10+ Best and Free AD Spy Tools for Dropshipping

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Are you looking for the best tools to spy on e-commerce and dropshipping? To find out more about your competition’s stores,

This blog post lists the 12 best tools in a variety of sizes and shapes. These tools are great for helping you to understand ad strategies and find the best products to sell.

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Why do you need an Ad Spy tool for Ecommerce & Dropshipping

You can quickly discover what other people in your niche are doing and copy their strategies. This will allow you to avoid spending money blindly testing ads. Ad spy tools can also be used to identify current trends in e-commerce and dropshipping, and find profitable products before they become too saturated.

During the Covid-19 pandemic for example, home fitness equipment demand shot up dramatically. Dropshippers saw the opportunity to advertise related products and began dropshipping. You could easily catch this trend by using a powerful ad spy software and make decent profits.

Ecom Swipes – Best Ad Case Studies For ECommerce & Dropshipping

Ecom Swipes, to be honest, isn’t much of an ad-spying tool. It is more of a collection eCommerce and dropshipping case study.

This tool does not have spying or filtering capabilities. However, don’t underestimate it.

It believes that the key to success in eCommerce dropshipping is a solid understanding of successful marketing campaigns. This blog curates and breaks down different strategies behind winning eCommerce ads and products. You will be able create a more profitable and sustainable dropshipping business by applying these strategies to your specific use case.

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Pricing: Completely free.

Facebook Hidden Interest Finder – Simple Tool To Find Hidden Interests For Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Your Facebook advertising cost will be higher if you promote the same product to the same audience as other sellers. This is because there are more competitors for those audiences. You can use the Facebook Hidden Interests Finder to find and target completely different interests. This will reduce the problem and result in a lower ad price, better performance and greater profit.

Pricing: Completely free.

Commerce Inspector Shopify Store Tracking Chrome Extension with Built-In Ad Spy

Commerce Inspector, apart from the ability to track the top-selling products, apps and traffic for any Shopify store. It also allows you to see the Facebook ads that a store currently runs. You can be certain of the accuracy of this data as it is directly pulled from Facebook Advertising Library.

The tool also shows you the most popular e-commerce Facebook groups and the most talked about Facebook product posts. These are important to keep you on top of any dropshipping trends.

Commerce Inspector can help you compete and grow, no matter if you are a veteran dropshipper or a novice.

Pricing: Basic use is free Paid plans starting at $29/month and going up to $299/month

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ShopInspect– Artificial-Powered Ecommerce Product Research and Facebook Ads Spy Tool

ShopInspect, powered by AI, machine-learning, and a team e-commerce and dropshipping experts, is a powerful product search and ad spy tool that will help you identify winning dropshipping products ahead of they go viral.

This tool allows you to search for Instagram ads that are winning by keywords or brand names. You can also see how many likes and shares they receive, as well as their target audience.

ShopInspect offers advanced features such as sales prediction and product customization.

Pricing: 2 Paid Plans – $39/month or $47/month

SpyFu– Spy Tool for Ecommerce Using PPC Search Ads

SpyFu is a great tool to help you find profitable products and search for keywords in Google.

The tool allows you to spy on the most successful advertisers, their top PPC search ads, history of organic ranking, and detailed analysis of organic search ranking.

Pricing: No data charges and no fees. Paid plans starting at $39/month and going up to $299/month

Dropispy- Ad Spy Tool Designed for Dropshipping

Dropispy, an ad spy tool that has one of the largest Facebook advertising databases, is specifically designed for dropshippers or online retailers.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Its advanced technology allows you to access millions of Facebook ads quickly and filter through them all quickly to find the winning ads and best niches.

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Dropispy also allows you to view various dropshipping shops, check out all their hot products and apps, as well as see daily page views, traffic, and other information.

Pricing: No cost for use, but limited functionality. Prices start at $29.99

PowerAdSpy – Powerful Ad Spy Tool For Inspecting Ads On 8+ Platforms

PowerAdSpy, one of the best ad spy software tools online, allows you to spy on ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google as well as Reddit, Quora and GDN.

