How to Make AliExpress Dropshipping Delivery Time Faster?

Fast Dropshipping from Aliexpress China

Want your customers to hold patience considering long shipping time with AliExpress? Then, my friend, you are asking a lot from your customers. In the 21st century, everything is grossing at a higher pace, and with this, it won’t get along with slow shipping time. Moreover, if you are thinking to add more shipping charges to fasten the delivery, then it is will surely drop down your business.

Drop shipping business and AliExpress walks together on the same track, but it fails only with the extended delivery time. The late delivery not only disheartens the customers but even sellers too. Unlike customer, sellers also suffer will late payment or bill clearance. Therefore, every party is on short-hand. 

Well, if we look further and try to turn the pages, there are many faster alternatives shipping options apart from AliExpress. 

Despite taking the posts forward, let us utilise the time in answering the frequently asked questions on this topic. 

What is the expected time for a product to get delivered through AliExpress?

It is one of the most common questions, and here is the answer. 

The duration ranges from 15-45 days and even longer like 20-45 days. The delivery time estimation depends on which country the product is set to be delivered. 

It is not wrong to stay concerned about the delivery time frame plus both the seller and the customers are falling in the trap. Stay secure, as you will get the answer here only. 

Are there any methods to fasten the shipping time of AliExpress?

Yes, variants of options are flying in support of the drop shippers on the aspect of faster delivery time. Below, you will get information on the same, so kindly stay connected. 

Chinese suppliers aren’t the best option

Aliexpress shipping from China to the United States can take a long time. Orders can take anywhere from 10 to 20 days to arrive in the United States. In comparison to standard US delivery, this takes a long time (3-4 days).

Many people expect fast delivery and will not tolerate anything less. If the product takes two or more days to arrive, 40% of consumers would not consider buying it. Long delivery times turn off a lot of buyers, and they can even leave your site.

Although many people don’t mind long delivery times (after all, it’s free), you’ll lose out on potential customers if you can’t deliver quickly. As a result, the exchange rate and the amount of money you earn will suffer.

What’s the workaround? Shift the suppliers from China to the United States. The same item can be sent to your customer in the United States in a week or less. And this is within the time frame in which consumers anticipate receiving their order.

You will draw more buyers and increase your conversion rates as a result of quick delivery.

Benefits of fast shipping

Working with US suppliers has several advantages, including fast shipping. Another significant benefit is the ability to be more “competitive” with the pricing plan.

When dealing with Chinese suppliers, we suggest adding the base and shipping prices together, then triple the result to get your sale price.

After expenditures (such as cost of products, marketing costs, and processing fees) are deducted, this technique maximises your profit.

This strategy, on the other hand, isn’t possible with US suppliers. You can sell products for less and still make money.

Since delivery is fast (4-7 days), more customers can buy, resulting in increased sales volume. Since profits are smaller, you make less revenue per transaction, but many sales compensate for the shortfall.

Another essential advantage to 7-day delivery is that you can draw more frequent customers.

Discount coupons are the most popular way for Chinese Aliexpress vendors to gain repeat business. People are welcomed with a limited-time discount coupon code that they can use on their next order as soon as they make a purchase. The only catch is that it is only valid for 24 hours. People don’t want to miss out on a deal, so they usually take advantage of it while it’s still around.

What matters most, though, is the customer’s present condition. They’re what’s known as a “hot” lead at this stage. They’re in the market for something to buy. And will take advantage of an offer they feel is worthwhile at the time. It’s essential to catch a customer in this situation. If you don’t, convincing them to buy anything a week later would be far more complex, particularly given China’s lengthy shipping times.

Use shipping from the United States on AliExpress

This trick is not going to work for all. It is specified only for the sellers who are selling or doing business only in the United States. 

For this, you will get support from the suppliers of the United States who are in possession of their own warehouse. This method will convert the shipping into domestic, and the delivery will automatically turn faster

Try these steps to gain services from US suppliers

  • Reach out to AliExpress first
  • Go to the search tab 
  • Select the product you are searching for 
  • You will find ‘Ship From” which will open a drop-down menu; so select the United States
  • The window will show you the entire list of related products that can be accessed from the United States warehouse. 
  • After finalising the product, you must validate the delivery time as it might change. 

