Fashion Trends to Sell in Style Centre Dropshipping Store

There is an assortment of fashion niche products you can offer on your online store to generate impulse purchases and enable dropshipping.

One such product is puff sleeves clothing, which has seen a resurgence of late. Another item popular among customers are classic blue kerchiefs; their durability ensures high demand.

Puff Sleeves Clothing

Puffed sleeves add a feminine flair to any ensemble, recalling Victorian-era fashion while remaining on trend today. Puff sleeves have quickly become one of the trendiest features in recent seasons and influencers love them as an addition to spring or summer wardrobes alike; typically found in floral or pastel colors and often combined with mini skirts and ripped jeans – it is sure to bring smiles all around!

This trend has been around for quite some time, yet is finally taking off. More designers are including puff sleeves in their collections; you can find them on dresses, blouses and jackets alike and come in different styles that match any individual’s personal taste.

These sleeves were once only seen on royalty, but now have become an indispensable fashion trend. Wearing sleeves adds feminine charm to your look and fits with any event or occasion – not to mention adding some drama!

There are numerous brands that specialize in puff sleeve clothing, but Chuu stands out among them all by providing affordable Korean styles featuring puff sleeves at affordable prices. Their cute to edgy looks can easily pair with your jeans and cami top for an overall stylish look, plus many of these pieces feature intricate lace and embroidery details for added detail.

Somethin’ Sweet offers an extensive selection of affordable Korean styles, like their popular sailor puff shirt that makes for the ideal spring or summer blouse when combined with jeans and denim jacket. Furthermore, their square necklines create an eye-catching Victorian aesthetic and this style can even be worn with hats or brimmed sunglasses to complete an eye-catching ensemble that will turn heads!

Puffed sleeves have been popular for centuries, yet recently made a dramatic comeback during the 1990s. At that time, women began taking more roles both professionally and socially; big sleeves highlighted shoulders while adding drama. Joan Collins from Dynasty famously donned them while Monica Geller from Friends wore them to prom. They soon became one of the fashion statements of that decade.

Hair Clips

Hair clips are a versatile part of any outfit, perfect for long or short locks alike. Available in an array of colors, sizes, styles and decorations – such as jewels or cute details – hair clips make a stylish addition that adds flair. This store carries an excellent selection of barrettes and claw clips at great prices with excellent customer reviews – ideal additions for any outfit or special occasion!

Snap clips (sometimes called contour clips) are another excellent solution for keeping bangs out of your face and hair back. Constructed out of one piece of metal, these snap clips open and close easily by simply pushing. Perfect for keeping back some strands or keeping bangs at bay, snap clips come in an array of colors with added embellishments to give your look some added pop!

Barrette hair clips have become another trendy fashion that’s selling well in 2020. Available in different shapes, sizes and colors to fit all types of hairstyles (some even feature gems or rhinestones for an added sparkle!), these clips can be worn all year long without worrying about damage to hairstyles or difficult use.

If you’re searching for an attractive yet comfortable hair clip, Ximeu makes a sleek option made of skin-friendly materials with an innovative, sleek design. Perfect for women with long or thick locks due to its clasp at the back of the head for easy storage!

If you want to boost sales in the fashion industry, consider expanding your style center dropshipping store’s product selection with items for both men and women such as hats, bags, sunglasses and other trendy fashion accessories that can boost profits. Selling multiple products also helps build brand recognition as well as establish your business as an reputable and trustworthy retailer.


As their name implies, these cufflinks fit securely inside your shirt’s cuff holes to fasten them securely and help elevate any suit. While most men prefer wearing two sets of cufflinks at any one time, there are various styles available to meet every taste and occasion – engraving an heirloom pair is one way of personalizing them while other options could include monogram or initials showing your personal style or even engraving the date of an important event or profession can all make great additions!

Dual-action cufflinks use a hinge mechanism to securely fasten both sides of your cuff together, with two swing open hinges connected by hinges containing two heads that swing open with small heads or backings being slipped through their opening and then locked again with more secure mechanisms than traditional stud or button styles. Another modern alternative are chain link cufflinks which have two heads connected by short lengths of chain that still provide an elegant look.

Bullet back cufflinks, featuring a rotating metal bar at their bridge that easily slips into your cuffhole, are one of the most sought-after styles due to their ease of use and security features. Furthermore, these versatile accessories are easy to pair with other accessories like tie clips, watches, or lapel pins for a seamless look.

If you prefer something with less of an eye-catching element, dual-headed cufflinks with decorative heads and straight posts may be just what’s needed to give an understated but sophisticated touch to any look. Each post ends in a thin ball to fasten them securely to their respective decorative heads for fastening purposes – perfect for pairing with different suits and shirts alike!

As an upgrade, cufflinks crafted from precious stones or metals like sapphire or gold can add a luxurious touch to any ensemble. Though more costly, they will give your suit an added flair.

Bucket Hats

In the heat of summer, bucket hats are an indispensable companion. Not only do they offer ample shade from the sun’s rays, but there’s something suitable for every style – just pick out one from among their diverse collection of colors and designs that best fits you!

TikTok and Instagram feeds are overflowing with people wearing bucket hats from the 90s era, as this 90s fashion staple makes its comeback and celebrities and influencers join in wearing it again. No wonder bucket hats are selling like hotcakes. Perfect for casual wear as well as music festivals; pair yours with jeans and T-shirt for casual days out or dress it up with leather jackets for more formal events!

For those who desire something with more of an eye-catching style, embroidered bucket hats offer a distinct and fashionable option that pairs well with both formal and casual outfits. Constructed of cotton lined with satin for comfort and sometimes made out of bamboo for eco-friendliness – these trendy pieces make an excellent fashion trend to sell in your style center dropshipping store! This fashion trend holds considerable potential.

Bucket hats are an excellent fashion statement for both women and men. Available in numerous styles – straw, crochet and cotton canvas – these versatile hats can add flair to any ensemble, while their many variations make a great way to show off individual personality and individualism.

Newsboy or baker boy hats have made a dramatic comeback as part of 2023 fashion trends, becoming extremely fashionable and accessible to both formal and casual wear. Crafted from wool or felt materials and available in multiple colors; some models even boast sequin embellishment!

When selling hats, it’s essential that you understand who your target market is. For instance, selling Stetson hats may appeal more directly to country music fans while selling baseball caps will more likely appeal to sports enthusiasts.