Aliexpress Dropshipping Products The Complete Guide

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Dropshipping, or reselling goods, is a great way for you to get your business started without having to worry about shipping and inventory. It is easy: You simply place an item on your website for sale. After you have received your order, you can write to the supplier for them to ship it on your behalf.

AliExpress makes it easy to find products for sale. You don’t have to worry about shipping or inventory. You can purchase items wholesale and have them shipped directly to your customers.

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What is the best dropshipping item? (Criteria to evaluate)

To determine the market, analyze competitors and learn from their mistakes to make better decisions, market analysis is essential. You can still make a decent income even with lots of competition. It’s worth looking at products that fit your lifestyle.

What are the top AliExpress products for Dropshipping? Everything, from household chemicals to phone cases. It all depends on how the business is run and what the selling proposition is. AliExpress also offers dropshipping products that are more traditional.


Let’s look at AliExpress’s most popular dropshipping products and then use statistics from Google Trends to identify the most hot niches. We can identify the top five niches.

  1. Tech supplies include cables, headphones, headphones, cables and laptops.
  2. Accessory (bags and backpacks, belts, bracelets and earrings, etc.
  3. Clothes (kids clothes, as well as clothing for men and women) are very popular.
  4. Goods for the home: vacuum cleaners, cookware, gadgets, lighting and decor.
  5. Marvel products (hoodies, T-shirts, gadgets and toys, etc.
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Gadgets & Tech Supplies

This category is probably the most in-demand. Gadgets are in high demand – both on AliExpress and in all other online shops. These are the top-selling tech products on AliExpress.

AliExpress’s unique advantage in this niche is its low price. You can find most smartphones, laptops and headphones here at a fraction of the cost. This niche is very popular, as you can see in the screenshot.


Accessories are another popular item on AliExpress – belts, bags, earrings, and so forth. This is because they are all the same price and offer the same variety and richest choice. You can find the most popular accessories on AliExpress here:

AliExpress has more options than any other online shop. AliExpress has a niche that caters to every taste, size, and purse.


Dropshipping is a popular way to make money from clothes. This is where you can find the most popular AliExpress clothes:

Popularity is affected by many factors, including seasonality, cheapness of production, quality and regular promotions and offers from sellers such as “buy 3 things, Get 4!”.

Home Goods

It is common for nearly everyone to decorate and improve their home. Why not use AliExpress products? We have compiled a list of the top home products on AliExpress.

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The home goods section is extremely popular. The wide selection and high value are reasons for this popularity. Dropshipping is an easy way to make a profit online, even for newbies.

Marvel Products

Popular merchandise that features superheroes is both for children and adults. AliExpress has a wide selection of Marvel-themed merchandise.

The popularity of Marvel-themed merchandise has increased dramatically since the WandaVision series was released. This is all about the quality of merchandise. However, this advice can be applied to any niche.

Demand and Seasonality

It is important to take into account the seasonality of certain goods when analyzing the dropshipping market. Seasonal goods are highly dependent on the season. Swimwear in summer is a good example. Garlands in winter are a bad example. This will hold true for all competitors with peak sales occurring at the beginning and mid-season.

The customer expects vendors to offer the most variety and the lowest price during the season. These goods are usually sold at a reduced price in the off-season.

Here’s an example of a summer product: Take a look at this wave-like graph, with sales peaking in the early summer.

Here is an example for a winter product: We can still see a wave-like graphic, but the peak points are in November and December.

All-season goods are also available. These products are in high demand and highly sought after all year. These include household chemicals, appliances, clothing, and household goods.

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These goods are in high demand. However, the supply is fairly constant.

Quick and Cheap Delivery

After the price of the product, the main consideration for buyers is the delivery cost. People will often choose to buy goods from sellers that offer free shipping and the possibility of tracking the parcel.

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Some goods have a delivery cost that is higher than the actual price of the product.

Shipping costs can vary depending on the order. Cheap packages cannot be tracked outside of China. Some sellers offer faster shipping, but at a higher cost (unless you require the item within the next 24 hours).

