Amazon Seller Tools for Boosting Sales and Workflows

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No matter if you are fullfilling products via Amazon or using a third-party fulfillment center, there is one thing certain: you should be taking advantage the Amazon infrastructure. It makes sense to sell through Amazon because it gives you the opportunity to meet new customers, try different selling techniques and take part in the 232 billion dollars in sales.

While some merchants have already seen rapid growth in their Amazon sales, others are still just starting. No matter what your situation is, it’s always a smart idea to search for new tools that will increase your sales and simplify your life as an online merchant.

We compiled a list of the top Amazon tools that will help you increase your sales and improve your workflow.


The Sellzone Toolbox was created to assist sellers in making the most of every Amazon product listing. It can be used to influence its visibility, traffic and conversions. There are four tools available:

Traffic Insights lets you evaluate and compare the traffic sources for any product on Amazon. This allows you to identify potential growth opportunities.

Keyword Wizard allows you to do keyword research and analyze keywords for Amazon’s search engine. It also helps improve listings visibility in Amazon Search.

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Listing Quality Check checks the quality of content and gives advice on how to improve it.

Split Testing automates split testing product pages so that you can determine the most effective parameters for your listings using live test data.

Listing Protection monitors your listings and alerts you instantly via SMS or email if there are any changes.

Unicorn Smasher

Finding the right products to sell is a large part of Amazon’s work. Unicorn Smasher is a great tool because it provides comprehensive data, including sales estimates and other information that can improve your ranking in a particular category.

An opportunity score is a way to see the whole Amazon marketplace and to compare which products will be successful in the future with which others.

Unicorn Smasher’s purpose is to eliminate the guesswork involved in brainstorming the best products. It offers in-browser extensions, as well as detailed metrics and sales estimates. This means that you don’t have to leave Amazon when searching for products. It eliminates the need to use lengthy spreadsheets when doing product research.

Amazon Seller App, and Profit Bandit

We placed them both in the same section because we recommend that you start with the Amazon Seller App and then upgrade to the Profit Bandit tool if you want to pay for more advanced pricing tools.

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The Amazon Seller App is free so it’s a good choice for newbies. You can check in on your account to talk with customers and it also has solid features that allow you to see how much your products should be priced based on similar items.

This takes out the guesswork from your selling process. This allows you to select the best products and price them accordingly.

Profit Bandit offers a similar service, but has more features. Although it comes with a monthly cost, you can expect to see an increase in your product listings and prices.

It allows you to quickly scan Amazon to find products that may work for your store. It will also check out what products you are currently selling online. Profit Bandit helps you identify your competitors and determine if there is any opportunity for you to sell in that market.

When it comes to pricing items, the profit calculator is your best friend. The Profit Bandit profit calculator calculates the best price estimates based on 15 factors. Profit Bandit also offers historical sales data analysis, restricted items alerts and a sales rank tool.


Keyworx offers a free trial but the main functionality costs $27 per month. This premium online software provides keyword tracking and analysis that only focuses on Amazon search results.

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Keyworx only cares about getting organic traffic to Amazon, so you don’t need to worry about Google and other search engines. Keyworx offers an Amazon rank tracker that will show you how your rankings have changed over time. To evaluate whether your marketing strategies are boosting sales, you can also use the Amazon rank tracker.


Sellics, another product targeted at Amazon sellers, is also available. This premium solution is for sellers who want to maximize their revenue and track profits in real time.

Sellics also allows you to track and manage keyword rankings. This gives you the opportunity to find the most popular keywords as well as those that are not in your market. Sellics’s module that alerts you when new product reviews are available is one of our favorites. You can then organize and respond quickly to the reviews that will have an impact on your life.

Sellics has a product research tool. It scans the top 10,000 Amazon products and displays all details such as sales, reviews, etc. You can then identify niche products that will sell well for you.

AMZ Finder

AMZ Finder allows you to manage user reviews on Amazon. AMZ Finder is far more sophisticated than the Sellics user review tools. This is because AMZ Finder focuses only on this area.

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AMZ Finder offers many great features to automatically send messages to buyers. Instead of using Amazon to manage your reviews, you can use one dashboard to manage them all. This is the best solution to understand your reviews.