Modalyst vs Spocket Dropshipping Software Comparison

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It’s confusing to choose the right one for you if you are thinking about starting an ecommerce shop.

It’s vital to understand from the get-go that today’s consumers are proudly internet-intelligent. They research products and prices and read reviews. When things go wrong, they are especially critical about shipping.

Online shoppers today are focused on quality, low-cost products while still getting great service.

It is crucial to choose the best dropshipping solution. Let’s now get to the core of this review.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

So what’s next?

Trust your dropshipping service implicitly. It’s important to choose a company with a reputation for picking high-quality products and packaging and shipping items efficiently and effectively. If you fail to do this, your brand reputation will be damaged.

It is obvious that customers who receive their products on time, in one item, and promptly are more likely leave glowing reviews than those who wait and are unhappy with the product’s quality.

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Drop shipping is a great way to save time and allow you to focus on your ecommerce business. You can source high-quality products.

With that in mind let’s take a closer look at Spocket, and Modalyst.

Who’s Modalyst?

Modalyst automates many of your ecommerce-related tasks. They have simplified their work into four easy steps for your convenience.

“Step 1: Access a wide range of products with just one click

Step 2: The customer purchases a product from your storefront

Step 3: Shop for the item directly from Modalyst’s supplier

Step 4 The supplier ships the product directly from the manufacturer to the customer. The tracking number is sent automatically.”

Modalyst is well-known for offering a wide range of products from independent and high-quality brands from around the globe. You will find clothes, bags and shoes as well as accessories.

It’s basically a marketplace for B2B. It doesn’t require you to buy items in advance. Instead, you choose the items that you wish to sell and place orders when a customer places a order.

Its website states that Modalyst products have been added to the stores of “more than 150,000” ecommerce businesses.

It was founded in 2012 and its headquarters are located in San Francisco. Jill Sherman, the CEO, and Alain Miguel are her co-founders. Miguel was a prominent figure on Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 list for retail. Modalyst focuses on fashion brands and connecting them to retailers, designers and agents.

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The media reviews are overwhelming positive. It has received flattering mentions from publications such as Vogue, TedX and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Who’s Spocket?

Spocket explains it all on its website.

Spocket allows you to connect with suppliers from the US and EU. Simply install the Spocket app to your Shopify Store and then choose items from their catalog to add to your ecommerce store. It’s that easy.

To test the products out, you can order samples. Spocket suppliers are mostly based in the US and EU, so deliveries are more reliable than most of Spocket’s competitors.

GeekWire, Daily Hive and other sites have reviewed it. This Vancouver-based company was founded in 2017 and has raised $2.3 million in funding in three rounds. It’s quite impressive, right?

A Quickfire Price Comparison



This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up
  • Hobby Plan: $0 with a limit of 25 products
  • $35 for Start-Up Plan, with a maximum product limit of 250
  • $90 for Pro Plan which gives you unlimited products

All plans have a transaction fee of 5%


  • After a 14-day trial, $9 for the Starter plan
  • After a 14-day trial, the Pro Plan costs $49
  • After a 14-day trial, the Empire Plan costs $99
  • After a 14-day trial, $299 for Unicorn Plan


  • Modalyst offers 25% off your Pro and Start Up Plans if you make your payment annually.
  • Spocket gives you up to five months of free service if paid annually.
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Spocket is transparent about the benefits you receive for each plan type. Let’s see them listed below.

FYI: The Modalyst interface is less intuitive. You get a simple price plan but no table or list to show what each program includes. We would prefer to see the information categorized by price plan.

Now, let’s go to Spocket!

Starter Plan

  • Up to 25 unique products
  • Exchange of currencies
  • Actual-time inventory updates
  • Chat support available 24/7
  • Unlimited orders
  • Global pricing rules
  • Shipment tracking numbers

Pro Plan

All the above plus more

  • You can buy up to 250 products
  • You can get up to 25 premium products
  • Invoicing for brands
  • Exclusive deals
  • Premium search

Empire Plan

All the above plus more

  • Unlimitted Products
  • Unlimited Premium Products

Unicorn Plan

All the above plus more

  • Bulk purchase
  • An account executive dedicated to your needs
  • Support available 24/7 by phone
  • Requests for product

Modalyst Features at A Glance

  • Dropshipping products number in the millions
  • With just a few clicks, you can modify product listings and prices
  • Tracking of orders is available. This information will be sent to you and your customers in real time.
  • Integration with your website is easy, including Shopify or BigCommerce.
  • Import products to ecommerce websites by using CSV files.
  • Switching between virtual and wholesale inventories requires data-driven decisions
  • Standardized contracts include a 14-day return guarantee
  • Direct shipping to the customer directly from the brand
  • Inventory management
  • Export of custom data and real-time analysis
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Their Pros and Con

Modalyst’s Pros

  • Access to top-quality brands
  • Modalyst handles customer returns
  • Access to US and EU suppliers
  • Tracking information
  • Integration with BigCommerce & Shopify
  • No inventory costs
  • Free plan

Modalyst Cons

  • Transaktion fees of 5% across the board
  • No matter what price you sell it at, 60% of the suggested retail prices will go to the brand.
  • Shipping costs and times vary
  • If you are on a paid plan, you won’t be able to see all the suppliers.
  • Placement of orders is not entirely automated

Spocket Pros

  • Order product samples
  • They offer a free plan
  • Automated pricing levels
  • Automatic inventory updates
  • Shopify integration that works reliably
  • Simple user interface
  • Your own branding

Spocket Cons

  • Shipping to the US is more expensive and takes longer.
  • You must factor in customs duty and tax into product prices.
  • The free plan doesn’t include chat or call support.
  • It is not possible to sell on Amazon, Wish, Amazon, Etsy, or Amazon
  • There is no integration with Wix or BigCommerce

Their websites

The Spocket website is our favorite. It’s easy to use and written with the customer in view. Modalyst assumes some knowledge but doesn’t provide as much information as a company.

However, both sites offer useful resources in the form blog posts, articles, and guides for entrepreneurs as well as ecommerce store owners. Both sites emphasize empowerment. Spocket emphasizes the fact that they have helped around 30,000 entrepreneurs to date. You can also order products from the site to ensure that dropshipping works as it should.

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Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms

Modalyst can be integrated with Shopify BigCommerce, and Wix. Spocket is compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify.


Here we’re talking about help and training. Modalyst offers Dropshipping Insights on its homepage. You will find articles such as “100 Profitable Products for 2019”, “2019 Ultimate Dropshipping Business Guide For Beginners”, and many more.

Modalyst has a Help Center that covers topics such as setting up an account, shipping, pricing rules and handling customer orders. You can also use the search box to type in your question or topic and get helpful answers.

We couldn’t find a forum or helpline, but we did find a live chat option. It’s open from 9 AM to 5 PM PST. Modalyst also offers “Showroom” and “Profile Uploading”, which is for those who are “too busy” to create a profile. We’d love to help you.

Spocket’s homepage features a Help Center at the top. Customers can find FAQs and articles about how to reach the Spocket support team. You can also find a link to Spocket Community that takes you to its Facebook page. You can also see reviews of the site on the Reviews tab at top of the homepage. We saw a lot of 5-star ratings!

We believe that Spocket’s resources are superior to Modalyst’s.

To Sum Up:

We can’t make the right choice for you. Spocket allows you to join a community and receive support. Spocket’s lowest price is a great choice for beginners or startups who just started ecommerce.

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Modalyst will be the right app for you if you don’t care about shipping and only want to sell well-known brands.

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