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Online eCommerce is growing rapidly, with annual sales of $4.9 trillion expected by 2021. Online selling of goods and services is proving difficult for traditional businesses all over the globe. B2B companies of yesterday, which were limited by a lack of retail infrastructure, are now able to enter the B2C marketplace and sell their products directly through Shopify, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and hundreds of other eCommerce platform.

Every manufacturer, small or large, wants to be online and sell their products online. Modalyst is one of these companies. Modalyst, in essence, is an eCommerce dropshipping software. It automates the entire dropshipping process and connects you with the best suppliers and products.

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This comprehensive review will cover everything you need to know regarding Modalyst. Let’s get into the details.

What is Modalyst and how can it help you?

Modalyst is a B2B (business-to-business) marketplace that connects suppliers and eCommerce merchants to create an easier process of product sourcing. They are focused on providing a wide variety of premium products and fast delivery to major markets worldwide, including the US, Europe, and the UK. Modalyst users can drop-ship products faster because they spend less time searching for the right products and more on building great eCommerce stores.

Modalyst’s suppliers often are brand owners, which means they are proud to sell high-quality products. Modalyst also checks their fulfillment and logistics processes in advance to make sure they are reliable. This allows them to ship products to dropshippers. Modalyst suppliers ship products to customers from their US and EU locations. This makes shipping faster and more reliable than from other countries like China.

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Modalyst automates product sourcing and drop shipping for customers. The curated collection of suppliers can store fashion and non-fashion items that can be added directly to your online store shelves in a single click. Modalyst suppliers also offer product descriptions and prices to merchants so they can add products quickly to their online store.

It’s easy to source high-quality dropshipping items: With millions of products available, you can browse Modalyst’s product catalog and add any product to your store in a few clicks. Modalyst suppliers may only be available on Modalyst so their product range is more limited than other dropshipping products.

Modalyst can be integrated with your online store. If you sell via Shopify, you can use the Modalyst Shopify app. If you sell via BigCommerce, you can integrate your store with the Modalyst BigCommerce app. You can import products to your website with just one click. All prices, images, product descriptions, and other information are automatically imported when you import a product.

After the customer has placed an order on your website, you will receive notification and be able purchase the product from Modalyst’s supplier via the Modalyst dashboard. The supplier will ship the product directly to the customer once payment has been received. The tracking number will be provided to you once the package has been shipped out by the supplier. This allows you to track the shipment at any time during it, if needed.

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Modalyst allows you to manage the entire process via Modalyst. This means that you don’t have to worry about fulfillment, order numbers or paperwork. Modalyst allows you to monitor every supplier, product, and order that you dropship with. You can also manage conversations, payments and orders through the Modalyst dashboard.

Modalyst’s sourcing has one of the best features: there are no upfront inventory expenses that you need to pay. Modalyst suppliers don’t have to purchase the product before you can add it to your store. You can list as many products as you like on your website without worrying about selling inventory. This makes it easier to start an eCommerce business, even if you don’t have the funds to buy large quantities of inventory.

Who is Modalyst best for?

Modalyst can be used for all types of eCommerce stores, no matter how small or large they are. Modalyst products are affordable and there is no risk of losing profits. You can easily add products to your store without worrying whether they will sell, and you don’t have to make a capital commitment.

Modalyst can help you set up your store by connecting you to trustworthy suppliers of high quality products that you can ship to your customers.

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Modalyst: Why use it?

Modalyst aims to make product sourcing easier and more efficient. Modalyst gives you more product options than if you were to source product lines from one supplier. Modalyst’s strict standards for suppliers are not available if you use another drop shipping product sourcing platform. These seemingly insignificant things will make your business more profitable over the long-term, which is why Modalyst was created.

Modalyst Features & Services

Modalyst allows merchants and suppliers to live together in a harmonious environment. Its features and services are designed to help both sides thrive.

It’s the reason that most of their features are so successful. These features and services are not the only ones that are available on To get a better understanding of their offerings, visit the Modalyst Features Page .