Ideal would be a combination of speed and price. It is amazing if the product can be delivered for free within two weeks. This will ensure your success on AliExpress. Even if the buyer pays for delivery, you should not exceed the cost of the item. Also, ensure prompt and efficient delivery.


Avoid entering the niche of selling branded products to resell imitations or fakes. It is better to opt for unbranded goods. It is better to reject a product that has a logo, even if it is genuine. AliExpress prohibits third parties from selling branded products on its platform.

You should not take any chances as you are not an official representative for the brand and cannot guarantee that the product is authentic.

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This could reduce the number of products available for resale. It is therefore better to choose niches in which the brand doesn’t matter, such as electronic accessories or clothing.

Only world-renowned brands are exempted from the non-branded item policy. There is nothing wrong with your product having the logo of a small local business. The platform allows you to sell your products. It is safer to not work with counterfeits or originals of well-respected brands.

Emotional Impact

A good selection of products is key to success for any retail outlet. The first step is to decide the main product that the client will be purchasing. There are also items that clients buy simply because of the way it looks, because it was presented at the right time, or because they “felt like” it.

Impulse purchases are a category of goods. This is a very important part of the assortment because impulse purchases can account for up to half of the turnover in small shops.

Even if your product is not in the impulse purchase category, you still want to make it emotional. The presentation and positioning of your product is what you should be concerned in this case. The image should inspire a desire for the product, and invoke pleasant emotions.

Let’s take a look at the two hoodies on the platform.

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What emotions will this product invoke in you? None. Take a look at this one.

This couple is beautiful and we want to be friends with them. How do we do this? You can do that by purchasing the hoodie they are wearing. Now you can see the difference between the number of orders for this item and the one above. This is how emotional shopping works. You need to pay attention.


You should also consider their weight when dropshipping products. It shouldn’t be more than 2-4 kilograms. Here’s why. Heavy goods can be difficult to transport. The product could be dropped or damaged even during home delivery. This risk is higher for heavy goods. International shipping will almost always incur an additional weight fee. You don’t think this is a good idea for your customers.

This wolf’s head is 3 kg in weight. And look at how many people have bought it. Here’s another piece of decor that is similar, but lighter-weighted. The number of sales increases and the price falls.


The principle here is the same as with heavy parcels: the smaller your product, the easier and safer it will be for you to ship it. The higher your product’s chances of reaching the buyer intact and without any damage is also a plus. This stroller is an example.

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There are so many parts and details in this product that there is a high chance of it being damaged or missing during shipping or packaging. It cannot be folded to save space. Take a look at this illustration:

The stroller folds easily without requiring you to detach parts and takes up little space. It can also be packed easily. Which product has the best chance of reaching the buyer safely?


Dropshipping products should also be characterized by their uniqueness and individuality. We don’t want to buy boring, generic products. We go online to search for something different, something no one else has. Try to sell unusual things. Let’s take this mug as an example.

It’s interesting but not very popular. Why? It is simple – you will find it in any local cutlery shop. Take a look at these mugs, and the sheer number of products you can buy.

You won’t find it in your local store. It is rare and unique. This is why it is so beloved.

Competitive Prices

You should choose products between $1-20 depending on what products you intend to resell. This will reduce your risk of losing money if the product is not as good as expected. You can also sell these products at a high mark-up for as low $20-50. On AliExpress, sneakers can be purchased for as low as $0 and sold for $50. You will receive 60% of the net profit.

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Also, try to keep your price affordable. A phone case that costs almost $70 is not something people want to purchase. However, a new phone might be more affordable. This item may also be lost in transit – it is possible to lose $70.

However, $1-5 is a fair price for a phone case. Take a look at the number here.

Safe and conscientious supplier

Dropshipping products is a good idea, but you need to make sure the supplier you choose as a friend is trustworthy . This can be done using a variety of criteria. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Please read the full product description, not “copy-paste”.

