How to Generate Valid Tracking Numbers for Dropshipping?

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What is a Tracking Number?

You want to be able to track the location of your package after you have purchased online. To save time and avoid checking each postal company’s website manually, I created “Parcels website, and mobile apps that will automatically check each relevant postal, courier, and logistics company website.

You need only the tracking number to find out where your parcel is.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

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Tracking number, also known as tracking code, is a unique number that is assigned to every parcel. It allows you to track the movements of the parcel within one country or between countries.

Tracking numbers are traceable within the country only or internationally.

In the format of Universal Postal Union, the tracking number looks like RA123456789CN. The first two letters denote the type of package while the last two letters indicate the code for the country of origin. These numbers allow you to track packages right up until delivery.

Other shipments can be delivered by courier, transport and logistics companies, and how tracking codes look can vary a lot: CTAFT0000160477YQ, UPAAB000000251682107, AEL10105033654UA, SGADN143797855. These packages may not be trackable in the recipient’s home country. You will need to wait for notification from either the Post Office, or a call from the courier company.

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How do I track an order from an online shop?

You should first wait for your order to ship. The seller will reserve a tracking number from the delivery company to track your order. Tracking begins within 1-5 business days of the order being transferred to the delivery company.

Tracking number is the only way to track a parcel. You can’t track a parcel using an order number. ASOS is an exception. You can track ASOS orders using our service by order number.

Is it possible to track a package for a longer time?

If the tracking number is not available, don’t panic. It takes time for postal or courier companies to sort and forward the package. The tracking number can be used to start the alarm as soon as possible.

Tracking your eBay order

eBay sellers may use multiple shipping and postal companies depending upon the item price and chosen shipping method. We have the right shipping company for you, whether it’s SpeedPAK or Pitney Bowes, Global Shipping Programs, China Post, Winit and Yanwen, or any other. To track eBay orders , please read our guide.

Delivery time

Do you wonder how long it takes for your order arrive in the United States, Canada, Australia, or other countries? You don’t have to wonder any longer, our state-of-the-art delivery time estimation algorithm will always inform you when your parcel should arrive. We keep detailed delivery statistics for every package that goes into each country or city. This data will be used to give you the most accurate estimate date of arrival.

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Top Websites to Generate Dropshipping Tracking Numbers


Dropshipping: Get valid tracking numbers easily

This tool will quickly provide a valid tracking number to TBA, DoorDash or other similar carriers that matches the state and city of the recipient.

How it works

Dropshippers can use the Tracking Number app to obtain valid tracking information to any United States state and city.

Place Destination

We will provide a tracking number for the city and state that you are shipping to.

You can set a date

Select a delivery date range and a earliest ship date. Or, you can set a shipping origin.

Fulfill your Order

Sendements that have been confirmed by tracking information are valid.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

The tracking API allows you to programmatically request tracking numbers for a particular state or zip code, and for a certain delivery window date and/or time.

Dropshipping software that sells on Walmart Marketplace.

You can take control of inventory management, price monitoring and order tracking.

  • Walmart lightning-fast listing
  • Monitoring of stock and cost pricing 24 hours a day
  • Processes for order fulfillment that are more efficient


We provide more automation to online marketplace sellers and the best online eCommerce solution. is dedicated to simplifying the day-to-day tasks of sellers, from order fulfillment to inventory administration and everything in between. Our belief is that the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to simplify and automate these processes into one seamless application.

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We did this by creating a suite cloud-based A.I. automation tools that improve business growth, seller-to-consumer communications, and provide sellers with the most current information.

Tracking Numbers Generator

Swap TBA, DoorDash or other problematic tracking info for a valid tracking number that matches the city and state of the recipient.

Paste My Customer

PasteMyCustomer by GetTNShip is a dropshipping tool that helps you manage and fulfill your orders faster and easier.

Title Builder

You can easily create a title using our Ranked Keywords and get #1 on any marketplace.



UPS(r), one of the most trusted and respected Global shipping & logistic companies, is headquartered in New York. Track and ship domestic and international freight, as well as track your overseas deliveries.


FedEx Corporation (formerly Federal Express Corporation and later FDX Corporation) is an American multinational shipping & supply services and supply chain management firm headquartered in Memphis.


DHL is the world’s leader in logistics. DHL is a leader in international shipping, courier services, and transportation.


Royal Mail will deliver your parcels and letters. Royal Mail has been delivering mail to the UK for more than 500 years. Compare the prices of posting to the UK and overseas


TNT offers door-to-door shipping to more than 200 countries–connecting people and businesses all over the world.

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The United States Postal Service, also known as U.S. Mail or Post Office, is an independent agency within the United States federal government that provides postal service throughout the country, including in its insular regions and other associated states. It is one the few authorized government agencies by the United States Constitution.

How it works

Dropshippers can use this application to obtain valid tracking information to any USA city or state.

Enter Zip Code and Ship Date

We will give you a tracking number that is currently in transit to the city and a delivery date of 3 to 6 days.

Swap Tracking Number

You can use your valid tracking number instead of the information you receive from TBA, DoorDash etc.

Tracking number added

Tracking information that is valid means that shipments have been confirmed by Amazon, Walmart and eBay.