Salesource Review eCommerce Dropshipping Analytics Tool

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SalesSource is an all-in-one AI software that will help you choose the best products to sell on your eCommerce store. It’s a drop-shipping platform that is reliable, easy, safe, and approved by over 25,000 Shopify providers.

SaleSource claims it has 100 million winning products, which were selected by AI. However, the niches are still broken down. SaleSource offers a Chrome extension that allows you to dominate dropshipping, and find products using this powerful tool.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

SaleSource allows you to spy on your competitors, and see which Shopify stores sell the product you’re analyzing. You can easily find the winning products on AliExpress and Amazon. With an in-depth analysis and comparison of SaleSources, Shopify stores can be analyzed.

What Does SaleSource Do?

This platform can be used on both a desktop and mobile computer. SaleSource offers a free 7-day trial. To access your analysis of top 5 products, you simply need to create an account.

This tool automatically finds top-quality suppliers, creates high quality product videos and uses premium tools for high-quality reports. In one click, you can search all competitors and find bestsellers.

Drop Ship at SaleSource offers personalized features that allow you to see Drop Ship suppliers in America, products for viral videos and shop bestsellers. You can get factory prices on each product and 7-day shipping from China to the United States with a reliable supplier form.

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Chrome Extension

Chrome extension allows you to analyze comparable products. This powerful tool can be used to avoid shipping or product research. It is not necessary to import images or data to search for the product. It is initiated automatically by connecting to SaleSource via the product listings.

An analysis has shown that Chrome is used by over one billion people worldwide. All Chrome users can use the SaleSource Chrome extension. All users can view and analyze the top-selling products. You don’t need to import data or software for analysis. SaleSource does everything. This extension is an excellent marketing tool for ecommerce businesses. The Chrome extension provides information on product specifications, sales charts, and price data.


Store Center

Another feature of SalesSource includes the Store Center, which houses the Best Stores and Store Analyzer sections, Store Tracking, Store Checklist, Store Tracking, Store Tracking, and Store Monitoring sections.

The Shopify Top Store section displays the most recent list of top-performing exhaust resellers. It is updated every week. This section contains three buttons: Bestsellers, Analyze and Track stores.

Click on the button for the best sellers to view the top stores and their revenue statistics.

To get a complete understanding of specific stores, use the Analysis Store button. This provides details on many metrics such as the duration of operation and how much traffic the store gets.

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Track Store allows you to track the fashion products and stores of your competitors. These features allow suppliers to access and analyze sales figures for a variety of products, campaigns and apps.

Product Center

This is the most important SaleSource feature. You can access information about the most popular products to add to your online store using Product Analyzer. SaleSource Chrome extension allows you to import and download product images.

Product Analyzer makes it easy to save time and allows you to see popular products so that you don’t have to manually search for one. Also, you can find information about competitors, videos about products and stores, as well as other useful information.

Marketing Center

This section contains Traffic checker, Product video Finder and FB video ad Finder.

Traffic Checker

This function, Traffic Control, provides traffic information. This function provides information about how many people have visited a particular product page. This provides basic information about how the user navigates the store.

Product Video Locator

This section contains the top marketing videos that will help you create marketing campaigns. Shop with strategies and learn from the best-selling videos.

Sale Center

SaleSource offers a number of videos that will help you understand how to use it. Learn how to identify a winning product and how to spot a competitor.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up
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You can select the Pro or Elite plan to have access to the SaleSource support team if you require assistance with your order tools.

What are the benefits of SaleSource?

Top Suppliers and Buyers

All suppliers can be viewed instantly with just one click. You also have the option to view the lowest prices and shipping costs to the United States. You can save time and money while ensuring customer satisfaction.

To determine market research, you can also see which customers ordered multiple units. You can test products using the Chrome extension. It is quick and easy to find products in no time.

Instant Competitor Intelligence

SalesSource allows you to see all of the online stores such as Amazon, Shopify, WordPress, and others. You can sell a product. VolumeFind2 allows you to search for similar applications and themes.

Shopify Made it Simple

Receive weekly updates on the products that you are selling at the lowest price. View the top 20,000 most popular and best-selling stores.

Autopilot Results

Another feature that Chrome extensions offers is the ability to show detailed trends for the past six months of units sold daily. This will give you an overview of the top-selling products over the past six months.

Trending Products

This personal dropshipping feed allows products to disappear automatically before they become saturated.

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Services offered by SaleSource

Here is a list of the services that SaleSource offers.

Store View

SaleSource has a number of highly skilled conversion specialists. They provide comprehensive assistance, brand development and information links. Setup assistance, speed control, SEO, and many other services.

Create Professional Store logo

The SaleSource team will create a distinctive logo that stands out from the rest.

Programming Tasks & Error Fixing

The SaleSource tool is not designed for programmers. SaleSource web developers can solve both minor and major problems.

High Converting Product Creation

If you are unsure how to make a great product video, SaleSource experts can help. These videos will be high-quality and convert well, which can generate maximum traffic and leads.

Increase Website Performance

Google’s website speed is an important aspect to take into account. You run the risk of the pages taking too long to load. This can impact your site’s performance and traffic. SalesSource experts can help increase site speed and conversion. This will increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Copywriting

SaleSource team creates content so that you don’t have to hire a copywriter

Powerful Navigation Design

SaleSource can design a navigation bar to store products and services in your store. This makes it easy for customers to find the right product in the right place at the right moment.

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Many people find managing Google Analytics difficult. SaleSource can help you place a Google analytics here.

Why choose SaleSource?

Many users don’t know who to call if they need to purchase something. Many users are in a rush and don’t waste their time looking for the best provider to suit their needs.

People buy products online. This is how the product is perceived by its marketing, brand, trust, lifestyle, and other stakeholders.

Dropshipping from SaleSource allows you to focus on product marketing. This means that you can communicate the right messages at the right moment and provide the right amount to the right person. These things are possible because it doesn’t store inventory. You don’t have to deal any other ecommerce management issues.

Pricing Plan Of SaleSource Review

Essential-Essential (basic), a monthly plan costs $49 each month. If you choose the yearly plan, it will only cost $29 each month.

This plan will provide you with:

  • 1 User
  • Daily Updates on the Latest Trending Products
  • Get an exclusive personal product feed
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Advertising Campaigns for Competitors
  • Product Description Generator
  • Bulk Product Video Search
  • Deep Shopify Store Analyzer
  • Deep Product Analyzer
  • Chrome Extension for Product Research
  • Shopify & Product Research Training
  • Live Chat Support Available 24/7
  • More than 100 Conversion Boosting Features

Take a look at the other plans

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Pro – $99/monthOr $59/month (For Yearly Subscription).

The Pro plan includes all of the essential plan’s features and allows for 1 user. There are additional features, such as:

  • Factory Pricing
  • Custom Conversion Training
  • Tailored advertising training & support

Elite – $299/monthOr £199/month (For Yearly Subscription).

The Elite plan includes all the Pro plans’ features, but allows for 5 users.

Pros & Con of SaleSource


  • It analyses competitor statistics
  • Compare product prices
  • It analyzes and identifies the best products
  • You can use the store analyzer or product analyzer features.
  • SaleSource Chrome Extension
  • 7-day trial for free


  • Training documentation is not available


SalesSource can help you achieve great success with your online store. Without any risk, sellers can make a profit. SaleSource offers over 100 million products, competitor information and a product description generator. It also provides reliable customer support and conversion training.