A detailed description of the product is the most important criteria for a safe supplier. The description should include the main features and benefits of the product, as well as the instructions or features, the size grid and information about the warranty. AliExpress has similar descriptions. This is the most important thing. This supplier should not be trusted if you see copy-paste.

Many high-quality photos

You should also pay attention to the quality of the product photos. Images should show the product from several angles. If it is clothing or shoes, the size should be clearly visible. There should also be no large logos or smears in the photos.

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In case of doubt, verify that the photos were provided by the manufacturer. To check if the images were taken by the seller or if they were stolen from another seller, you can Google search the image.

Many positive, real feedback

It is important to ensure that the product you intend to resell has at least a 4.5 star rating, and that the seller has received positive reviews and a high rating. Reviews should not be viewed as “stars”, but rather real reviews written by real people. Photos are a great way to show the quality of the product and how it reaches people.

Complete seller profile

All information about the seller should be available to you, including the country from which the product was made, the place it was delivered from, and who the manufacturer is. You should have no questions after reading the card.

All contact information is readily available

A supplier’s contact information must be listed on the seller page. These details must include email addresses and phone numbers. Before placing an order, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Reliable sellers will answer your questions quickly. Sometimes you can even get a discount. This is a sign to alert the seller if they don’t respond.

High seller rating

Pay attention to the seller’s rating. The seller’s rating is comprised of five indicators: average score for reviews and age on the site; ratings for communication; positive reviews; speed of delivery. A store’s rating is determined by how satisfied it has customers. It can be viewed on the top product page.

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The status of a trusted brand is granted to stores that have the highest AliExpress rating. These stores are identified with a special icon that appears first on the search page. All trusted brands are listed on one page, and then broken down into categories.

The supplier is always available

Any request from the buyer, positive or negative, must be responded to by the supplier. This not only shows the seller’s availability but also his desire to please the buyer. 

AliExpress Dropshipping Products: Reliable Search Methods

There are many ways to find out which products are most popular, and get ideas for dropshipping. You can search the AliExpress “Most Popular” category, browse through web tools or browse social media.

AliExpress Search

Let’s take a look at some of our most useful search methods.


Recommendations are the best and most efficient way to find dropshipping products on AliExpress. If you’re interested in selling sneakers, but don’t know which models are most popular, this is a good example. Look for a product similar to the one you plan to sell. Below the price box and photo, you will see a list with “Recommended for You” products.

These are the items AliExpress recommends after you have reviewed an item. These are the most popular items on AliExpress. This allows you to see which products are most in demand and which models are likely sell quickly. AliExpress recommends products within the same price range.

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The best selling products

You can also visit the “Top Selling” section of the main page to identify the products that you are looking for. This is a great way to find the right product for you, even if you don’t know where to begin selling or which product to choose. These are the most popular products on the platform. If they are purchased so often, it means that there is a demand and you can make money working with them.

Start small and affordable items like accessories or toys for your phone. Shoes and clothes are another option. Avoid choosing expensive or seasonal items in this section. They can be very popular.

Recommendations from Sellers

Let’s say you are a fan of a seller on AliExpress and would like to offer a similar product. For such cases, there is a section called “Sellers Recommendations”. This section allows the seller to recommend items similar to his or other bona fide AliExpress sellers.

This is a good option for people who only want to deal in one type of product (e.g., sneakers or dresses) but want to expand their range. These recommendations will help you understand which products are possible to add to your portfolio, and what price to place them.

Use the AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Many people find it difficult to find the right products on AliExpress. There is hope for those who are not so fortunate. AliExpress has many tools that allow you to search for products today. AliExpress Dropshipping Center, for example, offers a free search tool.

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There is nothing to do here. A simple, free registration in this program will suffice. You get all dropshipping tools even if your business isn’t yet started. This tool will always be with you. After activating it, you can access it in your AliExpress Account.

Use the Search Tool

A third-party tool can also be used to search AliExpress for the right product. Alitools is one such tool. Alitools legaly accumulates information about sellers, stores, products and prices. Alitools uses this information to show trusted sellers on AliExpress and search for similar products (including pictures) and give honest user reviews.

