Milkshake Vs Linktree – Which Platform Reigns Supreme?

Milkshake and Linktree are leading platforms in the link-in-bio space. Both platforms were created to assist creators, influencers, and businesses centralized their links more easily while connecting more effectively with followers.

Linktree provides a free option to create and update bio links, but this entails relying on third-party hosting services which could result in potential downtime or other issues with their links.


Milkshake and LinkTree both offer unique advantages, but neither platform should be the right fit for all users. Your audience’s needs and motivations for sharing links will ultimately dictate which platform is the best fit; Milkshake’s creative features and mobile friendliness may make it ideal for influencers or business owners while LinkTree may be better suited for sharing a single link in their bio. Furthermore, both platforms provide different features and price plans to fit your requirements.

Milkshake has gained prominence among content creators and businesses looking to showcase their content visually appealingly, such as Katy Perry and Jamie Oliver who have collaborated with this app to create beautiful link-in-bio pages. Unfortunately, Milkshake may not scale as quickly if your online presence grows, meaning its benefits might eventually reach an impasse quickly.

Both platforms provide similar features, including customizable templates and seamless integration with social media. Both offer free trials and low-cost plans so users can test out the platform prior to making a decision; however, Milkshake provides more personalization options – for instance adding your logo and color schemes directly onto its templates makes your design stand out more.

Milkshake’s main strength lies in its website creation capabilities for your link-in-bio page. With its user-friendly mobile interface and card-based structure website builder, creating such pages becomes simple without relying on desktop computers or design skills alone.

Understanding your audience’s demands and preferences is key when selecting an effective bio link tool. Analyzing their behavior and demographics will enable you to select an ideal platform. Furthermore, it’s also crucial that each platform takes data privacy and security seriously – this ensures your personal data stays protected from unintended access while being used appropriately – Milkshake and Linktree both comply with data privacy laws which provides additional peace of mind when handling sensitive audience data.


Linktree and Milkshake platforms have revolutionized the “link in bio” space by providing creators, influencers and businesses a simple solution for sending their audiences directly to content hubs. While each platform offers their own distinct approach to solving this problem, it’s essential that your customize needs match up with overall goals for digital product sales before choosing one or the other.

Milkshake is an app-based service that offers users customizable templates. While its more advanced functions may fall short of some other bio link management tools, Milkshake’s free mobile app makes creating and managing links from any location easy so users can stay in contact with followers easily.

Milkshake and Linktree both provide various customisation options, however Milkshake stands out with more comprehensive features than Linktree. Established in 2016, Linktree is one of the key players in the link-in-bio space with over 40 million creators using it as their hub to manage links – this makes it the go-to platform for many online content creators.

Milkshake offers a more versatile and customizable experience, accommodating an extensive range of content types. Through their mobile app, users are able to create websites with multiple pages and custom headers allowing for the addition of more details about themselves as well as NFT backgrounds, banners and other creative elements.

Milkshake offers more than customization capabilities; its advanced analytics feature also enables you to track progress and optimize your site. This tool can help increase conversion rate and revenue growth.

Linktree and Milkshake both provide digital product creators with numerous advantages, including user-friendly interfaces, flexible layouts and top-of-the-line support. Both services can also be highly customized to match your brand and target audience; plus neither charges any hidden fees or premium features which makes them great options for beginners. However, before selecting either app, make sure that their privacy policies offer maximum data security protection.


Milkshake may be the ideal alternative to Linktree if you want to customize your website, track clicks and site visitors, retarget audiences across platforms and repurpose content across platforms. With various templates and customization options to suit any brand or influencer; advanced data analytics to optimize content strategies; free plans available for creators and small businesses alike as well as white label options which give brands complete control of how their websites appear; plus its white-label option allows brands to remain in control of how their site looks!

Milkshake and Linktree are two innovative tools for managing Instagram bio links, but each offers distinct advantages and drawbacks. Milkshake cards offer more customization, while Linktree provides an easier way to share different links across platforms.

Both apps provide users with various cards they can use to quickly build a website, including links, short bios, embeddable YouTube videos, templates for making websites quickly, adding backgrounds or images, adding custom links in their bios, and even using mobile editing to update content at any time.

The Milkshake app boasts a card-based layout resembling Instagram slideshow, making content inclusion simple. Insights and analytics offer insight into which cards are most popular; making this an excellent solution for users without extensive website design experience.

However, Milkshake may disappoint some users due to its limited template selection; most website builders offer multiple templates, while Milkshake only has 16. Likewise, its lack of desktop functionality could pose difficulties for certain users.

Milkshake’s main downside lies in its reliance on third-party platforms for managing bio links, which may become problematic if these encounter any downtime or other issues that hinder user engagement. Although this can be considered minor inconvenience, this can result in missed opportunities if followers cannot access your linked content instantly.


Milkshake and Linktree each offer support, but neither platform may be ideal for every creator. Some may find more ease using Linktree while others appreciate Milkshake’s comprehensive functionality. Both platforms come equipped with features to assist creators maximize the potential of their bio links.

Milkshake is a free app that makes building and managing websites on smartphones simple and straightforward, requiring no prior design or coding knowledge to use. Furthermore, the app offers multiple customization features as well as NFT backgrounds and banners that help creators brand themselves quickly and effortlessly.

Milkshake stands out from other bio link tools by not hiding fees or premium features within its transparent pricing model. This transparency aims to give users full transparency of its capabilities without hidden charges or unexpected surprise expenses; however, some limitations such as its inability to track social media accounts do exist.

Simplistic yet flexible design make it an excellent solution for individuals who wish to create more customized Instagram bio links. Furthermore, users can save transaction fees by splitting payment processing fees with clients. Finally, Squid supports both credit cards and ACH payments.

Milkshake’s most distinctive feature is its integration with various tools such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Zapier and others – this means it can serve as an all-in-one marketing suite for both businesses and personal brands. Furthermore, you can use Milkshake to build websites to showcase your work or connect with customers.

Both platforms are useful tools for content creators looking to expand their audience and enhance digital marketing efforts, but Milkshake offers more scalability than Linktree; its advanced features allow for more rapid expansion online presence growth as well as creation of business empires. Furthermore, its integration with multiple platforms and robust analytics make Milkshake the superior option when expanding online visibility.