How to Use CJ Dropshipping USA Warehouse?

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Dropshipping allows sellers to do business even if they have no inventory. Dropshipping is a way to sell products without having to ship them yourself. Instead, fulfillment companies and suppliers will store the products and ship them directly to the customers.

It isn’t enough to place ads and wait in a line for processing in the American market. Private inventory is important. You can increase store orders with CJ’s US warehouses without shipping delays.

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(Note: We also have global Warehouses in Germany and Indonesia. CJ plans to expand its global warehouse network.

What is the purpose of a private inventory?

To speed up the processing time. Sellers can be overwhelming during peak season. If products are out-of-stock, you cannot guarantee that your order will be processed quickly.

To ensure that you are always selling vacations. You can continue to run your business by purchasing inventory before suppliers go on vacation. If they don’t have enough stock, sellers may have to temporarily suspend Facebook ads.

To meet the needs of buyers who are sensitive to certain countries. Customers with sensitive country needs don’t like parcels that contain Chinese information. This is one reason why CJ has global warehouses. But, parcels can be labeled as local shipping by using local warehouses.

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What is the policy for CJ US warehouses being used?

A product’s SKU number cannot be less than 10 per variant, and 100 for the total.

The goods must not be larger.

Place the pre-inventory order with US inventory. You only need to pay the product fees.

What is the CJ US warehouse charge?

CJ will not charge a setup fee, monthly fee or storage fee if your products are sourced directly from them. Only shipping and product fees are charged.

CJ’s fulfillment services are available to suppliers who have their own supplier. CJ will also charge service charges for processing fees and storage fees.

What is the process to purchase a private inventory from the US warehouses

You only need to pay the product fees. CJ will prepare the products and ship them to you once we have received your purchase request.

You could then start running ads advertising domestic shipping services and promising delivery within 2-4 days.

You can import the products to CJ when your customers place orders. After deducting inventory, all you need is freight and we will fulfill the orders.

Dropshipping allows retailers to sell their inventory without the need to keep it in stock. They purchase the products at wholesale prices from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sell them online without having to manage any inventory.

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Dropshipping goods directly to their supplier’s platform allows the retailer to sell products and receive payment for each sale as soon as it ships. This saves time managing orders, which would otherwise have been required if they had stock locally. The merchant is responsible for the front-end business operations. This includes advertising products online and focusing your efforts on how to get more customers.

Dropshipping can be a costly option. You will need to purchase inventory and ship them yourself. Dropshipping is a viable option for many business models and can prove to be very profitable. This is everything you need about dropshipping.