Non-Chinese International Dropshipping Suppliers – Detailed Guide

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AliExpress Let’s begins with the most famous supplier in the list.

AliExpress is a website for global customers from around the globe to tiny companies across China. AliExpress provides an internet platform. This is sometimes linked to Amazon, but it’s more like eBay because people as well as businesses can offer their goods on their websites.

Interestingly, AliExpress does not enable mainland Chinese buyers and does not enable companies or non-Chinese persons to sell on its platform.

There are restricted data on some shops on their platform, so that you often have to depend on their shop rating system and review by others who have ordered from them.

In the event of high-tech items such as jewellery and electronics, AliExpress provides buyers security but, in particular, reimburses are only provided if delivered item is not obtained and/or if it is other than advertised. No returns, no trade, no guarantee. No returns.


Product range: 100 million + items; categories are clothing and accessories, mobile phones, laptops, consumer electronics, jewelry, home and garden, bags and bags; lugs and sweats, essential baby shoes or babies, health and beauty, sports and hobby shops, and many more.

Payment: Visa and MasterCard acceptance as well as payment techniques other than PayPal; PayPal does not recognize buyers protection

Requested sales volumes: None, but VIP membership accessible in three levels for their members who have collected purchases of more than $999 within 90-days of time.

Customer Service: Customer Support Center with Live Chat Option 24/7; no eMail, no phone number, no US address

Refund / Return Policy: No Return Policy; Limited Return Policy

International reach: Ships to 237 nations and territories; some providers give free shipping.

You don’t transport as many products as AliExpress, but you carry multiple products in different categories.


DHgate also provides purchaser security but also has an escrow scheme, whereby payment from the purchaser to the vendor is only transferred when the customer has received the order.

DHgate appears to mediate from other internet reviews in conflicts between buyers and vendors, if difficulties occur, but only when a certain period is over, enabling the buyer and seller to settle the issue first as long as necessary.

Payment: Visas, MasterCards and American Express acceptance as well as any other techniques of payment, but does not agree with PayPal; has buyer security; payment from buyers only published to vendors;

Summary: product range: 30 million products; categories include clothing, accessories, computers and networking; consumer electronics, toys, hobbies.

Here’s a wholesale and retail site with a broad variety of products, but focuses on gadgets and electronics, to find out more about making cash online


This business has a dropship program with clear circumstances, which makes sure that you follow these terms and conditions better if you want to work with them.

Another point here is that you don’t have to look for other providers if you choose to expand your company and become a wholesaler instead of a dropshipper. With many extra advantages and discounts, TOMTOP has a wholesaler program.

What is uncommon in China with dropshipping providers is the reimbursement, substitution or repair warranty. However, distinct goods give various guarantees plus the transport cost of returning the item to them is not covered. The cost of returning the product may not be worth it when you are dealing with low-cost items.

In 9 nations, including the United States, TOMTOP has warehouses and products shipped there will be supplied quicker. However, their return policy does not indicate whether or not to return goods obtained from local stores (i.e., to send them back to or from the same store).

Payment: acceptance of PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Experience and other methods of payment; buyer’s protection

Sales volumes: none, but higher quantities are needed to entitle buyer to more: Product range: 1 million products;

Category: including videos, mobile and computer equipment, clothes, house and garden accessories; jewelry, media replays, vehicle equipment’s, and many more

They are proud of being the first retailer in the sector to give clients in the USA and four other nations their local telephone numbers. They also pretend to have an unbiased feedback forum in which the moderators are other clients rather than their company’s staff.


DealeXtreme welcomes dropshippers as well. They state explicitly that no DX logo or other identity marks are present in all packages sent out.

The experience of our customers appears to differ, but a large factor for individuals who still choose to shop is their acceptance of PayPal and free shipping.


Product range: 300,000 products;

Categories include: electronic, toys and hobbies for consumers, LED lights and flashlight, accessories for cell phones and computers, sports and outdoors, and many others Paying: accept Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American EXPRESS.


See what individuals have to say about it that has completed our course. The LightInInTheBox is specialized in clothing, accessories, gadgets, and home and garden products. They give tailored clothes at a slightly greater price for weddings and promotions.

This business is the only firm on this list in that it is traded openly at the New York Stock Exchange (as LITB), so it has a written address for US contact if necessary. LightInTheBox provides tax insurance and responsibilities too, so that you will be refunded as soon as you supply evidence if you receive paid taxes or charges.

They also have a dedicated DropInTheBox website for those who want LightInTheBox goods to be used. Additional discounts and a committed sellers ‘ account manager are included.


Customer service: customer support center and accessible Live chat; dedicated email address:

 Sale volume required: Customer assistance center and live chat room: 370,000 goods + goods; categories are clothing, electronic, clothes and bags, home and gardening, hair and beauty, sport and outdoor, and toys


Banggood started selling on eBay, which were then its best-selling products with mobile accessories and LED lamps.

They are currently sold in 14 product categories with more than 200,000 products and a wealth of product choices.

Banggood also has an explicit dropship program with benefits such as discounts, suggestions for hot products and exclusive Skype and email for dripshippers. They will also give you watermark-free pictures of the goods you wish to ship without any data.

Banggood has distinct return strategies for distinct kinds of goods, unlike other providers. This may be confusing, but each one in its support center describes them. Even the processes are detailed closely.

They also have a forum to share tips and product guides with members of the same mentality. In return for quality content, Banggood promotes employees to write content with coupons. Consequently, the forum members are involved and are actively involved.

Their forum is also an excellent tool for direct reports of favorable or negative experiences with Banggood. It is always good for someone else to answer questions other than Banggood’s customer services officers, which has encountered a specific problem.


Product range: More than 200,000 products; the categories include consumer electronics, accessories, clothing, fashion accessory, flashlights and laser as well as home and garden

Payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and America Express acceptance and other means of payment.


The following advantages such as extra discounts, watermark free pictures and no data regarding packages they are shipping are available for the Tmart dropshipping program.

Tmart hosts a forum where clients can discuss goods, advice and reviews that they have purchased. They even have a sub forum on the subject so that consumers who share interests outside Tmart can also communicate.

You have a distinct website called Tmart Express which allows customers from the USA to enjoy shorter shipping times for goods available in their US store.

This goes one step further than the normal technique to merely show accessibility on the product information page, where it may be missed. Tmart Express Homepage By putting these products on a distinct page, purchasers can be sure the products are in the US warehouse in Tmart.

Summary: range of goods: + 2.300 product categories: electronics, computer components, apple accessories, health and beauty, video games, cell phone accessories, home & gardens and more

Payment: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, as well as any other means of payment.

It’s a notable inclusion, however, as gems are an lucrative niche alone, and they also complement a lot of other niches, such as the women’s fashion (accessories), alternate medicine (crystals), improving oneself (affirmation bracelets), and more.


PandaHall is a more lucrative home page than the other providers that I mentioned.

They don’t have a unique policy or support center for dropshippers, but when you contact their client service agent about dropshipping assistance it would be useful.

Payment: Acceptances PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as other payment methods

Required sales volume: None but because they are tiny items, an order unit can contain up to 100 parts of product;

Summary: products: 30,000 + products; categories include jewellery, jewelry observations, beading products, clocks, hair-accessoires, sewing and knitting equipment and others.

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