18 Best and Free Real Estate Agent Website Builders

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Brokers, agents, and realtors: Here’s a list of the top real estate website builders that will help you get your firm and brand out there.

This is your time to shine! These site editors will help you quickly build a professional online presence. To attract new clients, be creative and stand out among the rest. You will be amazed at the results of pushing your listings and services above and beyond.

You will notice that some website builders are more generic, while the others are real-estate-specific. This is why you should choose according to your requirements, but it also guarantees that you can’t go wrong with any.

Each one offers a unique approach that will help you create a winning outcome. You should make sure that you are using the one you like the best to maximize its potential. Also, be familiar with your real estate business.

If you’re new to real estate website builders and you are just starting out, here are some things to keep in mind. These tools don’t require any design or coding experience. You don’t need to worry about domain names and hosting in most cases.

Last but not the least, all web builders adhere to the most recent web trends and tech regulations. This means that your real estate pages will work seamlessly on all devices and platforms, and will stand the test of the years.

Best Real Estate Website Builders


Wix is one of the most powerful and effective website builders. It will help you get things moving quickly and create a great real estate website. Wix is flexible, adaptable, and extensible, so it can be used in any industry niche. You can start from the bottom or the top depending on what suits you best. Wix hosting is included, so there’s no need to search for third-party software. All you need to get started is an account. It will all be apparent as soon as your account is created. To get the full picture, take a look at the website examples and all the amazing features.

Wix offers a variety of layouts. You can also use search engine optimization and mobile-friendliness to improve your online presence and make your houses, apartments, and properties shine online. Wix is the best real estate website building tool. You can be successful online and reach new heights of success.


Placester will take you to places, as the name implies. It is one of the most popular real estate website builders on the market. This page builder will make you stand out thanks to its IDX integration or personalized data exchange. Placester is a mobile-friendly, modern real estate website that you can use to market your properties like a pro. Placester offers the most powerful features and tools to help you win prospects and convert them into new business deals, regardless of your level of expertise.

Placester offers multiple options for agents and brokers, making it easy to set up pages. You can choose from predesigned themes and use lead capture forms to offer MLS searches. Create a blog to personalize and promote your content.


Zyro is a great tool for building real estate websites. A website is essential for any real estate agent or realtor. Instead of spending a lot to a web designer, you can do it yourself using Zyro. You can get started immediately with the ready-to use site skins, domain names, and hosting.

Zyro offers drag-and-drop customizations that allow you to quickly adjust the default configurations. Zyro websites are mobile-friendly and SEO friendly. This means that everyone who visits your real estate will be able to enjoy a great site performance. Don’t forget to take advantage of social media which Zyro connects to easily.


Intagent is a website builder that focuses on real estate. It has all the tools and features you need to succeed in this market. You can access it from any device. It also offers modern and unique designs for real estate projects. You, agents, brokers, companies and all other entities are welcome to use Intagent to get your name out there. Your newly created page allows you to access the entire world from your home.

Intagent makes managing your content easy. But you have the ability to do more. Intagent can be customized to your specifications so that your website will look exactly the way you want it to. Intagent will make your real estate listings and transactions more efficient and reliable. Intagent allows you to start a blog and profit from search engine optimization. You can also integrate social media. All of these and many more are available to every Intagent user.


Weebly does more than just offer a website building service for eCommerce platforms or online stores. Weebly is a great website builder for real estate. Weebly has many features. It includes professionally designed templates, full customization, a responsive layout and mobile-friendly layout as well as stunning photo galleries. This shows that the product is extremely versatile and adaptable.

Weebly is the perfect tool for you, whether you’re a marketer or an agent. You can use it right away as a fun, easy-to-use editor. Weebly is your best tool for creating a high-performing, unique space that attracts new customers. For steady growth, build your reputation and increase your client base. You can now reach a worldwide audience and appear professional right away.

Agent Image

Agent Image is designed for property listings, real estate and other properties. It’s perfect for your obligations. This unique online platform is among the most popular real estate websites. Agent Image is extremely niche-specific, and comes with all the necessary components. It is easy to launch multiple websites for different real estate projects. Agent Image offers designs that can be used by individual agents or companies.

