Are Facebook Ads Not Working for Dropshipping? Fix it Now

Dropshipping allows you to easily manage your online business without the need to maintain inventory or use packaging services. You only need to fulfill customers’ orders by buying the products from third parties and then shipping them to you.

Dropshipping business owners might struggle to find ways to increase sales like other businesses. Your product must be well-known, so that people can see it. Facebook ads are a great way to do this.

Simply put, marketing your products will make them more popular. Marketing is an integral part of a business. It’s crucial that you invest in marketing to grow your business.

Dropshipping business owners who are ambitious should be investing in Google Ads. But is this enough? Google Ads are great, but users will need to search your keywords on Google to find you. If your goal is to reach the most people possible, why wait for them finding you?

Dropshipping is becoming more competitive. There’s a better way to reach your target audience and reduce dropshipping competition. Facebook ads are a great way to promote dropshipping businesses.

It would be shocking to tell you that over half of people don’t know how to use Facebook dropshipping ads in their business. That’s the good news for you. Let’s not wait for your competitors to come up with this sales-generating tool.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Dropshipping Ads

Dropshipping ads on Facebook have many benefits that directly impact your sales.

Displayed in front of the largest audience

Facebook ads can be used to dropship your business. How?

Facebook is an amazing platform that tracks users’ activities on the internet. Let’s suppose that the user searched for boots on Google, or looked at videos on YouTube about it, and FB will consider whether that buyer is interested in buying boots.

If you’re a boots seller, Facebook ads for dropshipping businesses will automatically be shown to this buyer. You have reached someone who is in need of the product you offer.

Facebook ads can be scaled

Google Ads is a way for customers to purchase your products directly from Google. However, this is not scalable. Facebook ads are. You can track how many sales Facebook dropshipping Ads brought to your business and keep an eye on it.

Make videos and high-quality photos

Dropshipping business ads on Facebook can be interactive and more engaging than any other campaign. Canva allows you to create premium images and videos for your Facebook dropshipping ads campaign. These ads will engage customers more and drive sales than traditional ads.

Carousel ads

FB’s recent addition to the platform, Carousel ads (or multi-product ads), is a stunning and unique feature. Carousel Ads allows you to combine up to five product images with a description, link and CTA button. This adds an appealing feel to typical company ads for customers. Dropshipping business owners have Facebook ads that are much more appealing.

Every job with FB comes with a perk

Facebook is an incredible platform. The company is committed to its employees and those who use it. Many times, FB offers discounts and other offers that business owners can take advantage of. It can be used as an incentive or tool for dropshipping businesses.

Prospects that convert, not just leads

Dropshipping ads on Facebook are more than display ads. When displayed on Facebook, these ads are displayed along with a button to call for action. To influence buyers, you can make a compelling CTA. CTAs can be used to entice shoppers to visit your site and make a purchase.

A Guide for Facebook Ads to Dropship to Boost Sales

This guide will help you understand how to integrate Shopify with your dropshipping business. These steps are equally important if dropshipping is done with other stores.

Make a Facebook ad pixel

To make your FB Ads for dropshipping campaign a success, it is essential that you set up the FB Ad Pixel. Or, you can visit FB Ad Manager and ‘Create a pixel’. Your Pixel Code can be found using your Pixel ID. This page is located on the Shopify store admin page. You can also access your Shopify Account from the Store Preferences.

Make an advertisement

To reach more people and spread word about your business, create an Ad account in your FB Manager. Running Facebook Ads for Dropshipping Businesses is all about letting people know what you are.

This is how you quickly build your Facebook Ad Campaign.

1. Go to Business settings.

2. Click on ‘Accounts’, then click ‘Ad accounts.

3. Click “+Add”.

4. There are three options available: Add Ad Account, Request Access to an Ad Account, or Create a New Ad Account.

5. Enter the Ad account ID to request access and add an ad accounts. Click here to see where you can find the account ID.

Follow the prompts for access to specific people and levels.

After your Facebook ads for dropshipping have been created, you might consider adding an “Add to Cart” option under your ads. Although it may sound quite normal, this could be a great way to drive sales for your dropshipping company.

Run an ad-check

It is important to track the success of your Facebook dropshipping Ad campaign. You should always keep track of important features like CPA (Cost Per Action). It is important to keep it high in the beginning, as it will allow FB to optimize your campaigns over time. Although it may sound bad, this will make dropshipping profitable.

A key aspect of Facebook Ads for Dropshipping Businesses is (CTR) Click Through Ratio: If these numbers drop, it means that your feed has been skipped. For the Ad to be removed, create a new image.

The frequency will show you how many people have seen your ads. This will allow you to see the larger audience your dropshipping Facebook Ads currently has. You can find out which age group your FB Ads are targeting.

Regular optimization

Optimizing your Facebook ads for dropshipping is essential to ensure that you get the results you want. It would be impossible to determine if your investment is producing the expected return on investment if you did not optimize it.

You can create buyer personas to ensure that your dropshipping Facebook page targets the most relevant audience. You can choose to target shoppers based on their location, age, or profession. This will ensure that you reach the right people who are your potential buyers.

