9 Best Europe (EU) Dropshipping Marketplace

European opportunities are endless and the market for e-commerce in Europe is comparable to America’s.

The Internet Retail Report states that the European market accounted for half of all global e-commerce transactions and has a total online shopping volume exceeding 1 trillion US Dollars.

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Dropshippers may look for new markets to expand their business, promote it online, and reach new customers. By 2020, online sales in Europe will reach 452 billion euros. Dropshippers are likely to expand their European business. What makes a supplier a good one for european dropshippers?

Let’s look at the top 10 European dropshippers marketplaces and how to source European products.

Top 9 EU Dropshippers Marketplaces

Dropshipping in Europe is something you should consider if you are planning to do so. Let’s now explore new European markets. Dropshipping to these markets will help you grow your business.


Amazon’s biggest international market is the European station. Amazon is able to reach a larger number of European customers than it does in the United States. These two factors will allow sellers to expand their European market.

Statistics show that nearly half of top 500 Amazon Europe sellers are only involved at one of five stations. Language barriers are a major obstacle. However, selling in European stations is not as difficult as it seems. You can use your UK station account on five stations. Amazon will provide delivery services. Only listing and translation are required.

Customer: Amazon Europe currently hosts 190 million unique users

Fees: Amazon charges a different commission depending on the category. Usually, it is 8% to 15%. Additional, the monthly rent is PS25.


Dropshippers Europe should still consider eBay as a viable option, even though it is still the dominant European market.

Customer: 50 million visits were averaged monthly.

Fees: Ebay generally requires listing fees and store opening charges. There are three types of shops: basic, premium, and super. Different shop levels have different fees. Base stores, premium stores, and supermarkets charge respectively PS25, PS69, and PS269 per monthly. If the listing fee exceeds the free limit, then the listing fee will be charged.

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Allegro, which was established in 1999, is the largest ecommerce platform in Poland as well as the fifth in Europe.

Categories: Home, kitchenware and clothing.

Customer: 1.4 Million active users

Fees: The fees and commissions are calculated according to Eastern European standards

Important requirements: Polish must be used for product listing and customer service.


Cdiscount, which was established in 1998, is France’s second most used e-commerce platform. It mainly sells new and used products. Cdiscount customers account for one-third the French online shopping population, according to reports.

Cdiscount has more than 40 product categories, including toys, electronic, sporting, and home.

Customer: Cdiscount offers 8.6 million customers discounted sales.

Fees: The monthly charge is 39.99 Euros, and the commission is 5.5% of the order value.

Important requirements: Customer service must be provided in French in order to offer it in France. A seller must be a registered company in France, and register regularly in the relevant department.


Otto is Germany’s second-largest e-commerce platform. It was established in 2016, and is second only to Amazon in Germany. It is available in over 20 countries, including Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, and Austria.

Category: This site offers more than 2,000,000 products. These include apparel, furniture and kitchen utensils as well as toys and electronic products.

Customer: Otto currently has 6.6 Million active users

Fees: One-time registration fee of 100 euros and a commission of 15% – 50% of sales.

You must have experience with e-commerce and at least 100 products to be an Otto seller. German translations are required for product introductions.

Rakuten PriceMinister

Rakuten PriceMinister was founded in 2000 and is France’s fifth largest ecommerce platform. It was later acquired by Lotte Group. They serve customers in 20 countries including Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Category: These products include new and second-hand books, electronic products as well as garden tools, shoes, bags and health products.

Customer: There are currently 22 million users registered and 9 million active users each month.

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Fees: The monthly fee for professional sellers is 39 Euros, while commission is 4%-22%. The specific commission depends on the product category.


Bol.com, established in 1999, offers a wide variety of products and easy delivery. Dutch consumers ranked Bol.com as the most loved online shopping platform.

Categories: There were over 20 types with 16 million products

Belgian and Dutch markets

Customer: 8 Million active users

There are no listing fees or monthly fees. Only sales commissions are paid by sellers. The commissions paid vary depending on the product.

It is necessary to have a product license in order to sell a legitimate product.


Spartoo was established in 2006 and is extremely popular across Europe. It has customers in 30 European countries, including Belgium and Denmark, Finland, France and the United Kingdom.

Category: Footwear and clothing

Spartoo’s core customer group is women between 30 and 40 years old.

Fees: The monthly fee for membership is 35 Pounds. The commission ranges from 15% to 20%. You do not need to pay either a listing fee, or a registration fee.

Spartoo works only with sellers who have at least 205 SKUs.


Zalando was established in Berlin, Germany in 2008. Zalando operates in 18 European countries including France, Italy, and Belgium.

Category: Zalando has 1500 fashion footwear and apparel brands

Customers: Zalando boasts more than 22 million users and 200 million monthly visitors.

Fees: 8% sales commission

Important Requirements

La Redoute

It is one the most used e-commerce platforms of France. La Redoute’s business also has a presence in 26 countries.

Category: Sales of high-end household and fashion items.

Customer: La Redoute boasts more than 11,000,000 registered users, of which 90% are women.

Fees: Monthly fee of 49.90 Euros The commission ranges from 8% to 20%.

Important requirements: The seller must hold the brand or be authorized to sell it.

Selling to Europe is an excellent way to expand your business. Choosing the right channel to reach the European market and attract new customers is also a great way to do so. The European e-commerce platform is a great way to increase your visibility and influence which will ultimately lead to increased sales.


Now that you have so many choices on selling platforms, the next is to which european dropshipping suppliers is the best to source products.

Truth be told, sourcing is also an important element of online dropshipping. Chinabrands is a great choice for dropshipping and wholesaling products. They are located in China but can ship to more than 200 countries.

Chinabrands is more than a wholesale site for sourcing. It also offers dropshipping solutions for sellers. You might be curious about how Chianrbands works in dropshipping. The process is very simple. Your customer will buy directly from you, and Chianbrands will pay the order. Chinabrands will then pack and ship the goods to your customer. This is how it works: There is no inventory. You can sell more to make more.