Spocket vs Oberlo Which is the Dropshipping Winner?

Spocket and Oberlo are both drop shipping programs designed for the Shopify eCommerce platform.

These apps assist you in finding products, adding them to your online store, managing stock, managing orders, and even assisting the manufacturer in automatically shipping products to your clients.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Both applications have a good reputation, and while you can use them both to source your products, it’s best to pick one and stick with it to avoid any misunderstanding or potential technical concerns.

This post will teach you everything you need to know about Spocket and Oberlo so you can make an informed decision and start finding products for your business right now!

What is Spocket?

Spocket is a Shopify software that can be installed straight into any Shopify eCommerce store.

This app not only helps you find suppliers but also connects their products directly to your business, giving your customers a wider selection of options.

Spocket benefits both your consumer and you because it automates information delivery to the supplier, who subsequently distributes the products to your customers (the dropshipping process).

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a Shopify app that is simple to set up and can assist you in sourcing products from suppliers/manufacturers you’ve already identified.

Oberlo can not only assist you in sourcing products and adding them to your store, but it can also assist you in tracking all of your orders and automating the process of giving information to your product provider.

As a result, you can take advantage of automated order fulfillment and tracking to client delivery.

How to Get Started


Spocket is simple to use, and all you have to do is go to the official website. When you visit the website, you’ll notice the “Get Started” button right away.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

When you click the button, you’ll be led to a page where you’ll be asked for information to assist you in creating an account.

Your account will be created as soon as you complete the required information, such as your name and email address.

You can also specify the types of things you’ll be acquiring and selling with Spocket’s assistance, although this isn’t required.


Oberlo has made the process of becoming a member quite simple. All you have to do is go to the Oberlo official website and click on the big red “Become a Member” button.

This will direct you to a website where you must enter some personal information before your account can be established.

Keep in mind that, in addition to being a Shopify-friendly app, Oberlo also provides training materials and courses to help you become a dropshipper or take your existing dropshipping business to the next level.


Spocket and Oberlo both offer a quick and straightforward way to get started. Spocket, on the other hand, takes only approximately two minutes to register an account and requires very little information, which is why it wins this category.

Finding Suppliers


If you don’t have any suppliers yet, Spocket makes it incredibly easy to find them. You can go to the Search Products page after installing the Spocket app in your Shopify store.

You’ll then see a “Select Supplier” tab, which allows you to find providers by searching for their names.

You’ll see a supplier’s profile as the results emerge, where you can view their rating and the kind of products they sell, which can help you make the best decision.


To get started with Oberlo, you won’t need any providers. Oberlo makes finding products and providers to dropship from your store a breeze.

They’ve connected with thousands of suppliers and manufacturers, allowing you to quickly find the products you’re looking for or even find a supplier.

You may easily start adding products to your store and managing them using Oberlo once you’ve found a supplier.


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shopify dropshipping store set up

Spocket and Oberlo provide an integrated system for finding suppliers and items if you don’t already have them. As a result, this category is a tie because both apps include an equally useful function.

Product Importing


If you don’t have your things, you can easily order them via the app’s integrated store.

However, if you have things that you’d like to sell on Spocket, you can do so as well.

You can add your listings manually to Spocket by entering information such as title, description, price, SKU, photos, and tags, among other things.


Oberlo features a simple way to find products if you don’t already have any, but you can also integrate your products into your store and manage them using Oberlo.

Oberlo makes it simple to add products from suppliers’ websites. By copying and pasting URLs or product IDs from suppliers’ websites into Oberlo, you can add products you see on their websites.


Both Spocket and Oberlo make it simple to add products. Oberlo, on the other hand, makes it much easier to import products simply by copying and pasting the URL or product ID from any store, such as AliExpress. As a result, Oberlo is the winner in this category.

Inventory Updating


Updating your inventory and keeping track of your product’s stock can be time-consuming and tedious. Spocket, on the other hand, made this part of the procedure a breeze.

