How to Create Good and Money Making Ads for Dropshipping?

The anatomy of Dropshipping’s perfect facebook ad

The dropshipping looks like an excellent business model at first sight.

Running a web shop without having to stock will make you to invest less startup capital. Big margins because you buy cheap items to sell them at a large mark-up… You touch these products without ever touching them.

Who would not want that?

That is why the dropshipping model soon attracted enormous international attention. Thus the space was super-concurrent. Therefore it’s more than ever important to be creative and bring new audiences and new products, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many best practices, especially with regard to Facebook ads are available in dropshipping. Some ad strategies work only.

In this article, that’s what I’ll show you.

I have literally analyzed hundreds of Facebook ads (using the Adspy tool) which are most successful in finding common patterns in their ad copies, creative and offerings. I’m going to present in this article what I found was the anatomy of the perfect Facebook ad.

Dropshipping Facebook ads should have the sensation that virals encourage buying impulses

The types of products which are good for dropshippers are generally purchases of impulse. You don’t want people to compare your product actively and deliberately or to look for alternatives. Anyone who sees your ad should no longer scroll on their mobile phones and take their credit card to buy the product right away. This offer should be so enticing that

This is also the impression that your ad is supposed to create.

You ought to have a viral feeling.

How are you doing that, then? In addition to the social evidence of likes, comments and shares?

The most important advertisements are made with emojis in the ad copy. They often pick emojis which are like surprise, love or laughing over the ground. They support the strong emotional reaction they want to trigger if someone sees the ad.

Request tag & share

Much of the top ads ask people to tag and share the ad to involve their friends to support the viral character of the ad. People like to share things if they are funny, surprising or adorable–for example, because they are part and parcel of it. However, be careful because Facebook does not actually permit tags or share requests. Many people still do this and don’t dismiss their ads.

Besides the emojis, let’s dive into a perfect ad copy with tags & shares.

Most of your ads appear on the mobile phone, while people scroll around their time line brainless, with the best Facebook ads for dropshipping using a short and persuasive copy. Your ad should catch their eyes, stop doing things and get them to act (click on your site and buy the offer).

That’s a big question. This is a big question.

So with long stories and a lot of information you can’t distract them too much.

When we look at Facebook ads from top ranks, we’ve noticed a few common patterns in the ad copy.

Start with a question or statement

Unconsciously a question stops people from thinking about the subject. It is therefore best to start your ad with a short question concerning your product’s main pain point. For instance: “Wake up with your back pain many times?” or “Will your teeth not be as white as they used to be?” Or a brief declaration such as “Must-have opener.”

Keep it short

As said earlier, the best announcements are those with the minimum word available. As said before. It is usually sufficient to use only 1 or 2 phrases after your questions are opened. How your product solves their problem is to be described. “The toothpaste will whiten your teeth in seven days without irritating your gums, for example.” You can use the emoji green tick to create a short list instead of writing a long copy if you need to copy them more to highlight specific characteristics.

Creating an irresistible offer

They should be irresistible to persuade everyone who sees your ad to buy your product at once. Looking at the top of Facebook ads by other dropshipping, we have observed that they often share large discounts (from 50 percent and even higher), add urgency (now only), scarcity (only 50 units in stock). Most of the dropshipping ads also offer FREE shipping worldwide.

Use a clear call-to-action

It appears that most top dropshippers have agreed on the best call for action in their Facebook ads. The last “Get yours here” call in 99 percent of the ad copy is followed by a hyperlink to your product page. Why, then, does the wheel reinvent?

It can be costly to create promotional dropshipping ads. It is important to realize a return on your investment. This means that each campaign’s costs will be covered by sales from the promotional efforts. Without the right process, this is unlikely to occur.

There are simple steps that you can follow to make an effective advertisement. These are some easy tips to create an effective ad.

Segment Your Audience

Marketing professionals know that quality is more important than quantity. When posting an advertisement, many entrepreneurs and business owners make the error of choosing engagement over reach. But, it is important to be specific in your content. This will make your message more appealing to the customer most likely to buy your product.

Your target audience should be a core part of your business. Dropshipping ads should be narrowed down to achieve the highest return on investment. While your overall target audience may not change, you can increase your efforts to reach customers at the decision stage of your sales funnel. These people will be familiar with your business and won’t be as “cold” than those who are still building awareness.

Another way to think about it is your product’s experience. Dropshipping stores that focus on fitness should communicate differently to people who have never exercised before.

Segmentation will make dropshipping ads more personal and help viewers feel that you are speaking to them, rather than at them.

Performance Metrics and Goals

To measure your success, set clear goals and establish performance metrics. Most people associate advertising with sales and conversions. Marketers also use advertising to bring new customers to their funnel and build a relationship.

Direct conversions are your goal. You should consider the cost of your ad campaign to establish a baseline. Calculate how many customers or transactions you would need to attract to pay those costs. You can then set your additional revenue goals.

To help you shape your next campaign, it is important to use performance metrics. You might have high views, but low clicks. This could indicate that your message is unclear or not relevant to the audience. This information will tell you that your next campaign may need some tweaking.

