saw in a film can use this type of search.

As shown on Pinterest , visual search is already changing the online shopping experience. This platform gives shoppers the ability to see a product’s context and locate where it can be purchased.

It is important to be able cater to customers who are looking for products with images. To make it easier for your customers to search for products, you can set up the Visual Search App. You can also list your products on Pinterest to tap into new customers.

Interactive product pages

Shoppers are most likely to visit your product pages. 9 out of 10 shoppers believe product images and videos influence their buying decisions. Merchants should make optimizing their product pages a priority, from the copy to the images. These are some ideas for how to create interactive product pages.

  • To give your customers a better understanding of your products, add high-quality images to your product page.
  • You might consider adding 3D-modelled images to your products. This new feature in Shopify can enhance the shopping experience for shoppers.
  • To help customers make better decisions, ensure that the description of the product is accurate.
  • Include product videos showing the product being used. In the video, show the various features of the product
  • To prove your credibility, add reviews from customers, particularly photo reviews.
  • You can set up customization options on the product page, so shoppers can see how the product will look and the final price.

Product suggestions

Keep your customers interested by placing your content in a way that allows your customer to move through your Shopify store seamlessly from the moment they land on it to the time they checkout. Imagine you land on a product page and find out that there are some features that you don’t like about the product. You’re likely to exit the page and look elsewhere for a product similar.

Product recommendations are a great way to help. Set up personalized recommendation widgets in your store to keep your customers engaged. Engage your customers by setting personalized recommendation widgets that are relevant to their needs. This will increase engagement rates by 70%.

Apps like BoldUpsell can be used to create recommendations for similar products, cross-sell products with the original product and recent viewed products. You can keep your customers interested by placing products that they will be most interested in based on their browsing history.

Use live chat to quickly resolve your queries

89% claim they stopped shopping online after receiving poor customer service. Imagine walking into a shopping mall and finding no one to help with the size or freshness of the product that you are looking for. A shopping experience is incomplete without customer support. This is especially true if you sell to international customers.

Shoppers can quickly reach out to their representatives using live chat apps such as Tidio Livechat or Gorgias. You’ll find that customers are happier with their shopping experience and are more likely to return to your store.

Make checkout seamless

Cart abandonment is a big problem, but that’s not something we have to tell. It’s crucial that your checkout process is optimized to avoid losing money. 23% cart abandoners claim that their cart was abandoned because of a lengthy/ complex checkout process.

This problem can be solved by making it easier for shoppers to complete their checkouts. Apps like FastCheckout can be used to bypass the cart review and direct your customers to the shipping or billing section. A cart drawer can be enabled on Shopify so that the cart page doesn’t have to be loaded separately.

Showing the customer your local currency can make checkout more enjoyable. It is not a good idea to shop online with foreign currency.

Apps such as Currency Converter make it easy to show the currency of the country the shopper is located. This convenience makes shopping easy.

Flexibility with your payment options

Lack of payment options was another reason cart abandonment was cited by 6% of shoppers. Many shops limit the options for payment, limiting them to card payment and only one payment method that customers can use to pay for their orders. With payment options as varied as Apple Pay, PayPal, and other pay-later apps, shoppers may not always want to use their debit or credit card to pay for their order. Flexibility is key when it comes to payment options. Shoppers should be able to choose the one that they feel most comfortable using.

You should have the ability to offer ‘pay on delivery’ if you have the resources. This is especially important for those shoppers who don’t feel comfortable giving their personal information to an online store.

Better shipping experience

Online shopping is complete when you order delivery. Many customers prefer to shop in-store over online. Shipping delays and damaged products are just two reasons why many shoppers prefer to shop in-store. There are a few things you can do to improve your store’s shipping systems:

  • You can partner with fulfillment centers to ship your orders quickly
  • Offer customers in your store quick delivery
  • Tracking numbers should be provided with exact details about the order’s status.
  • To avoid any damage, ensure that you pack your order properly
  • Personalize the order with a note or a customized item. This makes it more memorable.