Agent Image will create a website for you that is both beautiful and meets all quality standards. Agent Image has many great features, including attractive property details, IDX search, lead generation and responsive web designs. It is possible to have a fully functioning real estate website up and running in a matter of hours. Are you ready to make a shift? Agent Image can help you make that happen.


Web4Realty, another advanced real estate website builder, allows professionals and agencies to get started on the internet in a matter of minutes. Web4Realty can help you speed up the process and avoid the temptation to start from scratch. Web4Realty ensures the best outcome with a variety of amenities and features. You have two options: Pro and Starter. Each plan offers many benefits.

Drag and drop page builders make it easy to create the perfect look for your website. They will display the content and details well. Web4Realty also includes IDX listings integration, predefined templates, analytics, lead generation and hosting. You can manage your business from one place, allowing you to focus on marketing and keeping it running smoothly.


There are many options available to you when it comes to building or redesigning an online presence. Tilda can be used for many purposes, including a real-estate website. The intuitive builder comes with over 450 blocks and a variety of layouts. It takes very little effort and time to create a page. You don’t need to be an expert in the field, but you can still achieve expert level results. You will be in safe hands with Tilda.

Tilda offers a variety of content that you can use to create custom blocks and change the web design in any way you like. Tilda places a strong emphasis upon visual appearance. This will ensure that your real estate company stands out to everyone. Your page will be responsive and load lightning fast.


If you are looking to manage rental and/or sales properties, Vevs is the best choice. The best real estate website builder for this industry is ideal because of all the tools and elements. Its unique and extremely useful features will allow you to increase your listing and online real-estate views, and increase sales potential.

Vevs’ powerful real estate software will allow you to maximize your role as site administrator. Vevs can be used by any real estate broker, agency or individual. You can manage multiple properties, set their prices and update their status.

Vevs has an integrated advanced property search feature that allows your users to quickly and efficiently find the right place. Vevs also integrates with Google Maps, automatically pining your properties to the map. You can also use it in multiple languages and customize almost everything.


Site123 is a powerful website builder for real estate. Site123 gives you exactly what it says. Site123 will give you more options for your convenience. You can also start free and upgrade to a premium plan if you need it. The free plan might be sufficient for your services. If you want to look professional online, just like you do when you sign up for new deals, then you should choose the premium plan and link it to your domain.

Site123 offers everything you need, including attractive templates, a coding-free page editor, free hosting, search engine optimization tools and mobile readiness. Start your online journey with a bang by getting things moving in the right direction.


Webflow is a unique website builder that specializes in real estate. It’s almost like playing a video game, but a more strategic one. You don’t need to be an expert in technical matters. All of this happens right in front your eyes. There is no back-end or endless code strings. It’s all beauty and awesomeness. It will be pure entertainment to build your real estate page with Webflow. This will allow you to take your company to new heights.

Webflow, a powerful and versatile software, is perfect for almost any kind of website. You will love its many features and flexible content management system. You can also get reliable web hosting so you can go live as soon as you have finished designing your page.


Squarespace is a great option to increase your online listings and real-estate leads. Squarespace is one of the most popular real estate website builders on the market. Squarespace’s unique, efficient and useful assets will allow you to grow your customer base quickly and show off the real you in a way that is captivating everyone.

Squarespace makes it easy to create real estate pages. Squarespace is not just for real estate professionals, but it also offers a site builder that anyone can use to create a page. There are many templates and designs that will suit your needs. Squarespace provides all the tools you need to create a website. You can also check out some Squarespace websites to see what Squarespace can do for you and your niche.


If you’re passionate about selling properties and offering exceptional real estate services, you should have a website. If you have one, but it feels outdated and out of date, refresh the site to attract new clients. Jimdo makes it easy to create a new and modern page with just a few clicks. This is not all, the Jimdo artificial Intelligence designer will help you get it moving.

Artificial intelligence?

