BDroppy Fashion Dropshipping Platform Review

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This review will give you a clear view of the platform and all its promises. We’ll also show you if it actually does what it says it will in comparison to other platforms.

Before you choose a platform for running your online business, you should be familiar with the features available and whether they are the right fit for you.

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It is also important to determine if the pros of a product are more relevant to your company than its cons. You should also consider other factors such as pricing and ease-of-use. These can have a negative impact on your business’ operational functions.

We’ve reviewed BDroppy in detail and have provided all the information you need to make an informed choice about the service.

Let’s get started.

How to Choose a Fashion Dropshipping Platform

It is important to understand what makes an online fashion dropshipping platform great and how it can help you determine how relevant or non-relevant a service is for your brand. Let’s take a look at some factors.

Fabric Quality

It is important to make sure that your supplier only offers high-end products. You might want to request a sample before you proceed.

Fast Shipping

Before you sign up for a dropshipping platform, it is important to check out their shipping locations. Shipping time will be affected if the warehouse is located near your target audience.

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It is obvious that this is important, but it is also crucial to make sure your product prices are high enough to allow you to pay for marketing expenses. Many online fashion dropshipping platforms offer bulk discounts and subscription-based discounts.


Is the platform able to allow you to customize your packaging? This is crucial if you want to create a personal brand so that your customers know who you are.

What is BDroppy?

BDroppy, a fashion dropshipping platform, allows online businesses to sell designer clothes and accessories like Gucci, Armani and Nike without worrying about shipping or stock.

The platform allows vendors to choose from over 120 brands and designer fashion items in their thousands. It handles all aspects of dropshipping.

What does BDroppy do?

This service is for designers who wish to sell designer clothing without having to worry about shipping or managing a warehouse.

BDroppy allows you to access their catalogue to select the product you want to sell, and then you pay when a customer places an order.

This should be easy for most users. For an automated catalog connection, you can also choose a sales channel. BDroppy integrates with Amazon, Shopify and Squarespace.

These platforms allow for automatic catalog addition by connecting sales channels.

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Shipping and Logistics

After the customer has purchased products from your store, their order is automatically directed towards BDroppy. BDroppy processes the order and ships it to the final customers in the 50+ countries that they offer logistics. BDroppy is a partner with FedEx, DHL and Poste Italiane to ship.

With 3 Logistics centers and 3 operating offices (Italy USA, UK), the shipments can be guaranteed in more than 50 countries around the world.

BDroppy Pros & Cons


  • BDroppy lets you browse their product catalogue for free.
  • Shopify offers a free trial.
  • Integrations with most popular ecommerce platforms (Shopify. Woocommerce. Prestashop. Squarespace.
  • They provide a free domain name and hosting feature with their top plans.
  • They allow integration with popular marketplaces.
  • An online store can be created with an integrated fashion catalog and dropshipping.
  • Stores with international audiences can choose from multilingual or multi-currency options.
  • BDroppy offers next-day shipping to more than 50 countries, directly to customers


  • For beginners, the top BDroppy plans can be very expensive.
  • Some users may not be able to access priority support.
  • Although they claim they can integrate with many marketplaces, in reality they limit your options to those that are available to you based on the pricing plan.
  • Personal branding is not an option.
  • There is no same-day shipping available.
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BDroppy Features

These are some features offered

  • Original brand fashion products
  • Multi-currency management and multilingual management.
  • Integration with Amazon, WooCommerce Squarespace, Prestashop and Amazon.
  • Shipping partnership with FedEx and DHL, Boxberry, Poste Italiane.
  • Multi-channel management in one dashboard
  • BDroppy offers professional visuals to vendors for their marketing campaigns.
  • Shipping to Italy
  • BDroppy offers catalog exports in XML and JSON formats.
  • A product catalogue with over 120 fashion brands.

The platform allows potential vendors to register for free and view their products, as well look at the features of the platform.

This is a major win for BDroppy, as other services that offer similar functions only allow you full access after payment.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

This feature allows you to determine if products offered by the platform are relevant for your brand and audience without spending any money. Other notable features include price conversion in 27 currencies and a catalog available in 20 languages.

You can use the platform to create an eCommerce store, which is pre-integrated and integrated with a fashion catalogue. Vendors can choose from multiple templates that cover different aspects of the fashion industry.

This makes it easy for newbies to get started in eCommerce and is a big draw for the service. BDroppy also handles shipping, just as with dropshipping.

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This function allows you to create a mobile-friendly website design and integrate payment system. Domain and hosting are included. You can also customize your website by choosing from 24 languages and currencies.

This is an interesting fact. BDroppy claims that they are the most affordable platform that offers an eCommerce service. They also offer a preintegrated catalog. If they find a cheaper one, they will give the service free of charge. You might want to accept their challenge.

The Be The Only One program is the last feature of BDroppy.

This function allows sellers or brands that are well-established in the eCommerce market to sell one or two products from BDroppy’s catalog only in their country. This is an upgrade to BDroppy’s dropshipping service. It helps you eliminate online competition. This upgrade gives you access to dedicated commercial support and all the platform’s logistic distribution networks.

Some of these features may be limited depending on which pricing plan you select. The basic plan allows only one integration with the limited number of sales channels available. BDroppy is not a winner when compared to other companies offering similar services.

BDroppy User Interface Easy to Use

BDroppy has a simple to basic user interface. Signing up for services such as Be The Only One takes only a few minutes.

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You will need to select a monthly pricing plan in order to proceed. It is easy to navigate and includes a search function for their product catalogue and the ability to manage import orders and lists. You can filter the product catalog by categories, subcategories and brands. On the product catalog page, you can also view only discounted products.

BDroppy Pricing

The platform offers 3 major pricing options:

  • DroppyBasic – The DroppyBasic plan is 99 EUR per month and includes 1 integrated sales channel, including PrestaShop and Squarespace, Amazon, eBay and WooCommerce. This plan also includes next-day shipping, automatic price transmission, automatic product and pricing synchronization and real-time tracking. It also offers a maximum 1,000 reference for Amazon and eBay channels. Standard support via ticket and advanced and basic setup of new products.
  • DroppyPlus – This plan is 199EUR/month and offers 3 integrated channels from WooCommerce and Squarespace. You get everything with the other plans, except for the minimum order.
  • DroppyCommerce – The DroppyCommerce plan is EUR990/year and includes a premium template, hosting, domain name, and memory RAM (4GB/transfer 4TB), 2 integrations with Amazon, Etsy, and multi-language website (up to 3 languages), MailChimp plugin, and a payment gateway (Stripe-PayPalm).
  • DroppyCommerce Enterprise – This plan is available at a cost of 1990EUR per annum and includes everything in DroppyCommerce, as well as a mobile-friendly layout and automatic synchronization inventory and orders. Unlimited monthly orders are also included. Links to social media pages can be found here.
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The app costs $99 per monthly if you have a Shopify shop and wish to add BDroppy as dropshipping platform. The Shopify app is available for a free trial.

Support for customers at BDroppy

BDroppy offers priority technical support via email ticket with a standard response time 48 hours. They provide priority support within 24 hours for the more expensive plans.


BDroppy allows you to dropship products from your online fashion business.

However, the platform accomplishes this but at the cost of key features such as many integration options and tons of automated processes.

Despite this, there are some areas where the platform excels such as multi-currency options and multi-language options. You can also browse the product catalog before you choose a pricing plan.