In all this, only three demerits sustain; 

  • The products will usually cost you with 2-5$ extra, but on the whole, the profit margin will stay high. 
  • The list of products might not be elevated because every seller dealing on AliExpress might not be having a warehouse in the United States. 
  • This process will help you only for US shipping and not for any other countries on your list. 

Apart from this, you can also make use of AliDropship plug-in for your drop shipping business. It is a product filter plug-in. Choose the shipping area as the United States for your customers who are also in the US. AliDropship plug-in has extensive admittance; accordingly, you can use for different countries too. 

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Give an attempt to ePacket shipping 

ePacket shipping method is applicable for the Chinese merchants only. Using this method, the dealers and businessmen in China or Hong Kong can offer express and reasonable delivery options valid only for light weight packages.

ePacket will serve the shipping time from China to the above list of countries like US, Australia, UK, Canada, and so on in just 7-10 days. Many countries still do not have the benefit of ePacket delivery, and it will possibly take 21-45 days or within 30 days. Such countries include Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana etc. 

Customers are genuinely enjoying the services due to easy tracking and monitoring options. All these will not cost them with an extra charge, and they can quickly locate their products through websites like USPS and EMS. 

Spocket Marketplace

It has come as a trusted platform for drop shippers who are intending to deal in high quality, offers and discounted products. In addition, the site is for Shopify and Woocommerce. With this, you can analyse, the site is different from AliExpress drop shipping plus allows a maximum number of drop shippers. 

Choosing this site will proffer you with faster delivery options, enhanced mark-up just the way you have thought for. In every manner, it is a better solution compared to AliExpress. Added to this, here, you will find an automated drop shipping process for your online business.

Listing down merits of using Spocket

Want to try other methods; take a glance below 

Though, customers keep on complaining with regards to the AliExpress shipping times and the delays. It is a matter of concern and needs immediate attention. There is no second thought that AliExpress has been endeavouring on these issues and trying to solve it with the best of efforts. 

A lot of changes have been witnessed until now. Plus, it has collaborated with many global shipping companies to make the shipping faster. 

You can simply get hold of out of the box methods to inculcate the shipping problem.

Do drop shipping of cheap products

Customers are comfortable waiting for the products gained in cheap and least price rates. Also, it is clubbed with no shipping charges, i.e. free, so it is worth waiting. 

You must consider this category, but not get involved in the drop shipping of inferior or wrong items.

Try drop shipping for exclusive products

If your drop shipping business is related to some unique or amazing list, then for sure, your customers will wait. You must invest time in bringing such products altogether on one platform to grab more and more customers. At the same instances, the products should not only be different from hard to find in other shopping sites too. 

Try to avoid life-saving or critical products 

The concept of drop shipping business is to provide best quality products to the customers from any belonging countries. It is the rationale behind, not introducing life-changing or emergency products for drop shipping. 

Suppose, you want to sell medicines, or such products through drop shipping, then it would not be a good idea doing it with slow shipping mode. At this place, you can try for your own shipping method to reach the customer and not by means of the supplier. 

It is imperative for the drop shippers to understand that customers will buy products only if they like it. Dealing with critical items will not do the task, and the customer will also not be ready to wait for it. 

Avoid skipping disclaimer notice 

Customers might panic if their products are taking more time than expected. In general, they tend to create an imaginary time frame and forget to seize the information shared with the product. 

To cut down the mess, you should think of adding the disclaimer notice considering the shipping information and expected shipping time. It can also be mentioned within the product description section as how much time will it take for the product to reach the particular customer. 

Customer support is much needed

An upset client might end you losing a sale for long. Therefore, drop shippers should connect customer support for their own advantage. This way, customers can easily approach the drop shipper either through email or call. It will work for both the parties in a sound manner. 

We expect you are all sorted with the information on the topic of the possible ways of increasing the AliExpress shipping time for the drop-shippers. Give a high-five to all the methods and gain results.