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You have reached the right place if you’re looking for BigBuy reviews.

Dropshipping is a service that has been recognized as one of the most important in Europe. Many people are interested to find out more about them before they begin working with them.

We have collected testimonials from customers about the supplier’s day-to-day operations to help us write this article. Let’s first look at BigBuy and the services they offer.

What is BigBuy?

BigBuy is a top European dropshipping company. It stands out because of its extensive product catalog. This supplier is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and companies because they provide many services and can centralize the needs to their customers.

They call themselves an “All-in one supplier.” We will briefly review the key features of BigBuy before we get into the BigBuy reviews.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

BigBuy’s strength is catalog

This supplier manages relationships with many suppliers to provide a comprehensive catalog for their customers at very affordable prices. We find the first brands among its thousands of products. All articles are SEO optimized and translated into 24 languages.

BigBuy’s most important aspect is logistics

Dropshipping is an option that this provider offers, which makes it easier for customers to manage their orders. They can also ship within 24 hours due to their logistical power.

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BigBuy B2B Store: BigBuy has mastered the art of transferring eCommerce to B2B.

The online store is fully automated and customers can order products online in bulk and get discounts based on the quantity. BigBuy offers customers the option to purchase items by the unit PVC, which is the Retailer Price at BigBuy.

Synchronization: One of the most important concerns in online sales is synchronization.

It is crucial to find a supplier who offers synchronization options that avoid manual work and mistakes. BigBuy offers a variety of synchronization options. These include the Dropshipping 360deg store, Multi-Channel Integration Platform or API files.

Resources: Dropshipping providers offer promotional banners to their customers that can be used in sales.

They also have access to BigBuy Academy and BigBuy Blog, where they can discuss dropshipping and get technical support for products.


Customers can access their invoices online and create a virtual wallet for purchases. It also automates all European tax complexity.


BigBuy integrates with major transport agencies (UPS and DHL …)) and offers shipments around the globe at very competitive rates. You can track the shipment with ID tracking.

After-sales service.

BigBuy’s After-Sales Service ensures that refused shipments are received and handles all after-sales services and warranty issues.

BigBuy requires you to buy one of its wholesale packs. This will give you access to all the benefits of dropshipping.

These packs have been updated recently:

  1. B2B Pack – The B2B Pack includes, among others, the ability to purchase units at wholesale prices (PVC), stock locking for 7 days and up to three dropshipping shipments per calendar month.
  2. Dropship Package: Unlimited dropshipping, access to BigBuy catalog via FTP through CSV/XML file in 24 languages
  3. The Enterprise Pack is the most comprehensive pack. This package includes access to Multi-Channel Integration, and integration with electronic markets (with Boutique Dropshipping 360o).
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Four packages were previously offered.

  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Business
  • Plus Premium

Customers who have these packages are required to gradually switch to the new options.

BigBuy Review: A testimonial from a customer of this provider

Alex Martin, a small-scale e-commerce company that specializes in kitchenware such as small appliances and utensils, was interviewed to help us write this article.

Martin began working with BigBuy as a consultant in 2015. He also launched his eCommerce company in 2015.

“I just came from a digital marketing agency and wanted to open my own online shop to use the skills I’d learned and make a living. Selling this type of product is something I enjoy cooking.

Martin started his own Prestashop e-commerce company, but quickly ran into problems.

“The stock”. This was my biggest problem at the beginning. I researched several wholesalers. My original plan was to purchase stock in advance, store it at home, and then ship the order once it arrived at the store.

This system required me to invest a substantial amount of money without ever having sold one item.

Additionally, I was in a tiny studio apartment at the time, so storing and packing products was difficult and time-consuming. Martin reached out to a few of his friends, who gave him a positive review on BigBuy. They advised Martin to give BigBuy a shot.

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BigBuy was a great option for many reasons.

Dropshipping was offered by them, and they also had an extensive selection of kitchen products. They also offered various options for synchronizing my website with theirs. They are also located in Europe, which allows for faster shipping and no language barriers as opposed to an Asian supplier.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

I was tempted to sign up and just start selling. But I wasn’t.

I was required to purchase one of their wholesale packs. This made me nervous because there is a setup fee and a monthly charge. I spoke to the sales team, and they assured me that this pack would allow you all the benefits. I purchased the Pro Pack which allowed unlimited dropshipping as well as CSV/XML files in a single language.

Although I didn’t plan on it, it was still a smaller investment than buying stock in advance.

They’ve simplified the packaging and changed the names. I started with the first mentioned one and made steady progress as my store grew.

Alex spent many hours programming and formulating a distribution and pricing strategy in the first few weeks.

He received the catalog in CSV/XML so he uploaded it manually. Then he set up payments and started to run Adwords campaigns and simple Adwords.

I improved the page gradually as the first sales came in.

I tried retargeting, and I even spoke to some food bloggers about my products. Some things worked and some didn’t. It was constant trial and error.

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BigBuy is an everyday occurrence.

BigBuy is a great choice if you want to sell. After I began to receive a lot of daily orders, my business pack was switched to me and I translated the website into both the languages I could understand.

A programmer was also available to assist me in synchronizing my website with BigBuy via API. This saved me a lot and allowed me to allow it to work “automatically”. Now that I look back, I see that these were the right decisions.

How about today? Your opinion on BigBuy?

BigBuy is still a company I highly recommend. They have been my partner for three years. That speaks volumes. After my first ecommerce venture was successful, I decided to start another one for home decor.

Later, I opened my first pet shop. It is still one of the most successful. It’s also true that I had several years of experience in managing my own ecommerce when I opened it.

Three stores are currently in operation, all synced with BigBuy’s catalog.

Although I have had issues with shipping and synchronization in the past, BigBuy has always provided a solution. I am upgrading to the Enterprise Pack, as my current pack is about to expire.

This provider is a great choice for anyone looking to start an e-commerce company.