You won’t have to manually edit the inventory of your products if your store is integrated with Shopify.

Instead, Spocket will sync with your inventory and display inventory levels in color – red for less than 10 units left, orange for 11 to 50 units left, and green for more than 50 units left.

As your products sell, Spocket will receive this information automatically, and you won’t have to manually change the number of units left.


Oberlo, like Spocket, can link and sync with your inventory (or suppliers) to automatically control the number of units left in your inventory.

You may either display the number of remaining units on product pages so that your consumers are aware of your supply, or you can keep an eye on it yourself and act appropriately when the number of units falls below a certain threshold.


This category is a tie because Spocket and Oberlo have an efficient function that syncs with your inventory and keeps it in check.

Order Fulfilling and Tracking


Spocket will alert you through email (or the app) when you sell goods through your store.

So, when you see a new order in your store, go to the “Orders” tab, check for any orders designated as “Processing,” locate unfulfilled orders, and produce a shipping label for your supplier.

The supplier will then proceed to dispatch your order to your customer using this information. When your supplier ships the item and gives you the tracking number, go to the order tab and click “Add Tracking” to enter the information into Spocket.


When it comes to order tracking, Oberlo has a lot of options. When you sell a product, and Oberlo notifies you, you must produce a shipping label, which Oberlo will send immediately to your supplier.

When you have the tracking number, you can either track it in Oberlo or manually enter it. However, Oberlo also allows you to track your order using a third-party service.


Spocket and Oberlo both have good fulfillment integrations that function well with your store and supplier, as well as excellent tracking capabilities.

Oberlo is a tad better at this. Therefore it takes the prize.

Product Pricing


Spocket allows you to price your products in various ways before you publish the products to your store and even after you post the products.

To set product prices before publishing them, go to the “Import List,” click on the “Variants” tab, and specify the retail price for each product.

After you’ve published the products, go to the “Products” page and click “Edit products” to adjust the retail price.


In Oberlo, changing your product prices is simple, and you may do so before or after the product is published.

Oberlo has the advantage of allowing you to select a fixed or multiplying price. The multiplier pricing is appropriate for discounts that require both prices to be displayed so that the buyer is fully aware of the savings.

Oberlo’s “Settings” tab allows you to customize all product prices.


Both Spocket and Oberlo have a good way of setting and changing prices, but Oberlo uses the pricing multiplier factor to create offers and discounts. As a result, even though there isn’t much difference between these two, Oberlo wins this category.

Sales Tracking


Spocket has made sales monitoring a breeze by consolidating all of your orders into a single “My Orders” tab.

You can further filter the orders by labels or obtain further information about your orders from this tab, such as client details.

You can check out an order from your order list, which calculates the shipping cost based on your customer’s location, prints the shipping label, and sends it to your supplier (if you don’t stock your products).

You can also keep track of all your sales by using the categories and labels under the same tab or by using the Shopify dashboard, which will include your sales in your store’s overall metrics.


Oberlo, like Spocket, is adept at handling sales. It sends you notifications for every order you get and allows you to manage all of your sales from a single dashboard.

Following that, you must either fulfill your orders, make a shipping label, and ship the product, or pass the shipping information on to your supplier.

Your completed sales are then well-categorized, allowing you to access them later if necessary. Oberlo also allows you to analyze your sales data with the help of a helpful sales graph.


Both Spocket and Oberlo feature a smooth sales monitoring procedure from the time you get an order until the time it is fulfilled, as well as when you need information about the sales you’ve made.

As a result, there is a tie in this category.

Supplier or Product Change


If you ever need to replace your supplier or at least some of the products in your store, you can do so quickly and effortlessly using Spocket.

Spocket makes it simple to switch suppliers by allowing you to search for new ones or products within Spocket.

No matter how many suppliers you work with or how many products you offer in your store, Spocket provides an integrated manner of assisting you in finding a supplier of products to sell.