Conduct A/B Test

It’s not good to spend all your marketing budget on an ad launch only for it to fail, especially if another idea is being considered. It takes time to find what resonates with your audience.

Conducting A/B testing is a simple way to decide which direction your ad campaign should go. Instead of launching a single ad campaign, launch a beta version with two. You can choose a smaller market and devote a portion of your total spend to the initial testing phase. After running both dropshipping ads for a few days, you can compare the results using the data provided. If one is more effective than the others, you will know which one to invest in.

This is a great way to assess the metrics and see if there are any areas for improvement.

Use a Simple Format

Dropshipping ads that are clear and simple will yield better results. Do not waste time creating complicated perfume commercials or artistic transitions.

Business video ad templates are a great way to keep your ad simple. These templates take out the guesswork from creating your ad’s structure, so you can concentrate on the key bits: the messaging or the visuals.

Create a Storyboard

To outline dropshipping ads, a storyboard is one the best tools. This simple template will help you plan the sequence and elements of your dropshipping ad. This tool will also allow you to see your time constraints. This will allow you to create something that is consistent with your time constraints, and not have to cut parts later.

It is important to include annotations that highlight the most important elements of each scene when creating a storyboard. You might, for example, outline the time of close-ups or when the camera is moving. This will help you to outline the key scenes that form the foundation of your ad.

Highlight your Value and Benefits

Remember that selling is not about highlighting the product’s features. It’s about showing the value your company offers and the benefits they will provide to the customer.

This balance is achieved exceptionally well in car commercials. A commercial that showcases an obstacle alarm system is one example. The commercial will demonstrate the feature and explain how it works. The messaging is deeper, however, and shows the happy couple avoiding the tragic accident of hitting an innocent child who was chasing a ball onto the streets. This creates an emotional response.

This message is clarified by a well-written voiceover that enhances the clarity of its value. Instead of thinking “that’s cool,” viewers now think “that feature is essential for protecting me and others.”

Think about how you can highlight the benefits and value of your product. You’re not trying sell your product, but solving a customer’s problem.

Use a Compelling Hook

Your dropshipping campaign can be decided by the first three seconds. Within those three seconds, someone will decide whether to scroll past or continue watching your dropshipping ads.

A hook is essential to captivate potential viewers. You can use any type of hook, from a stunning thumbnail to a mysterious event. It is important to create an immediate emotional response.

Sometimes it is the words themselves that trigger an emotional response. To grab the attention of the viewer, terms like “coming soon” and “new” are often used to deliver the message. The hook should be established immediately. Next, you need to provide the meat of the message.

Prioritize Quality Professional

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are now more competitive than ever. Access to professional-quality photography and video recording tools is key to this shift. It is now easier than ever to use lighting and editing software, allowing you to create professional-grade ads.

This increased accessibility has led to complacency. All businesses need to produce high-quality work, and place professional quality first. Clear audio, good lighting and clear editing are essential to the success of an advertisement. Implementing business video templates can be a great help, as we’ve already mentioned. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do so, it is worth hiring a professional.

Make a Sense Of Urgency

Marketing and advertising are largely psychological. Scarcity, exclusivity and urgency are some of the most common psychological marketing strategies. These focal points often overlap.

In your ad, create a sense of urgency with a strong call to action (CTA). Tell your viewers what to do next and how they can complete the action. You could say, “Click here to solve all your problems.” Your message may not explicitly state that, but it is the implication.

A time limit can also be used to create a sense urgency. This is where scarcity really comes in. Customers are told to act quickly if they don’t want to be left behind by adding a deadline. This could be a time-limited sale or an offer with value added.

Visual Components and Text

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a static or dynamic ad. The most important component is to balance text and visuals. Dropshipping ads that included too much text in the graphics would have been rejected by Facebook.

Dropshipping ads used to depend on powerful audio components. However, media consumption has changed. In recent years, mobile media consumption has outpaced TV viewing. Many people who see your ad will do so on the move. They might not be able listen to the audio parts as a result. For advertising success , strong visuals and text components are crucial.

Closed captioning can be added to any video that doesn’t contain text. This will ensure that everyone is able to participate.

Find the Answer to Your Questions and Concerns

It’s important to highlight the benefits and value of your offering, but it’s also important that you address any obstacles that might prevent someone from completing a transaction. You must respond to concerns and questions proactively.

This strategy is best illustrated by the money-back guarantee. People worry about investing their money in something that doesn’t deliver as promised. This is why a money-back guarantee helps to alleviate that concern and allows them to move further up the sales funnel.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a money-back guarantee. You might offer a trial period or answer a commonly asked question.


I have presented the anatomy of the perfect Facebook advertisement in this article. Not because of my opinion or taste but because of the analysis of hundreds of the very best ads. I used an Adspy tool to find these ads and sort them by the people I like most. I only looked at ads in 2019 to reflect what’s happening now.

This post I will probably update to the latest examples later this year.

I hope you’re inspired by these top-level ads. Or confirm that you’re on the right path already because most of these elements are used.

Only one thing more…

You should also check out the Facebook interest tool we created, if you are serious about running Facebook ads for your business. It supports advertisers of all sizes by reducing their costs and by bringing out thousands of target interests hidden in Facebook Ad Manager to relevant audiences.