It is true. Dolphin is one of Jimdo’s features. A web designer can assist you in your quest to create a professional website. What’s even better? You will be able to create the perfect web design for your project in just three minutes with Dolphin. Jimdo comes with tools that allow you to monitor your site’s performance 24/7. You will see a significant increase in traffic if you customize it and optimize it accordingly.


Webstarts can help you jumpstart your real-estate career. Webstarts is a leading online website building platform. It is easy to create your dream website by following these three steps. Webstarts explains that you will need to choose a design from their collection of unique layouts. You can also get a custom domain for free (depending on your plan), which you can share with potential clients. Finally, your website will be launched into the online world. Webstarts search engine friendliness is one way to do it.

Webstarts is free software that you can use to quickly get started. You can even get your name out there to see the results. Premium packages offer more perks, but for now, you may be able to get by with the free option.


Webnode can be used for more than creating personal and business pages. It can be used for many other purposes, including real estate. Webnode, a web-based real estate website creator, is easy to use, efficient, and has a simple environment. It is simple and affordable to create a page listing properties and listings. Webnode is free to use! The free package does not give you the freedom you need. This should be obvious. Start with the free package and upgrade later. Webnode grows along with you.

To create a modern and reliable real estate website, you don’t need to be a web designer or coder. You can quickly set up a web page using the mobile-ready templates or other useful elements. Check out real-life examples from other business owners who have used the Webnode platform successfully to manage their pages.


Yola is a multipurpose website builder that can be used for creating real estate pages. Yola even includes a section for realtors and real estate agents. Yola will make it easy to create a real estate listing site. Your potential clients should be involved in the development of your properties. This will increase your sales potential. You can make it easy for potential clients to find the right property by having all of your properties online.

Yola allows you to start things free of charge and then decide to continue if it meets all your requirements. Yola has many features, including appointment scheduling, a neat image gallery, and Google Maps integration. Yola is enabling you to secure your web space with a custom-branded real estate website.


You can be sure that uKit has something to offer everyone with hundreds of beautiful templates in 38 different categories. It can be called many things, but we’ll call it the best real-estate website builder. The drag-and-drop technique makes uKit very user-friendly. Why? This method was created to assist more people in creating their perfect pages, despite not knowing any coding. It is not necessary.

uKit, just like the other apps, creates the same experience on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Because of its universal grid structure, the layout adapts instantly to any screen. You can customize the template you prefer and add your own content to increase traffic. You can also use different analytics and promotion tools to fully control your real estate website.


Strikingly is a powerful tool that can help you maximize your potential with its many features, benefits, and characteristics. This fast website builder can help you set up your page in minutes. Strikingly does so much more, but this is just a small sample of how useful it is. It is important to note that Strikingly is free to use and you can upgrade at any time.

Strikingly creates striking websites that make complete sense. Strikingly can help you register a domain name, host your real estate pages, and add a blog. Strikingly is a great place to have fun and maintain your professionalism. You can also link your social media accounts to your website if you’re active on Facebook and Twitter.


Duda is a powerful website builder that allows you to start your own business in minutes. Duda can be used in many niches and industries, making it a great platform for creating and maintaining cutting-edge websites. Spread the word, get your business online and you will see your business grow. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy to do all of this. If you’ve made it this far, you already know that.

The templates. Duda offers many different options at your disposal. You will surely find the right style for your real-estate firm! You can easily modify it and adapt it to suit your needs. All pages of Duda are compatible with modern standards such as mobile-readiness and retina compatibility.


Websitebox is a dedicated website builder for realtors. It costs only one payment. It is only one-time payment. After that, you can continue using Websitebox however many times you wish. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee. You also get a domain and web hosting that you can use for as long as you like. Websitebox makes it possible to do things you never thought of. It’s easy to see, but it is hard to believe. Websitebox is the best software to help you become a real estate agent online.

Websitebox’s key features include MLS listing integration and stunning web design. Search engine readiness is also available. Customer relationship management is another important feature. Websitebox’s control panel is easy to use so you can get the most from it. Websitebox also includes one email template and email marketing campaigns.