You can start a large product line with a variety of products. To create an entirely unique product offering, you can choose from over 40 categories. You can mix and match the products that interest your customers.

You can easily add products to your website. You don’t need to purchase any products beforehand so you can add as many products you want without any financial obligations.

Suppliers from the USA and EU of high quality

Modalyst partners mostly with US-based and EU-based suppliers. They monitor them closely to ensure they meet their high standards. Modalyst’s stringent return, shipping and pricing requirements must be met by all suppliers before they can operate on the platform.

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This means that merchants don’t need to make separate deals with every supplier they work with. You always know what you can expect from each supplier. Register for Modalyst to get access to the free plan.

Send to the address that you need

Modalyst has negotiated a fast delivery agreement with all suppliers. This is a benefit to working with US- and EU-based suppliers. It ensures that goods reach their end-users much quicker. Modalyst’s suppliers can ship directly to customers. They can also send products directly to your store so customers can pick up their items from you. You can also set up automation.

Modalyst’s flat-rate shipping policy ensures that customers are not surprised by shipping costs. This helps Modalyst to stay profitable. Some suppliers offer free shipping for domestic orders and international orders. Modalyst suppliers have adopted shipping protocols that include sharing tracking information with customers via Modalyst dashboard. This allows you to track any shipment and locate it if you need it. Each supplier automatically provides this service. It includes the name and tracking details of the courier and links.

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Fixed sales rates

Modalyst works with every supplier before they can start selling their products on the Independent Brands Marketplace. Each supplier agrees to list their goods for 60 percent of MSRP. This allows retailers to mark up products at the margins they need.

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Many channels available for selling

Modalyst allows you to sell through your own eCommerce site. You can also sell on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as well as via social media platforms such Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to have complete control over how your company operates and allows you to diversify your customer base and increase your earnings potential.

Great return policies

Drop-shipping can be difficult. You need to find a return policy that is acceptable for you, your suppliers, as well as your customers. Dropshipping suppliers can have contradictory returns policies. If you deal with multiple suppliers, it can be difficult to keep everything consistent.

Modalyst took this into consideration and worked with suppliers to create a universal return policy that all suppliers can use to ensure everyone is clear about what to expect. This makes it easier for both suppliers and customers and allows for faster returns/refunds. This marketplace offers a 14-day return policy. The item must be in good condition, not worn, and that all tags are still attached.

Real-time data

Modalyst Dashboard allows you to see analytics and insights, such as which products are most popular and which suppliers visit your Modalyst account. You can use product data to understand how your products sell and what products people are most interested. These observations and data will allow you to develop better marketing strategies and explore new products.

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Marketing materials

Many of Modalyst’s suppliers are brand owners and create their own marketing materials you can use for your products. These materials include everything from product photos and lookbooks to advertising campaigns. They can be used on your website to make you appear more professional, without the need to spend that much time or effort.

Integration with Shopify & BigCommerce

Modalyst can interact directly with Shopify and BigCommerce, which are two of the most popular e-commerce websites on the market. You can download Modalyst apps from the respective app stores to integrate the Modalyst app with the network.

Direct integrations allow you to quickly add items to your platform by automatically uploading product information. This allows real-time data like “Out Of Stock” details to appear on your platform. It also automatically converts the currency of your items to the currency that you choose when you install the application. These are just some of the many Modalyst direct integrations that can be used to create a more automated store.

Modalyst Compare at Price

You can adjust the price of all your products automatically by setting up Pricing Rules. This is done using either a Multiplied or an Add Markup.

Please note that pricing rules adjustments such as an increase in the multiplied price from 2x to3x, are only applicable to products added after the rules have been adjusted and saved. These rules will not apply to any products that have been added before.

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You can adjust the price of products that you have added before (i.e. products in your Import List and Sync List), by going to Pricing & Profit

These rules are applicable to products imported from or our Modalyst Marketplace. It is important to remember that Modalyst products could not have their prices marked up on Modalyst in the past.

