EPROLO vs Spocket Dropshipping Comparison and Warehouse

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Dropshipping partners are difficult to choose. A high-ranking website is likely to be your first choice. A good rating doesn’t always answer your question, but it can sometimes cause hesitations. It is possible to be hesitant about making a decision when you come across two highly-rated dropshipping platforms, EPROLO or Spocket. These two platforms are highly rated in Shopify App Store with scores of 4.7 and 4.6, respectively.

How does EPROLO compare to Spocket? Are they different in terms of services? How can you find the one that suits your needs best? EPROLO and Spocket can be helpful.

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Spocket Dropshipping vs EPROLO

EPROLO and Spocket specialize in dropshipping. EPROLO and Spocket offer great options for those who run ecommerce shops. They list huge suppliers and great products. There are differences between these two options. Let’s begin with the introduction to get a better idea.

EPROLO Dropshipping

EPROLO is an all in one solution for ecommerce businesses. The platform provides online sellers with a range of tools, from finding dropshipping items to building a brand. Drop shipping products on EPROLO number in excess of 300,000. There are 107 product categories, including clothes, beauty, sport, electronics, home decor and pet supplies.

EPROLO has years of experience in ecommerce and knows how to increase sales. The key to increasing sales is to select marketable products. The platform has compiled a list of the ‘Top 100 Dropshipping Product’. These items have been hand-picked to help you generate sales ideas. EPROLO also updates its products every week. They could be a great choice for people looking to attract new customers.

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What is EPROLO?

EPROLO allows you to create online shops using multiple platforms. WooCommerce and Shopify are the most popular. No matter what platform it is, you will need an account. An email address is all that’s required to register an account.

Shopkeepers must first import products to EPROLO in order to dropship. To add a product to the Import List, click on it. The page displays estimated delivery times and shipping options. Shopkeepers have the ability to edit product descriptions, set retail prices and choose product images from Import List.

Shopkeepers can sell products after pushing the item into the store. EPROLO is a Chinese supplier and offers a very competitive price. This allows for high profit margins. Once the order is received, it will automatically sync to EPROLO with shipping information. The shopkeeper will then be able to pay for the product and begin the automatic order processing.

EPROLO warehouses will pick, pack and ship products. EPROLO will update the tracking number in both the store and platform after the package has been delivered. You can track your status in real-time by clicking the number. This will allow you to be confident and secure.

What dropshipping services are EPROLO’s featured?

EPROLO offers more than dropship fulfillment services. They also offer product sourcing and branding.

  • No Charge Product Sourcing
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EPROLO is not only a dropshipping supplier, but also a sourcing platform. You can source from shopping websites such as AliExpress and Alibaba.

For example, AliExpress.

The dashboard has an entry that allows you to import AliExpress products. This is where people can find the AliExpress product that they are looking for by entering a link or product ID. Click the Import button to add the product to your Import List.

You can also source products from AliExpress by using the Chrome extension of – AliExpress Product Importer . AliExpress allows users to import items from their browsers. Click the icon in the upper right corner of any product page to add the item to the Import List.

You might be curious about delivery and payment. EPROLO will automatically sync AliExpress orders from the store to save shop owners time.

Dropshipping business owners may check their order in Ali Orders. They will then need to submit a request for sourcing. Once the support agent has completed quoting, they can make payment in EPROLO. It allows you to communicate with suppliers and fulfill orders in a very convenient way. Online store owners simply need to make requests and then pay for the orders they receive. EPROLO takes care of all the rest.

1 to 1 Support Agent and Super VIP Services

EPORLO users will be assigned a support agent. The chat window of the EPROLO dashboard allows you to contact customer support and find them. The platform offers VIP service to meet the needs of large order volume users. EPROLO can stock up on your behalf if you have daily orders for a single item. Products can also be stored in China or overseas warehouses.

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Spocket Dropshipping

Spocket, a dropshipping platform that has 80% of its suppliers located in the US and Europe, is called Spocket. It’s an excellent choice for online business owners looking to target European and American markets. Spocket not only works with dropshippers based in the US, but also invites suppliers to Spocket from Canada, Australia, Asia, Australia and Brazil. EPROLO is just one example.

Spocket App has 18 product categories. There are 18 product categories on Spocket App. You can search for clothing, bath and beauty, children and babies, toys and home & decor as well as accessories. Spocket has divided its products into two categories: general and premium. Premium products offer fast shipping and high discounts. These products are available only to Empire and Pro plan users.

What is Spocket?

Spocket works with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce. Once the platform is connected, users can add Spocket products the Import List. The product page displays information such as shipping times and available shipping destinations.

Spocket provides automated order processing and 24 hour customer service when it comes to fulfillment. Once the payment is received by dropshipping suppliers, the storekeepers will be able to ship the products to their customers. It is important to remember that products from different suppliers cannot be shipped together.

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Two packages will be sent if the customer orders two products from different dropshipping providers. Shipping times may take longer than anticipated. Spocket will also manage inventory for all products, according to the App. Spocket is not responsible for fulfilling orders. Spocket may ask suppliers for stock products in order to speed up shipping.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

What are Spocket’s featured dropshipping services for?

