Dropshipping Products From Home Depot to Amazon

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a mother dropshipper, you will always face the challenge of finding new products to dropship. The best way to avoid this is to not follow the recommendations for concrete products but to learn how to search for dropshipping products that meet your criteria at the supplier.
Each week, we find a new profitable product that you can dropship to Amazon. Our dropshipping software is our own and we will walk you through each step. Our database of suppliers includes more than 30 largest US wholesale and retail suppliers. There are more than 80,000,000 products that you can search. Your search criteria and category will be determined by your wishes.

The search engine was upgraded this summer. Now you can instantly find dropshipping products that meet your criteria. This means you can now see your search results in just minutes. Search speed averages 125,000 results per minute.

The search algorithm got smarter and more complicated. You can now get 5x more search results!

Let’s see which product is the best for dropshipping at Home Depot.TrackMyOrders has more than 53,000 items in its outdoor category. We created a Scout Job (searching process) using default settings.

  • Prices up to $500
  • Sales estimates for a month are 1 or more
  • Freight, pickup, and regulated by volume are exclusions from stock.
  • Smooth is the search method

A new algorithm allows you to choose between Tolerate, Smooth, or Strict search methods. This algorithm regulates the strictness of matching items by name and image, brand, model number, or model number. The Smooth method allows us to get more products, but less precise results for items that appear similar in name, image, or brand. Items that are closely matched will be obtained using the strict method, even if image isn’t rotated.

TrackMyOrders engine quickly extracted 4571 Amazon products and matched them seamlessly in just 5 minutes. This is an improvement of more than 8% over the 1-2% we used in our old search algorithm. The strict search method returned 2399 results.

To view information on excluded items, check the Scout Job statistic. This can be used to tune the next Scout Job using new settings.

We can now filter the results by Amazon’s supplier, Amazon’s competitor or sales parameters. Let’s sort the results by BSR and number of sales. You should try filters that allow you to sell more than one sale per day, and as high as 2% BSR.We now have 389 high-sales items. Scroll down to see more results. Use the links to check out products at Amazon and Home Depot. Due to their popularity and marginality, they may be out of stock or prices can change quickly. We looked at a few products, and decided to stop.

This product is expected to sell 19.72 units per month. It can make $91,663 per month, with a 20% profit. You can check the Scout App interface to see the price and profit details
Comparing the Amazon and Home Depot offers approve TrackMyOrders product information:

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shopify dropshipping store set up

All is right. Let’s now approve this product using TrackMyOrders Scout app. Once it has been approved, it can be uploaded to Amazon. It takes just a few seconds for your product to be uploaded to the Amazon marketplace.
As an example, let’s say we chose one of the 4571 outdoor products that are profitable from Home Depot. This item was then automatically matched with Amazon listings in TrackMyOrders Scout app.

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