It is possible to determine whether an item has been overpriced, or if it was the lowest priced in the past six months. You can add the item to your Alitools tracked items using the Alitools browser extension and the Alitools mobile application. Alitools will monitor the product you have added and notify you if the price drops. You can then buy the product at any price that you choose.

Alitools is available to anyone. Download an extension for your browser or an iOS and Android app. Next, visit the page for the product that interests you or search the thousands of products available. Alitools will show you the details of the seller’s price, item, and seller. Compare prices, find a vendor, read genuine reviews and make a decision.

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Google Trends Search

Google Trends is another tool that can be used to help you find the right niche and product. This service can help you determine what your customers are interested in today. It will also tell you whether your product appeals to the market, seasonality and which regions products are most popular.

Let’s begin with the “Analysis” section. The search box allows you to enter a keyword or topic directly from the homepage. Pay attention to the filters

  1. “Region”: You can view statistics worldwide, as well find out how popular the request is at the city or country level.
  2. “Period” is a way to set the period from 2004.
  3. “Category” is a function that will help you specify the search query’s category.
  4. “Search type” allows us to choose the exact location we want to analyze the question. This includes images, news, YouTube, and Google Shopping.

Google Trends offers the unique ability to analyze data by city and region. This allows you to see which regions are most interested in a particular product. Another useful function is located at the bottom of this page: similar search terms or topics. This page shows you what users are searching for, along with the products that you have specified.

You can view not only the dynamic of queries and seasonality but also analysis by region in “Analysis”. You can also compare up four segments (search queries and products, topics).

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The analysis results are clear:

  • Unpopular. Google Trends only shows queries that are frequent enough. You will not see any values for the rest.
  • Repetitive. Repetitive queries are not accepted.
  • With special characters. Filter out queries containing apostrophes or other special characters.

AliExpress: Avoid Dropshipping

We’ve now identified the top products for AliExpress dropshipping and explained how to select suppliers and products. Now it’s time to discuss what products you should avoid.

Dropshipping products that are not suitable or of low quality can lead to angry customers and even legal action. What products should you avoid? Let’s find out.

Expensive gifts

It is simple: you cannot be certain of the quality or delivery time of the product. It is possible for expensive jewelry and gadgets to be stolen while being shipped from China to you. You can request a refund in the event of an error, but it is better to avoid taking the risk and choose less expensive products.

Furniture and other dimensional interior pieces

This principle is the same as what we discussed in the section on heavy or bulky items. AliExpress will ship your sofa, closet or bed to you at a higher cost than normal and may arrive in broken pieces.

Furniture is a complex purchase. It must be measured in order to determine how it will fit in the space, and if it matches the desired color. Unfortunately, AliExpress is not able to do this.

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Narrow Niche Products

AliExpress is not the place to sell niche products. The demand is too low for these products to make a profit. It is likely that you will spend more money on shipping and purchasing than what you earn at the end. Dropshipping is a great way to get started. We recommend that you choose the most popular products and those that are relevant for everyone.

Fake Brands

AliExpress adheres to a strict brand policy, as we have already stated. Even if the items are originals, you can’t sell them branded products and certainly not fakes. It could result in your platform being blocked at the minimum and, at maximum, legal proceedings. It is best to buy non-branded products from local manufacturers, without large logos or icons.

Fragile Items

We have already mentioned that international and home delivery can cause damage to the item. If your product is fragile, it might not reach its destination at all. Broken items are not something anyone likes, especially if they cost more than a few dollars. Dropshipping is a better option than buying items made from glass, ceramics or similar materials.

Instead of a Conclusion

Now you are familiar with dropshipping on AliExpress. Dropshipping on Aliexpress is a great way to make money, especially if the niche and product are right. This comprehensive guide should be helpful to you in your journey to dropshipping products online.

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We will again compile all the tips.

  • Look for popular and affordable products
  • Start small batches.
  • Explore new niches constantly
  • Use new search engines.

These tips will help you find more than just 1-2 products that are super profitable over time. Good luck!