Every day it seems that there is an ecommerce newcomer, all hoping to make money with dropshipping. But not everyone seems to be making it.

Facebook ads are a fast way to get your product in the market. But it’s important to evaluate the viability and potential of the dropshipping/Facebook ads model for your business, taking into account the current market.

Dropshipping is a business venture that can be approached like any other.

There is no magic formula

Many people think they will be able to watch a webinar on dropshipping, download a guide and listen to a podcast and become instant internet millionaires.

It is not often that things work out as planned.

Dropshipping and Facebook success is not a one-size fits all. It’s dependent on many factors including:

  1. Target market
  2. The price point
  3. The niche and the competition
  4. Weather and the time of year are important factors.

Your approach to creating Facebook Ads in your store should be part of a wider conversation about branding, marketing channels and value propositions.

You can maximize your social media ads and make sure they are:

  1. Call-to-action led
  2. Well-targeted (correct audience segmentation)
  3. Visuals (videos and carousels are great for ecommerce).
  4. Regularly reviewed, updated and revised. You can make the biggest mistake with Facebook ads by not reviewing your campaigns. Your users will give you valuable clues about which ones are working and which ones are not.

Even with these four elements in place, sales won’t happen if you don’t have your other touch points covered.

The price must be right

Online customers must consider price when making a purchase, regardless of how large or small. Dropshippers must strike the right balance between price competitiveness and making a profit after shipping and supplier deductions.

These are some tips for pricing pros to help you get it right.

  1. While free shipping can be a great perk and increase sales make sure it is included in your pricing structure. Depending on the carrier, it may still make sense to charge international shipping.
  2. Deep discounts are great, but only if you can trust the brand. People will question the authenticity of a brand that gives away too much stuff.
  3. To ensure your pricing is competitive, you will need to do a thorough price analysis. Some profitable niches include beauty products, phone accessories, fashion…
  4. Although price discounts can be attractive, they are only effective if the customer also sees the product’s value. People won’t be enticed by a cheap deal or a free product. Why? They’re more busy than ever and are more conscious of their time!

Customer Experience Reigns Supreme

Dropshippers often invest too much in marketing and sales and not enough into customer service. This rookie mistake will result in your ad campaigns being expensive wastes of money and your store suffering with zero sales.

It is important to consider what happens after you have seen the appealing ad. Your website should inspire confidence in your brand. Additionally, your products and content must be coherent and clear.

  1. Shopify, a store solution that allows you to automate many of your customer service and sales tasks is a great option. This allows you to import products and integrate dropshipping, making your operation even more efficient.
  2. Customer service is a vital part of modern business. You need to make sure you have a variety of channels, including chat, email, and social media, to be able to satisfy modern customer expectations. Many of these tasks can also be automated.
  3. You can think about customer experience and user experience from a neutral perspective. Ask others to rate and review your store. While it might be acceptable for you to take shortcuts when you’re tired, a busy customer will not allow you to do that. This is who your business is built for.

Running effective advertising campaigns

Ad campaigns should be mathematical and not creative. While creativity can help you target your market and create a compelling ad, it will not help you sell more.

When planning and delivering your advertising campaign, you must be practical and logical. This means that you need to develop a strategy and outline your goals and objectives.

Dropshippers often launch campaigns without a strategy. This can lead to costly mistakes. You should be able to test your ads and tweak your copy regularly. You can automate this process with services like AdEspresso.

Find the Differentiator

Dropshipping can expose you to selling products that are not available online. It’s crucial to understand what makes you stand out from other merchants that stock your products or big players like Amazon and Ebay.

There are many ways to distinguish:

  1. Great product curation – be the leader in your niche
  2. Niche knowledge and personality–cultivate a super-likable brand persona
  3. Complete content–give away the best stuff for free
  4. Fantastic branding– Use high-quality images, and cool design tools such as Canva for DIY
  5. You can offer the best service and competitive prices.
  6. For demanding customers, personalization and subscription-based ‘build it yourself’ models

These are the criteria that you must meet in order to be a successful seller. Start by researching your competitors to get a sense of where you might be placed.

It’s too easy

Dropshipping can be too simple. Dropshipping is often a rush to success. However, people are quick to assume they have’struck it gold’. They then discover that they need to create and maintain content, communicate with customers and market their store.

This is not a criticism of dropshipping. It is a critique on those who think they can fully manage a business. It’s not easy. At least, it won’t be until you master it. We recommend that you keep it small and work remotely until you have it all figured. If you need help, you can hire virtual staff or freelancers for a low cost. Automating can be slow and there will be some bumps along the way. Be patient.

Dropshipping can be a great way to get the tools you need, but it is still up to you to figure out your own path. You can join all of the Facebook groups for free and get help from the community if you are stuck. There are many helpful people out there!


Dropshipping is a growing niche and will only get more popular in the future. It is crucial to use the correct steps that will guide you to market your product effectively and establish your niche in the online marketplace.

Dropshipping business Facebook ads are extremely useful because they are unique and have a big impact on the viewer. Your business can reap the rewards of investing in Facebook dropshipping ads. You only need to implement the dropshipping techniques that can give your business an exceptional boost.