How to Start Dropshipping in Belgium with Quality Suppliers?

In Belgium there are a few potential lawful statutes to embrace. Be that as it may, not every one of them are appropriate for an individual who needs to begin specifically in dropshipping. Here are the potential statutes and what is the most intriguing to begin a business without spending excessively

The various statutes of society in Belgium

Similarly as in France, it is conceivable to make a company or to embrace in its name just like the instance of a self-enterprise. The diverse company statutes are:

  • The privately owned business with restricted obligation known as SPRL near the French SARL: one to a few accomplices in the beginning capital with of course the formation of a lawful individual. So the accomplices are just taking a chance with their venture. There is additionally the SPRL-S called Starter which permits individuals who have minimal expenditure to make their company. It permits to dispatch effortlessly while ensuring the business visionary just as the great SPRL.
  • The supposed SA company: it is a company with in any event 2 investors in the beginning capital. Utilized for enormous gatherings or even private companies.
  • The general partnership called SNC: a structure wherein all choices must be collectively received. An uncommon method for working that can demonstrate to square in the end.
  • The Co-operative company with restricted or boundless obligation known as SCRI or near the French SCOOP: here, a variable capital where the quantity of representatives, related and the distributed capital can change during the life of the company. A sort of practically libertarian structure that connects each representative by being inspired by his conceivable capital confinement.

Yet additionally the straightforward constrained partnership known as SCS and the partnership by SCA shares which we won’t enthusiasm for our case.

Here we discussed companies. In other words the formation of a lawful individual with a capital, not the same as its originator which permits to abstain from connecting with the individual property of its author (except if it truly does everything illicit). Presently we will see the individual statutes, those which are equal to the status of self-contractor however in Belgium! These structures require a beginning speculation (more than €900), the potential nearness of an accountant, charges

Make an individual company as a self-company in Belgium

Presently we should discuss the status in Belgium that interests us to begin in Belgium. Nothing keeps you from setting up an individual company in Belgium and moving it towards a Belgian private restricted risk company which is, until this point in time, the most reasonable status on account of web based business and a developing business. We are discussing a micro-enterprise, a privately owned business, to put it plainly, of the considerable number of terms that make it a movement in your name and that commits your obligation. It is very conceivable to make an individual company in Belgium, here are the points of interest:

  • No requirement for a beginning money to make the company. A basic recording and €87 and you will be prepared to attempt to conquer the world!.
  • Simple and easy to make, hardly any heaps, no requirement for an accountant.
  • Speedy assertion of turnover, figurings and papers extremely easy to oversee.
  • No compelling reason to have a partner.

In any case, there are disservices:

The benefit of the contractor is locked in. As it were you will require amazing protection and of course abstain from behaving recklessly by selling your items since you are answerable for it. I likewise welcome you to make an unseizability proclamation before your public accountant.

  • There is a turnover limit that you will be approached to make. All around ok to begin your first action.
  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • There are stacks however it’s truly not the ocean to drink before a company: IPP somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 and moreover computing social contributions on turnover diminished proficient costs.

How to make this individual company in Belgium? This is similarly as simple since you can do it in a likeness the Chamber of Commerce: at a business window. We leave you a connect to encourage your statement as a free in Belgium. For update: We have picked this status just to test whether the matching suits you with little speculation. At that point, when you have made a decent hundred deals and you truly take your foot, I welcome you to move rapidly on the constrained obligation company.

Are you a Belgian citizen who is interested in dropshipping? This business model is easy to start and requires less effort than you might imagine.

Dropshipping in Belgium requires you to register your company. You can do this easily by starting a sole proprietorship. This would be called an “eenmanszaak” in Dutch and “Enterprise Individuelle” in French.

Starting an Sole Proprietorship

Now that we have established that Belgium dropshipping requires a sole proprietorship, you may be wondering how to get one.

It’s easy! You can register your sole proprietorship in Belgium online. It’s easy to complete the forms online, so you don’t need to travel. You will also need to pay.

Xerius is a great online tool to help you do this.

The online registration fee is 89.50 euros. This is not an option in Belgium. However, there are cities like Bruges or Ghent that will reimburse this amount.

You will need a tax-number after you have registered. You will need to pay an additional 66.50 euros for this. Xerius will also handle that.

That’s it! Once you have filled out the forms, they will assign you a tax number so you can start dropshipping in Belgium.

But there’s more.

Social Contributions

You are now a sole proprietorship or a registered business and must now pay quarterly social contributions. These contributions are equal to 20,5% of your net annual income. This amount is paid every quarter, so it’s 4 times per year.

A new sole proprietor will not know your annual net income. Therefore, you will have to pay a quarterly minimum fee of 739.05 euros.

For the first year, new businesses can request a starters discount of 381,66 euros per quarter.

Dropshipping can be started while you still have a job. You will need to pay only 81,76 Euros per quarter.

Speak with a bookkeeper/accountant before starting

Last but not the least, I strongly recommend you talk to a bookkeeper if your serious about dropshipping in Belgium.

Contact one in your local area. The first meeting is always free, so there’s no need to worry about paying anything.

Your accountant will discuss all the e-commerce taxes and how they relate to dropshipping. You’ll be 100% certain that you are following all the rules.

Don’t rely on only information found online. Taxes can be complicated and vary from one country to the next. Dropshipping taxes depend on where abouts of both you and your suppliers. Therefore, every case is unique.


That’s it. This is all you need to dropship in Belgium.

To sum up:

  • Register your business as a sole proprietorship. You can do this online or by contacting an accountant. The total registration cost is 156 Euros.
  • As a social proprietorship, you will also need to contribute quarterly social contributions. If you are doing this on the side, or with a regular job, it will be 81.76 euros per quarter. Or, a minimum 739.05 euros per month if it is full-time.

Easy! It’s easy! They will be able to help you more than any article on the internet.