Spocket Dropshipping Reviews US & EU Supplier APP

You all know that there are many factors that go into building an dropshipping website. These include the quality of your stock, delivery times, profit margins, and brand identity.

Spocket is a great app that can help you grow your business.

Integrations such as Spocket can help you address all of the above. This is why almost 30,000 entrepreneurs use them!

We’ll be breaking down all aspects of drop shipping. This will allow you to see if this program is right for your company.

Let’s get started!

Drop Shipping: What is it?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes, it is important to understand what “drop shipping” actually means.

This business model allows entrepreneurs to operate an e-commerce shop without having to warehouse their inventory or pay huge upfront costs.

Instead, dropshipping allows you to simply add products to your online store and, when you make a sale of the product, the order is sent to the supplier.

You can focus all your time and energy on marketing to provide the best customer experience possible for your customers.

This begs the question: How can Spocket help?

Let’s see…

What’s Spocket?

Spocket integrates with both WooCommerce and Shopify stores. You can start a dropshipping company selling products from suppliers in the USA, UK, and EU in just a few clicks. There may also be merchants located in New Zealand or Australia.

This is what makes Spocket stand out from other drop shipping apps, which focuses on Aliexpress products.

Spocket also has a huge marketplace that you can browse. There are literally thousands of products (including printed on demand goods). Here you can search for potential suppliers that might be able help you better serve your customers.

Spocket also allows you to order samples from many suppliers. If quality control is important to your business, this is a great option! These samples can be used to check the speed of delivery and also take photos of your product.

After you are satisfied with your product selection, you can import them into your ecommerce shop.

Spocket offers high-quality goods at a discount of up to 60% on retail prices. This allows you to make more profit per unit.

Last but not least, you can offer your customers extremely fast delivery times. Primarily because 70% Spocket’s suppliers live in the U.S. or Europe. Your customers will usually get their orders within two to five days, not the one-month wait that is common for drop shipping companies.

How does Spocket work?

Spocket, as we have already stated, allows you to choose high-quality products and produce on demand goods (which can be used alongside Printful or Oberlo).

There are many product categories that you can choose from, including:

  • Fashion and clothing
  • Electronics and Tech
  • Home and Garden
  • Automotive
  • Toys
  • Gaming
  • Computing.

By entering keywords in the search bar, or using their price filter, you can browse their huge selection of products.

Spocket products offer discounts ranging from 30-60% off their retail prices, which ensures a healthy profit margin.

How do I get started using Spocket?

You now know that you can integrate your WooCommerce store into the Spocket app. Here’s how to get started.

Link Your Store

Shopify sellers can search the Spocket Shopify App and then click the Add App’ button. You will be asked to enter your login information.

After that, your online store should be linked to your Spocket app. You can then browse Spocket’s catalogues to get an idea of the products you wish to sell.

Take a tour around Spocket

Spocket gives users a quick tour that you can access through their dashboard. This resource is highly recommended to make the most out of the app.

Products to Buy

Simply type the product you are looking for into the search bar. You can also use their filters to find the goods you are looking for, such as-

  • Categories of products
  • Price
  • Localization
  • Spocket’s premium products

Import Products to You Store

Drag your cursor over the product when you are ready to add it to your store. You will see a green bar that says “Add to Import List”. Click this to save the product to your “import” list.

You can review each product in your ‘importlist’ before you upload it to your digital store. You can also modify the product details at this stage if you wish. Once you are satisfied with the information, click the “Push to Store” button. This will instantly publish the goods to your ecommerce store.

It is really that simple.

Spocket Prices

One of our favorite things about Spocket, is the fact that you can start right away. Spocket’s catalog of products is available to you free of charge with the free plan.

Before you spend any money on paid plans, we encourage you to first test the app to determine if it is a good fit.

Starter Plan: $24 per Month. It entitles to:

  • You can import up to 25 Spocket products into your e-commerce shop
  • Actual-time inventory updates
  • Email support).
  • Unlimited product orders
  • Global pricing rules
  • All shipments come with tracking numbers

Spocket products are a great way to expand your business. You will need to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $49/month (or $29/month if you pay annually) . This allows you to import up to 250 products.

If you need more, the ‘Empire Plan,’ allows you unlimited access to a wide range of products. This is however the most expensive option, and costs $99/month (or $99.95/year).

The Pro Plan includes everything in the Starter Package plus:

  • Support via email and live chat
  • Invoices with branding
  • Spocket’s premium products are available to you
  • Exclusive Deals

Both the Empire and Pro bundles offer exclusive products. These products will help you stand out in a highly competitive market.

The Unicorn plan is also available at 299 per month ($ and 115 each month when paid annually). The Unicorn plan includes everything in the Pro plan, plus additional features such as Supplier sourcing, Product requests, and Bulk checkout.

Your customers can also receive branded invoices that exude professionalism. Spocket can automatically create them for you and include-

  • A personal note
  • Name of your customer

It’s the little things that make your brand memorable.

If you are in a pickle, you can also access phone-based support that is available 24 hours a day. Spocket’s support team has been specially trained to give you the best advice to maximize your app.

It is important to note that theEach Spocket plan comes with an automatic currency exchange function. It doesn’t matter if you sell to customers around the world.

How do I cancel my Spocket Subscription?

You can cancel your Spocket subscription at any time. There are no long-term contracts. Spocket’s paid plans are not a huge gamble.

How do I become a Spocket supplier?

