Wix Professional Free Logo Maker Review Best Option

It might be hard to believe that free logo design services are available. This is because the free logo design services are usually limited to a basic tool and little branding support. Wix offers an alternative to this approach. Wix logo maker gives you a stunning design experience, and the option to buy high-quality files, if needed. Wix’s logo maker is so effective because you can create the logo from what your brand looks like. If you are only thinking about your brand image, the Wix logo maker can help. The Wix logo creator is a great place to begin.
Wix is not for everyone. It makes it simple to create a logo using the most basic tools. Instead of using less-professional files like JPG or PNG, you can download the vector files.

Wix is a great tool for those looking to create high-quality websites at a low price. Wix is also an easy to use interface that makes it a great choice for people with limited design skills. It makes sense that Wix is getting into logo design, and we are excited to give it a try.

What’s Wix Logo Maker?

Wix Logo Maker was created by Wix to assist businesses in launching their online presence. Wix is an expert in creating stunning websites, but many companies require more than a website to make an impression online. Your logo is key to making your brand memorable.

Many entrepreneurs find logo design difficult to approach. Companies around the globe are known for spending millions on the perfect logo. Wix has decided to include logo creation as part of its website builder experience.

This easy-to use logo builder includes state-of the-art technology including artificial intelligence to give you a point of reference for your logo strategy. Wix is the perfect tool for you if you are looking for an easy way to create your logo.

Wix Logo Maker Features

Wix’s logo maker makes it easy to create beautiful logos online. You can make modifications to your chosen AI-enhanced logo design. You can drag and drop design elements, and the grid function keeps content aligned.

Hex codes make it easy to match brand colors on packaging and websites for companies that have specific branding guidelines, including Hex colors. To expand your logo, you can add shapes, icons and text boxes.

Wix’s logo maker has one of our favorite features: the ability to “preview” how your logo might look in different formats. Your logo can be displayed on a tee-shirt, business card or social media page. You can also experiment with different options and not have to commit to any one option.

The best features of Wix’s logo designer are:

  • Amazing vector files of high quality
  • Drag and drop builders allow you to design your own layouts
  • There are many customization options
  • Artificial intelligence can help you start your design
  • Graphics and shapes
  • There are 100s of options for sample
  • Hex codes for color palettes
  • Background editing

You can also download a small sample of your logo for free. Although it might not seem like much, this could be a great way to show your design to shareholders without having to buy the entire logo design from Wix.

Wix Logo Maker Review: What the Tool Does

The Wix Logo Maker is unique because it doesn’t direct you to the builder. To get a better understanding of your brand culture, and the products you intend to sell, you will be asked several questions. The process begins with a few simple questions that only take five minutes. One example is “What describe you?” You can then choose keywords such as formal, hipster, playful, and so on to describe your brand.

The Like/Dislike page is my favorite part. Here you can see a few designs and choose the one that you like. After you’ve selected the ones that you like, Wix will let your decide what your logo should look.

The results of your quiz are finally revealed. Each design will have your company name and optional tagline. This review was done by Joe’s Shoes. Wix knew I was selling shoes so it added different shoe icons to some of my designs. The variety of designs available was amazing. I could click the More button to view more. You can also change the icon or adjust your company name and move onto the editor.

After you click on the editor, you will be able to make adjustments to your logo with a solid designer. This editor is similar to the Wix website builders, so beginners shouldn’t have any trouble using it. Everything can be changed, from the icon’s color to the tagline.

Next, you will need to download your logo depending on the package that you choose. You can get a free sample of your logo from this page.

What you can do with Wix Logo Designer

Wix’s logo design tool has some limitations, but it is much faster than hiring a designer to create your logo. After the AI system asks questions about your brand, it will generate a suggested logo. You can then customize that image with text, colors, fonts, graphics, or any combination thereof. You can even change the icon at any moment before you buy the logo. This is a great feature, as some logo designers require you to start over if you wish to change the icon at the center.

You can easily resize, rotate, and adjust elements of your logo design. Wix even has the ability to help you choose color palettes if you are developing a brand. The Wix logo design tool integrates seamlessly with all other Wix features and services. Wix is a drag and drop website builder. It makes sense to package your logo design with the website creation.

Wix can be used to impress your audience by printing business cards and delivering them anywhere in the world. Or, you can create your brand merch with partners within Wix. If you feel overwhelmed, you can also have your logo designed by a professional within Wix.

Wix Logo Maker: Easy to Use

Wix Logo Maker lets you create a basic version for free. However, you can only download a small portion of the design. You will need to purchase high-resolution SVG files as well as other tools for website branding and social media.

The plus side is that the Wix logo environment is easy to use, just like the Wix website builder.

