Costway Dropshipping Reviews and Detailed Guide

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Costway was established in 2008. They started selling through third-party platforms such as Amazon and eBay. They opened their online shop in 2015 with the goal of providing quality products at a competitive price.

They have over 10 years of market experience and are now one of the most reputable retailers in North America. They currently have warehouses in the UK and Canada as well as Spain, France, Spain, Canada, France and Canada. This is great news! Costway is now a supplier of DSM Tool, which you can use to build your dropshipping business.

Dropshipping From Costway: Why You Should

Offers Dropshipping Programs and Re-seller Agreements

You will need a reseller contract if you sell on a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. This allows you to dropship products directly from the supplier.

Take, for example:

This is the Costway reseller agreement I was given to allow me to sell their products in our own store. This article will walk you through the steps to obtain yours.

Dropshipping is not possible with Costway packages

Dropshipping friendly suppliers, such as Tmart, offer dropshipping without the need for an invoice, marketing material, or their logo. This helps customers reduce claims that they were dropshipped. Costway is only able to meet one of these requirements. They deliver packages with logos, and some packages contain Costway marketing material. They don’t include an invoice with the package, so they can’t reveal the price information about the product they sent.

More than 8000 white-label products available, plus thousands of products from other brands

Costway has more than 8000 branded products available on their website. They can meet all your needs. They specialize in Home and Garden products, but they don’t limit themselves to that. This article will discuss in detail which products Costway can dropship later.

Costway warehouses

Costway warehouses can be found in North America as well as Europe. There are 9 large warehouses total: 5 in America, 2 in Great Britain and 2 in Germany. They are also expanding. According to Costway’s website, Costway warehouses can be found in the following countries

  • The USA: California, Kansas, New Jersey.
  • Canada;
  • The UK: In Ipswich
  • Germany in Hamburg
  • Russia: Moscow
  • Italy;
  • France;
  • Poland: in Gdansk.

Costway Business Policies & Taxes


As mentioned, Costway also has warehouses in the USA and Canada. Costway offers free shipping on all their products. Delivery usually takes between 2-7 days.

It is important: You need to set your shipping policy. Some suppliers may charge extra for certain locations, or they might not ship to certain areas. This information could result in a lot of canceled orders and bad reviews. Costway operates in several countries so shipping terms may differ from one country to another.

  • Shipping cost-free in the US does not include Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam.
  • In Canada NT, NU and YT are not allowed.
  • Dropshipping on eBay Spain: Make sure Gran Canarias and Tenerife are not included in your Costway shipping policy.
  • Additional 30 euro fee applies to shipping to certain regions, cities and islands in Italy. To adjust your policy correctly, please refer to Costway Italy shipping guides.

For more information, please refer to the Shipping Guide. It can be found at the bottom of every site.


Costway accepts PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards and Visa as payment methods. provides payment services that are secure.


Costway has a simple return policy. If you receive the item damaged, defective or incorrectly packaged, you can return it within 90 days of placing your order. All products come with a 3-month warranty. You can contact Costway customer service if your customer is not satisfied with their product.

Concerning the 3 policies for Costway using DSM Tool and how to set them up properly in your eBay store. I recommend the help center article How Costway can be set up as a drop shipping provider in DSM Tool.


Online Selling is a Business. Online selling is a business. The same tax rules apply as to any other business. Income tax is payable on profits at the regular tax rates. Costway also charges taxes for orders placed. The amount varies depending upon the country in which the warehouse is located.

United States of America Orders shipped to CA will be subject to a 7.25% sales tax. No Sales Tax except CA.
Tip – Consider consulting a tax advisor to obtain tax exemption for orders shipped to CA in order to increase your selling margins.

Canada Sales tax has been added to the product price.

United Kingdom VAT already added to all orders

Germany Unknown, but possible taxes may apply.

Italy Unknown, but possible taxes may apply.

France Unknown, but possible taxes may apply.

Spain Unknown, taxes may apply

Costway Customer Service

Contact Information

The common way to get help from their customer service agents is through email ( but in some Costway site like in the UK, they have a hotline contact number and that is “01473550500”. You can refer to their FAQ Section for simple questions.


Dropshipping products from suppliers is a service that you can rely on for excellent customer service.

Costway’s TrustScore is 7.4/10, based upon customer reviews. This means that they offer great customer service.

Costway isn’t immune from failures. Costway has a great reputation for following up on all issues. They make sure that the customer has a positive experience and they do everything possible to fix any problems. Costway’s customer service is truly caring.

Costway Dropshipping Program

How to set up a dropshipping account on Costway’s website

It is important to ask the most important question: “Does Costway allow drop shipping?” They do. Below is a description of the process for becoming a Costway and how to obtain a resell agreement.

Costway sites have different memberships. Memberships you have in the US site are not valid for the UK site or other sites. The reseller agreement or certificate o authorization you will receive from the US site cannot be used on other sites. To obtain the certificate of authorization or reseller agreement to drop-ship their product, you must first be a member on that site.

