How to do Amazon to Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping?

Dropshipping via the Facebook Marketplace It’s possible.

Paul J Lipsky is an eBay dropshipper who also has over 70K Youtube Subscribers. He made more than $600 (Profit), dropshipping random Amazon products onto Facebook Marketplace.

This is what he had to say about his personal exploration of this untapped trend.

Dropshipping has been my business for many years. I have sold millions on Amazon marketplaces and eBay.

I have seen many trends change over the years.

Six months ago, a friend asked if it was possible to dropship products onto FB Marketplace. I laughed. He said, “No way that would be possible.”

In the following months, I was asked a lot more times if Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping works. I refused to answer until someone asked me “How do you know?”

That’s how I ended up logging onto Facebook Marketplace a few months back to test dropshipping products onto it.

Even though I knew it wouldn’t work, I decided to give it a try. Oh, how wrong I was!

Dropship on Facebook Marketplace

I gave myself one week to see if I could succeed in dropshipping through Facebook Marketplace.

I spent a lot time trying to figure everything out by myself, making mistakes and enjoying some great successes.

I had sold 61 items by the end of the week for $668 profit!

$668 While it won’t make us millionaires, it’s certainly not chump change. Who wouldn’t want an additional $35,000 per year? This is just the beginning.

As I mentioned, I made many errors during my challenge, especially the beginning of the week.

The majority of the $668 that I made during my week-long challenge was in the final days.

Once you are comfortable with it, you can quickly build momentum in Facebook Marketplace.

It changed my view of Facebook Marketplace. I will now admit it.

You can dropship via Facebook Marketplace

How does Facebook Marketplace dropshipping work?

Dropshipping via Facebook Marketplace is one of the easiest ways to sell products online. Here’s how it works.

1. You can find the most popular items on Amazon and Walmart.

2. You can list these items on Facebook Marketplace.

3. After someone has purchased it, they can purchase it on Amazon or any other site that we have listed it from and then have them send it to the customer.

That’s it!

If you have never used Facebook Marketplace, I recommend you read this article, then start playing around with it.

You can access Facebook Marketplace as long as you have a Facebook account.

This means that Facebook Marketplace is completely free to use!

It was initially created to help local people sell their items.

When I moved out my first apartment, for example, I didn’t want my old furniture to be taken with me. So I listed it on Facebook Marketplace.

My apartment was robbed by someone who came and gave me cash and then left with my table and chairs.

Customers can now pay us directly through Facebook Marketplace. We can also ship (or Dropship!) our items to them.

Facebook Marketplace allows us to now sell nationally instead of only selling locally

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace:

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is easy if you start creating listings. This is easy.

Let’s start with automatic import to save time and increase stock/price automation. This video will show you how to do it.

Step by Step: Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping with Full Automation

We recommend automating dropshipping to increase your scale and your profits at the end each month.

Here’s how to manually import products to the Facebook Marketplace. This process takes longer than when you import products. You’ll need to refresh the pages of your suppliers every day to ensure that stock status and prices don’t change.

First, go to Facebook Marketplace then click Create a New Listing’

When the question asks for images, simply grab the product pictures for Amazon product that you wish to sell.

This can be done by downloading product images or taking screenshots.

Facebook will ask you to describe the item. Copy the description from Amazon, and then paste it into Facebook.

The title is the same. You can either use an existing title or make your own. Just keep it relevant to the product.

Next we need to choose the right category and set the condition to new. Finally, we will write the brand name. (You can also use ‘Branded if you don’t want them searching for your brand.

The price is the only exception to this paste and copy rule.

To make a profit when the item sells, you will need to increase the Amazon price.

You can tag the item and give it a name. This is useful for analyzing the performance specific tags.

Select a location where the item will be shipped from in the Location. If we order an item from Amazon US we will choose a US ZIP code.

Select Availability and choose to ‘List as In Stock‘. This will allow you to continue selling the item if it sells.

It will be out of stock immediately after one sale, and we’ll need to revise the listing each time we sell it again.

After the item has been sold you can head over to Amazon and add the item to your cart. Then, start the checkout process.

If Amazon asks for your billing address use your address. However, if Amazon asks for your shipping address, you should use the address of a Facebook Marketplace customer.

Amazon will now ship the item directly from Amazon to your customer. The package is not even touched or handled by you, but you still make a substantial profit.

Dropshipping is a powerful way to make money!

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace with Multiple Suppliers

Throughout this blog post, I have used Amazon as my example. You can dropship to Facebook Marketplace from almost any online retailer.

I’ve used Walmart and Home Depot as well as Sam’s Club. There are many.

Amazon is, however, the best and easiest. You can find a huge range of products at very affordable prices. This allows us to sell many products on Facebook Marketplace at a substantial margin.

After the item has sold, we can deliver our customers’ items quickly using Amazon Prime.

Customers often receive their items the next day or within 24 hours. We are delighted when customers leave positive feedback. This results in more sales for future customers!


Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is possible. We are only at the beginning.

Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace can be fun, exciting and even profitable.

Facebook Marketplace is the perfect side-hustle to start at home, but profitable enough to be worth it.

These are the best resources to learn about dropshipping in the Facebook Marketplace.