Spocket suppliers can be shipped from anywhere in the world, including the United States.

To qualify, you will need to:

  1. Offer a live CSV feed
  2. Show that you are an official business
  3. Spocket users receive a discount on their usual retail prices
  4. For both domestic and international delivery, we offer tracking and a flat shipping fee.

You should be able to complete all of the above.

It’s also free to register as supplier

Please note that Spocket retains your payments until the products are shipped. You’ll receive your funds every Friday from there.

Spocket Pros

Spocket has many benefits.

These are just a handful:

Your Inventory Auto-Updates

Spocket automates the management of your inventory so you can always have access to current stock levels. You won’t accidentally sell to customers anything that your suppliers have out!

Order Tracking (In Actual-Time)

Track the progress of your order at any stage. This allows you to ensure that your customers and yourself are comfortable knowing that your orders are moving at the right pace.

Import Products With One Click

This feature is a time-saver for us.

Spocket offers a simple import button. No longer are entrepreneurs forced to manually add images and descriptions to their products.

You still have the ability to make changes to these details before the product is published to your e-commerce site. To ensure that you don’t sell a product you aren’t comfortable with, you can go through all of the variants.

Top Tip:Rewriting product descriptions can significantly improve your SEO efforts. Edit the “alt” text of your product images. This is similar to the original product copy and will help your product pages rank higher in search engine results.

Automated Order Fulfillment

When a customer places an order from you, all details entered into the checkout page (such as their name and address), are immediately sent to the Spocket supplier. The supplier will then send you an email to confirm that the customer has requested your product. The vendor will then prepare the products for you and ship them to you.


You can track your order once it has been sent for delivery. This will give you the ability to track your order and provide you with information about where your products are at any time.

Automate Pricing

Spocket offers a great pricing mark-up tool that allows you to automate all aspects of your pricing process. Either a:

  • Multiplier
  • Percentage
  • Fixed price rate

This will ensure that you don’t over- or undercharge your customers.

Spocket Con

There are some limitations that you should be aware of, just like any other e-commerce app.

Limited Location of Suppliers

As we have said, Spocket allows entrepreneurs to primarily use the services from suppliers located in the USA and EU.

If you wish to ship products to suppliers who are not within these boundaries, be prepared for higher shipping costs and longer delivery times.

Taxes and Customs Duty are not included

You’ll be well aware that taxes and customs duties vary from one country to the next. Spocket does not include these fees in their overall product cost. This will impact your bottom line and make it difficult to sell the product.

There are some popular E-commerce platforms that you can’t sell on

Spocket products can be sold in many places.

  • Shopify
  • Shop on Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • WooCommerce
  • Pinterest

If you are an online seller, the following platforms can be used:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Wish
  • Groupon

Spocket may not be the right app for you. Spocket products are not currently available for sale on these platforms.

You Can’t Customize Your Packaging

At the time of writing, entrepreneurs cannot customize the packaging for their products to reflect their brand. Spocket may not be the right drop-shipping solution for you if this is something you value.

Spocket Suppliers Cannot Be Contacted Directly

Spocket is not a platform that allows you to build close relationships with suppliers. Spocket suppliers can only be contacted by users.

Spocket is home to a large number of merchants, making it nearly impossible for them to answer every question.

Spocket’s central support staff is the best option if you have questions.

Set up Spockets with Shopify

Many dropshippers start their dropshipping business by creating a website with a top provider like Shopify or WordPress. Spocket, a tool that integrates with Shopify stores, is a great option. This is part of the appeal of this product.

We looked at Spocket’s features, including shipping to Canada and the US, branding invoicing and dropshipping. But we also paid attention to integrations. Spocket allows you to easily expand your distribution and link to your Shopify shop. Spocket’s real-time sync function keeps inventory and pricing updated with retail partners so that you can fulfill orders quickly.

How do you connect Spocket and Shopify?

Step 1

Log in to your Spocket Account. To be able to source dropshipping suppliers, you will need an account. After logging in, click on the My Store tab and you can browse the great products available.

Step 2

Enter your unique URL and select the Shopify option to start your online business. This URL will be sent to the retailer when they create their Shopify account. This URL will allow you to link your Shopify account and Spocket account without the need for any additional guidance or tutorials.

Step 3

You should be able to set up your Shopify store in minutes using the Spocket connection. However, it can be difficult for customers to contact if they are on the basic plan.

Another way to connect Spocket with Shopify is to use Spocket. Log in to your Shopify store and then go into the Shopify app store. Spocket can be searched here. Spocket functionality is not available in Shopify. Instead, search for it on Google.

Click the button to add Spocket to your Shopify store. You will need to grant the required permissions in order to integrate Shopify order fulfillment, order processing and fast shipping. On the Spocket dashboard, you can enter product information and select reliable suppliers. When you choose your unique products, suppliers, or Spocket pricing, keep in mind shipping costs.

Spocket provides Shopify connectivity without additional charges. Shopify is easy to integrate with many tools and social media platforms, making it great for business growth.

Who should use the Spocket app?

Spocket offers a great solution for brands using drop shipping. This is especially true for those who are new to ecommerce, and already have a Shopify store or WooCommerce store. This app allows you to import products and sell them within minutes.

Spocket is a great resource for online sellers looking to start a drop shipping business. Spocket only works with high-quality suppliers to ensure that their customers have a premium experience.

Spocket: Have you used it? We would love to know your thoughts about Spocket in the comments below. Talk soon!