Five Easy Steps to Get Dropshipping Starting from Costway

Step 1

Go to Costway first. Hover your mouse over the word “Sign in or Join Free”, then click “Join Today”.

Step 2

Next, you will need to enter personal information such as Name, Email, Password. Also, make sure to check the captcha box. Otherwise it won’t work. Finally, click the “Register!” button. Costway’s newsletter subscription is optional, but you will get some benefits if you do sign up. We will be discussing Costway’s membership benefits later in this article.

Step 3

Once you have submitted all information, you will be taken to your My Account page. Here you can view all details about your Costway account. It is not yet a dropshipping or wholesale account. Continue reading to find out how to make your account dropshipping.

Step 4

After you’ve created your Costway account, contact to get more information about dropshipping. If you’re working in a niche, it will be useful to give your requirements. Include a link to your store in your email and a brief introduction about yourself.

To ensure that you send all the information required to Costway, use the following template:

Costway responds within 24 hours. See their message for a response to my dropship request on their site.

Step 5

Finally, Costway will acknowledge that you are authorized for dropshipping their products. Your My Account page will be changed to dropship page.

Costway’s Reseller agreement

You will receive an authorization certificate from Costway customer service. This certificate will give you permission to sell Costway products through the link you provided. Dropshipping memberships require you to mention other online stores or platforms that you may have. Below is an actual authorization certificate I received from Costway.

This certificate protects you from Costway infringement issues, and prevents you from being in eBay VRO.

Costway Dropshipping Program Benefits

This section of Costway Dropshipping Account allows you to see the total discounts you will receive based upon your monthly sales. You can find it by clicking ” My Current Level”.

Costway dropship levels

Your Costway drop shipping account will start at Level 1. At this level you can get a discount. Non-quality refunds do not count. Your drop shipping account will be elevated if you achieve monthly sales. You still qualify for discounts.

Costway will offer a $5 coupon for Level 1.

Next, Level2 – Costway will give you $55 coupons, which include 5 $5 coupons and 3 $10 coupons.

And, level 3 – If you have monthly sales between $10000 and $299999, Costway will send you a $150 coupon. This coupon includes 10 $5 coupons and 10 $10 coupons.

Finally! Level4 – Costway will give you $ 350 coupons, which include 14 $5 coupons and 28 $10 coupons.

Additional discount for DSM Tool Dropshipping sellers!

Dropshipping from Costway with a drop shipping account gets you a discount of 5$ on orders above 88$

How to Dropship from Costway

White-label Costway products

White label Costway products are brand names owned by Costway and sometimes manufactured by them. Costway products can be found in many marketplaces, such as the Amazon and Walmart samples I have. Costway, as I mentioned, sells their products on these two giant platforms. You can see they are doing well. Costway is a fan of furniture and home appliances.

You have the opportunity to participate in the sales-sharing program by using unique sales methods to make sales.

Copyrighted products are a serious concern. We highly recommend joining Costway’s dropshipping programme to have full control over their products for reselling.

Sections on Costway Website That You Need to Get to Know

Seasonal deals

They were having a Spring Sale as well as a March Sale at the time this article was written. This list shows the top home furnishings and appliances, as well as the most popular products. For the latest news and special offers, Costway recommends that you visit their website or sign up for their newsletter. Let’s take a look at other sections that offer great products for your dropshipping shop.

What are seasonal sales’ advantages?

Dropshipping products on sale is easier because you have a greater chance of finding price differences between Costway prices and the average price on your platform. Seasonal sales are a great way to focus your research and find the best products for current trends.

The Best Sellers

Costway’s Best Seller section lists products that have been sold multiple times and received positive reviews. If you are selling products on a marketplace or saving time researching for products for your site, this is a great way to find price differences.

New Arrivals

You have the opportunity to get first access to new products and seasonal products by being one of their first sellers on other channels. You might also see a decrease in competition and higher margins with new arrivals.

Featured products

This section lists Costway’s most popular products that are appealing to potential buyers. These are not just Costway flags that these products are in demand, but also offer seasonal discounts.

Costway can help you increase your profitability

Membership and Perks

Costway offers a Reward Points Program. This is a type of coupon or discount you can earn by participating in different activities on their website. It doesn’t expire, which is something you would love to know.

This image shows you how to redeem points after placing an order. You can exchange points directly into cash. Costway points can be converted into cash at $0.01 per point. Register an account on their website and subscribe to their newsletter. Order, review, and other activities will earn you points.


Dropshipping is a great way to increase your profits. Giving Assistant offers 2% cashback for Costway orders that are successful. We could not find any other cashback website that offered cashback to Costway. We will update this article if we find any other cashback opportunities online.

Consider using the cash as a back-end profit if you sell on an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. The profit margin can be maintained while the break-even level can be reduced, which will make your price more competitive.

If you sell on your website, the 2% margin will be applied to your margin calculation. This will allow you more money per conversion.