The tool also offers advanced features such as detailed ad filtering and engagement-oriented information. It can also target GEO-targeted data.

Pricing: No Charge for 10 Days. After that, pricing plans begin at $49/month and go up to $349/month.

BigSpy is a recommended tool for spying on experts

BigSpy allows you to inspect ads on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram Google, YouTube, Twitter and Yahoo.

Like other tools, you can access advanced searching, filtering and tracking capabilities. Its strengths are the Ad Ideas and Top Charts, which enable you to find interesting ad concepts and view a list with top Facebook advertisers.

BigSpy claims it is a free tool. However, you can only do 5 searches per day. Not so free after all.

Pricing Get 5 searches per day for no cost. Paid plans starting at $9/month and going up to $399/month

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Droppoint – The cheapest Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Drop Point could be a good option if you are looking for an affordable ad-spying tool.

This tool continuously collects Facebook ads from different accounts. It also includes basic information like the number of likes and shares, views, last seen times, and CTA buttons. You can filter ads by keywords, page type, country, button type and post type.

People looking for profitable AliExpress products that they can dropship will find the winning Ali products tab useful.

Pricing: No charge with limited functionality. Only 5$/month is the cost of the paid plan.

Facebook Ad Library The Official & Only Free Facebook Ad Spy Tool

Facebook Ad Library was created by Facebook and is the only official, free ad spying tool on this list.

It is not as functional as it could be. You cannot see how many shares and likes an ad has, nor can you use advanced filters. However, it is worth looking at for the most current data.

Pricing: Free

Anstrex– Native and Push Ads Spy Tool

You should also look into Native & Push channels for winning ads and products, in addition to Facebook ads.

Anstrex lets you spy on e-commerce and dropshipping native, push ads on over 30+ networks, gain campaign insight, analyze competitors and determine the best ad strategy to use.

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You can also access Anstrex Dropship free of charge to search for the hottest products and browse thousands of the top dropshipping websites. Additionally, the Oberlo-like Chrome Extension allows you to automate your dropshipping business.

Pricing:Anstrex Dropship can be used for free while it is in beta. Anstrex Native & Push start at $69.99/month and go up to $139.99/month.

Adbeat– The Largest and Most Insightful Ad Spy Tools

Adbeat is our favorite ad spy tool.

This tool pulls data across 90+ ad networks. It shows you top creatives, estimated ad spend, and ad buying strategies. In just a few clicks, you can compare advertisers and access detailed publisher data. It also allows you to create a variety of ad reports.

Adbeat is a great tool for companies who need a comprehensive and thorough analysis of any company or brand.

Pricing: No charge with very limited usage Pricing plans start at $249/month

Eboost Ad Spy – Handy Free Facebook Ad Spy Chrome Extension

Eboost Ad Spy is a useful dropshipping Chrome Extension that allows you to quickly locate ads from any store without having to go to Facebook Ad Library.

It is easy to use. Simply go to any ecommerce, dropshipping or website that interests you. If the extension icon turns blue it means that it found a Facebook account. You can then click on the extension icon to open Facebook Ads Library.

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Eboost Ad Spy works also on Facebook pages. To view the ads, go directly to any Facebook page. This tool is very useful for marketers who want to quickly learn about their competitors.

Pricing: Absolutely free.

Swipe Worthy Best Ad Resources for Marketing & Copywriting Inspiration

Visit Swipe Worthy to view great ads created by professionals in different fields. You can also see how they write copy and the strategies they use.

It is completely free and we recommend it to anyone who is looking for inspiration and learning more about marketing and copywriting.

Pricing: Absolutely free.


You can quickly locate winning ads and products using the best Dropshipping Product Research Tools. Then you can start selling them to make huge profits.

Each tool in this list has strengths and weaknesses. Some even have a different purpose. We recommend that you test all of the tools and decide which one is best for your business.

Dropshipping success is not guaranteed by winning products and ads. Your sales performance can be affected by many other factors, including your store design, trustworthiness, sales-boosting elements and email marketing. Customer relationships are also important.

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