Oberlo has a sophisticated system for changing products and suppliers. If you want to change your supplier without messing up your existing product page or creating a new one, Oberlo allows you to do so for your existing product page.

You can do this from the “My Products” tab. You can do it for a specific product, which provides flexibility for business owners who are having issues with specific suppliers for specific products.


Spocket and Oberlo both offer a simple and effective solution to manage your products and suppliers within your business. Oberlo, on the other hand, has a sophisticated means of changing suppliers for only specific products, giving you a lot of versatility, which is why Oberlo wins this category.

Ease of Setting Up


Spocket is incredibly straightforward to set up in both new and existing stores, whether you’re constructing a new store or currently have one where you’d like to automate the dropshipping process.

Spocket can be easily added as an app in Shopify via the plugin page, and it will work with both an existing Shopify store and a fresh new one.


Oberlo may be readily installed directly from the Shopify platform; search for it in the Shopify app store.

Add Oberlo to your store, install it, and you’re ready to customize it to your needs.

Oberlo, like Spocket, is a suitable fit for both new and existing businesses looking to automate their dropshipping processes.


This category is a tie because both Spocket and Oberlo are relatively straightforward to install and set up, and they both fit a wide range of stores.



Spocket has three distinct pricing options, but it is most known for its free plan, which allows you to use Spocket to start earning sales on your new store right away.

When your online store grows in popularity, you can choose from three price options:

  • Starter plan – $24 per month (ideal for boosting sales)
  • $49/month for Pro (ideal to maximize sales)
  • Empire is a monthly subscription service that costs $99 per month (ideal to manage sales at scale)


Oberlo has only two plans available. One of them is a free plan that allows you to use Oberlo to get traction and sales when you’re just starting started.

The Boss plan, which costs $29 per month, is the paid option.


  • Both programs handle order fulfillment automatically.
  • Both apps make it simple to customize products.
  • Both apps provide one-click product import.
  • Product or supplier finders are available in both apps.
  • Both apps are designed to help you find products.
  • Both applications are excellent for monitoring sales and keeping track of progress.


  • Spocket concentrates on suppliers in the United States and Europe, whereas Oberlo focuses on suppliers worldwide.
  • Spocket’s shipment time is usually faster than Oberlo’s.
  • Spocket has a narrower product selection than Oberlo.

Pros and Cons of Oberlo vs. Spocket

Spocket Pros

  • Within the Shopify app store, integration
  • The setup is simple.
  • In Europe and the United States, it is possible to shorten shipping times.
  • Product lists can be readily modified.
  • Ability to get product samples from vendors before selecting one.
  • Free plan perfect for startup stores Easy to alter prices for all products at once to meet market prices

Spocket Cons

  • You can’t look at the supplier’s inventory to see how much they have on hand.
  • Features of tax reduction are currently unavailable.
  • Only European and American suppliers are available.

Oberlo Pros

  • The plan that is completely free
  • Shopify integration is simple.
  • Both new and existing businesses will benefit from this product.
  • Comes with a handy Chrome plugin that syncs products daily
  • Suitable for growing businesses.
  • Order processing and tracking that is automated
  • The ability to quickly locate and switch items and suppliers
  • Unlike most other Oberlo alternatives, Oberlo offers excellent customer service.
  • Suppliers from all across the world are available.

Oberlo Cons

  • It is only compatible with Shopify
  • Import products from a variety of sources, including AliExpress.
  • Oberlo’s terms of service agreement restrict the use of several items.


Spocket and Oberlo are programs that are designed to automate the dropshipping process for Shopify stores.

Oberlo is the winner, even though the variations between the two apps are minor.

Oberlo gets more versatility when picking a supplier and items, but only minor enhancements to some of the aspects highlighted in this evaluation.

Even though the difference is minor, even minor differences might make a significant difference for some companies, which is why you should shop around!