All you need to create a website logo that is successful is included in an easy-to use package. You can also purchase high-resolution images with all the packages available. You can even choose from transparent or black/white versions.

The AI integration is perhaps the best feature of Wix logo maker. Instead of spending hours looking through possible logo designs, start the design process with answering some basic questions about you brand.

The AI system will ask questions to gain a better understanding of your company and the image you want to project. It then proposes designs, text and colors to match your company. Even if you don’t like the first suggestion of design, you can always change the way you answer the questions to get different results. You can also customize the design to your liking.

The downside to the Wix logo maker’s simplicity is that it’s very basic. You won’t be overwhelmed by the variety of colors and designs that you have to choose from. After all, you are not working with a professional design team.

The Wix logo creator makes it easy to start with a basic business icon. You can quickly create a decent-looking logo by simply clicking. You don’t have to make a mistake and can view how your logo will look in preview.

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

The Wix logo maker allows you to create your own designs at no cost. The pricing starts when you make a decision to buy your logo. After you have created a logo using the generator, you can choose a plan to access the file.

The free logo maker is now a premium product that allows you to access one logo. You will need to buy another plan if you change your business name or want to create a brand new logo.

Although the logo is only a one-time purchase, the plans can be renewed on an annual basis if you select any other plan. Plans include:

  • Basic is a logo design that can be used commercially by companies and startups. 8 standard logo files in color, monochrome, and grayscale are included for your accounts as well as your WordPress store. $20 single purchase.
  • Value: 1 custom logo design that you can use anywhere with both commercial and non-commercial rights. 8 standard logo files available in a variety of colors. The combo plan includes a custom premium website and 2GB bandwidth. $11 per month if paid annually
  • Advanced: 1 design with full commercial rights. 8 standard logo files available in a variety of colors. Resizable logo files. Logo files for social media and optimized logos to be used in app stores. $50 one-off payment.
  • Professional: 1 design for logo with both commercial and non-commercial use rights. 8 standard logo files with different color options, social media icons and resizable files. 250 business cards. Wix unlimited website plans include a premium website, 10GB storage, custom domain access, and ad vouchers to promote your site. $16 per month.
  • Deluxe: 1 design with both commercial and non-commercial use rights. Also, 8 standard logo files. All of your social media logo designs, including resizable files and brand guides. You also get 250 business cards. Wix Unlimited Business Plan includes a custom website, domain access, 10GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, promotion vouchers, and an unlimited number of business cards. Professional design touch-ups are included as part of Priority Support.

Additional features

Wix’s Logo Maker makes logo design and creation easy with all the tools and high resolution files available. Access a variety of logo options to suit your business. You can also use the online tool to create files for business-branded shirts and other products.

It is nice to be able to access both a logo as well as an SEO-ready website all in one package. A designer touch-up service is also available to improve the quality of your logo. You can get more than PNG files, and a step by step guide to making your logo if you choose to access a professional designer. Wix can also connect you to a professional designer so that you can get beyond basic templates.

Wix’s logo designers can help you choose the right type of logo, assist you with typography and make your logo great for web design. Print business cards and other materials and receive help in creating a website with the new logo.

Wix.com offers a variety of tools that will help you get the best out of your various services, even if you don’t require professional help. Wix.com has tutorials for many things.

What makes the Wix logo maker stand out?

Apart from the many great features that we have already mentioned, Wix has other benefits. There are hundreds of results when you search for a Wix logo maker.

Why would I choose Wix over other options?

It integrates with Wix, so it makes sense to have all your tools under one roof. You can easily transfer your logo to Wix. The logo maker can match the branding of your website to your logo design, and vice versa. You’ll be more successful in creating a brand that is easily recognized by using similar colors, fonts and icons.

Wix’s customer support resources are ready and waiting for you. Although the company isn’t well-known for its support, the online resources are among the best in the industry. You can visit the knowledge base or blog to learn more about logo design and get some helpful tips for your website.

Wix Logo Maker:

Wix is one of the few companies that offers both website design and logo design in one package. You can create great websites using Squarespace but you will still need to talk to a designer to get your logo designed separately. Wix logo maker allows you to create logos as many times as you like before you have to purchase anything. You can also get tons of support to make sure you get the best out of your new design.

Wix can be used correctly to help you design logos. Wix is a reliable and affordable alternative to traditional assistance if you want to quickly create a logo. Wix also has many other features that can be used to create a logo. The platform allows you to design your website, print business cards and create a domain. You can also access marketing tools to promote your brand.

The logo maker is a great option if you are already using Wix to create a logo. It’s also great for people who don’t have a specific logo design in mind. I would love to hear your suggestions.