Visual: Where/How to modify your pricing rules
Below is an image of the pricing guidelines. Note the differences between Product Compare at Price & Product Price.

The Pricing Rules are the same for products as Modalyst Marketplace, but there are slight differences in the default markup values between Product Compare at Price (Product Price) and Product Price (Product Price).

Modalyst Marketplace Products: Why is 1.67 the default Multiplied markup? Modalyst Marketplace products have a suggested price increase of 1.67 for Product Compare at Price as well as Product Price. This multiplier was chosen to be consistent with the suggested retail price provided by Modalyst. This suggested retail price is consistent with their pricing. You can adjust the 1.67 to get the margins that you desire.

Modalyst: The Pros and Cons

Modalyst has a unique ability that other drop-shipping platform platforms can’t match: they have established standards and procedures for their suppliers that make it easier for dropshippers work with them.

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Modalyst may be in the business to connect suppliers and dropshipping merchants but they do so much more. Modalyst allows retailers to find drop-shipping merchants to sell their high-quality products on their website. Modalyst also makes it easy to be competitive in the small details that often lead to new stores being closed.

Modalyst helps merchants understand what to expect. Modalyst also handles information such as commission rates and return policies. This is a huge benefit for newcomers to eCommerce. Modalyst takes this burden off your shoulders, and it’s one of the key benefits.

The Modalyst platform has its drawbacks, but the main points are more to do the dropshipping model than the platform itself. Dropshipping has a low profit margin and limited branding on products and packaging. These tradeoffs do not apply to Modalyst.

Modalyst has high standards and selected suppliers. This means you can sell your goods at a higher point and make more profit margins.


  • Suppliers are located in the US and EU.
  • Transparency in sales rates with suppliers
  • Transparent returns policies with suppliers
  • Ship to any country.
  • Tracking and shipping details will be sent automatically to you.
  • Integrated directly with Shopify & BigCommerce
  • There are no upfront inventory investments. Only order products from suppliers once your store is open.
  • You can do everything on your Modalyst dashboard. There’s no need for paperwork.
  • You can sell on your eCommerce site and online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay or via social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Real-time stock level notifications are sent directly to your store.
  • All details, including product descriptions, images and pricing, can be imported to your store in one click.
  • Get access to a lot of information about how your products or profile perform.
  • Monthly plan for free
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  • The process of processing orders is not fully automated. Customers place orders on your store. You will need to log in to Modalyst and pay the order before your supplier processes it.
  • Modalyst’s premium pricing plans and Modalyst’s free pricing plan have a transaction fee of 5%.
  • Modalyst Pro or Business Premium plans must be upgraded in order to gain access to the entire supplier network.
  • Modalyst suppliers will ship products to customers on your behalf. You won’t be able to personalize shipping or product packaging.

Modalyst Pricing

Modalyst has four pricing options. These range from completely free to fully paid. Each plan offers a different level or features. Below is a list of Modalyst pricing plans:

The Hobby Pricing Plan

  • Non-Premium Suppliers
  • 25 Products Limit
  • Transaction Fee: 5%

The Start-Up Pricing Program:

  • Non-Premium Suppliers
  • 250 product limit
  • Transaction Fee: 5%

The Pro Pricing Plan

  • All Suppliers Available
  • Limit of 5,000 Products
  • Transaction Fee: 5%

The Business Pricing Plan

  • Access to all Suppliers
  • Unlimitless Product Limit
  • Transaction Fee: 2%

Last words

Modalyst can help you find suppliers of high-quality dropshipping goods for your eCommerce business. It is also a great service if you’re looking to consolidate your drop-shipping processes and order management system.

Modalyst makes it easy to connect with and work directly with top-quality suppliers. Their features and services go beyond just helping you establish B2B business relationships. Their efforts in curating their US and EU-based suppliers combined with pre-negotiated shipping pricing and return policies make Modalyst an effective platform that benefits dropshippers as well as their customers.

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This article should have provided valuable information on Modalyst’s platform. For further discussion, please leave comments below. 🙂