  • AliEpxress and Alibaba allow you to import products

Spocket has created an extension called AliScraper. Spocket users can import products from AliExpress after the installation. You can filter products by destination. The extension currently can only import products that are compatible with AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Alibaba allows you to import products from the platform. Spocket App allows users to complete the authorization. Once logged into Alibaba, Spocket users can begin importing products. Shopkeepers must place orders through Alibaba to process Alibaba products orders. Shopkeepers will then be able to check out on the website cart.

Request a Product Sample

When you just launch a dropshipping company , it is crucial to test great products for your store. Spocket makes this easy. Spocket allows users to order product samples and check the shipping time. You can order up to five samples for each item. You can find the order button on every product page. After clicking the button, fill out your shipping information and pay. The supplier will send the sample.

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Spocket Branding Services vs EPROLO

Building a brand is becoming more important as the online business grows. Spocket and EPORLO can be used to help dropshipping shop owners build a brand.

EPROLO Branding Services

EPROLO is a company that specializes in custom packaging and POD. You can order custom box boxes, gift cards and scotch tapes. It is possible to access its dashboard and order custom packaging materials. In My Account > Custom Packaging, you can upload your logo and name. These custom items will be stored in EPROLO warehouses, and used to pack your orders.

Selling POD products can be a great way to build your brand. EPROLO offers a POD system to shopkeepers. EPROLO accounts can be used directly by anyone who has one. You can access the POD platform by clicking the entry in the left corner.

EPROLO has relationships with Chinese, Australian, and American manufacturers. You can find a variety of POD products such as T-shirts and bags, curtains, towels, towels, wall decor, accessories, and more. There is no minimum order quantity. The following EPORLO POD operations are possible: design products, find POD products, edit product info, import designed items to store.

Spocket Branding Services

Spocket offers branded invoicing for its customers. Spocket allows storekeepers to include their brand invoicing information into the package. You can upload an image of your store, add the email address and phone number, as well as a note in the settings. One thing is important to remember.

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Spocket suppliers are not eligible for this branded invoicing service. This means that if your supplier doesn’t accept your invoice being added to the package, the branding service will not be available. The invoice cannot include the shipping cost or custom and duties costs.

EPROLO vs Spocket Fulfillment Process

It is crucial to consider fulfillment before you decide to use the site. When choosing tools, people often consider delivery times and costs. EPROLO and Spocket provide worldwide drop shipping services and support. How do they work?

EPROLO Fulfillment Process

EPROLO offers a variety of shipping options to ship products. These include DHL, USPS and 4PX. The warehouse team will take the product to its facility and pack it according the information. The package will then be sent directly to the customer.

EPORLO has several warehouses located in China and abroad to fulfill fulfillment needs. This is a huge advantage as it allows for many things.

First, reduce shipping times. Products typically take between 7 and 15 days to reach their destination countries. Due to limited shipping options and policies, some countries may require a longer delivery period. The EPROLO warehouses overseas can reduce the shipping time for some products to between 2 and 5 days.

Second, cut costs. To reduce the cost of selling products, it is a good idea to use China warehouses. It is possible because of the lower product costs, warehouse cost, shipping fees, and other benefits.

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Quality control is the last thing. EPROLO warehouses store products. The team will also inspect the product before it is shipped. This helps to lower the chance of return or refund.

Spocket Fulfillment

Spocket has a large number of products listed in its dashboard. Dropshipping suppliers around the globe provide these products. They are also responsible for fulfilling orders. Spocket shipping times and methods can vary.

There is a processing period before delivery. This is the time when suppliers ship the order and provide the tracking number. The order processing time for most Spocket suppliers is between 4 and 7 days. Shipping time can take anywhere from 4 to 30 business days.

This is how the fulfillment process works. Spocket will sync orders placed in stores. The order information and checkout can be viewed by the storekeeper. The order will be sent to product supplier after payment. He will then complete packing and shipping. A tracking number will be provided once the package has left the warehouse. You can check the status of your order in Orders. Suppliers will also send an email with a tracking code to storekeepers.

Spocket Pricing vs EPROLO

Pricing is one of the most significant differences between EPROLO & Spocket. They have very different pricing standards. EPROLO has no fees while Spocket can charge up to 99$ per monthly.

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EPROLO Pricing

EPROLO is free to download and use. EPROLO is a dropshipping platform that will remain free for all users. The platform charges no subscription fees, but accounts are based on sales. Users who are Lever 1 can import 500 products into their stores. Level 4 and 5 users can only use custom packing. Level 5 users also have unlimited product imports. EPROLO has also created a reward system to all users. You can earn E-coins for completing various tasks. It can also be used to purchase cash or an import allowance.

Spocket Pricing

Spocket offers a variety of plans that range from $0 to $99. There are two options for paying. You can pay monthly or yearly. Spocket’s monthly subscription plans can be divided into four types: Starter, Pro and Empire. The Free plan allows users to browse the product catalogue. The Start plan costs $24 per month and allows you to import 25 products. Email support is also available. Pro plan users pay $49 per monthly and can import 300 products. Empire plan requires $99 a month. Users can import up to 20,000 products.

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